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Shot an enemy chopper out of the air with a mortar.

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Achievement Guide for Pull!

  • aka Scratchaka Scratch450,597
    06 Mar 2017 07 Mar 2017
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    This video shows a good location and strategy for taking down an enemy helicopter with a mortar strike. You can do it by setting an ambush on any of the missions where you have to steal a helicopter. If you alert the cartel they will leave with the helicopter giving you the chance to blow the mission but grab the gamerscore.

  • Maka91Maka911,024,692
    06 Mar 2017 07 Mar 2017 07 Mar 2017
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    The easiest strategy for this is to find a Side Mission where the objective is to Steal the Helicopter. You will also need to have the Mortar rebel skill unlocked via the related side missions. The rebel skill menu is accessed with cn_RB.

    During these side missions, our goal is to remain stealthy and steal the helicopter. If you alert the enemies, they will take it and run off to prevent you from getting it; and we'll be taking advantage of this.

    You'll need to spook the enemies into trying to take off, and you can do this in solo by ordering your units in the area or in co-op by firing bullets near the helipad. Once the enemies are spooked, you will be notified that they are going to extract and run away. As an enemy begins running towards the door of the helicopter but BEFORE they get in, launch the mortar strike on the helicopter and you will hit it while it is taking off in order to unlock the achievement.
  • xTGExTGE306,342
    07 Mar 2017 07 Mar 2017
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    Pull! Achievement/Trophy Guide

    The Pull! achievement/trophy is earned by shooting down a enemy helicopter with a "Rebel Mortar Strike" that Is unlocked by completing the mission "Rebellion Rising" early into the game.

    Once the skill is unlocked, make your way over to the south east part of the "Itacua Providence" to find an enemy base with a rebel side mission that requires you to steal the Helicopter. When you arrive at this location, pull out your drone and search for the lieutenant who will be standing next to the Helicopter.
    Fire a warning shot at him and as he gets inside the helicopter, select the "Mortar Strike" from the command wheel by pressing RB (XB1) or R1 (PS4) while aiming directly at the chopper. If done right the chopper will fly up into the air only to be shot back down, but if you make a mistake simply quit then reload the game to get this done.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask!

  • MakruchaLTMakruchaLT136,040
    09 Mar 2017 09 Mar 2017
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    When using the AI to disrupt the base make sure not to send them to close to the pilot of the helicopter which correct me if I am wrong is the only person capable of flying the helicopter.

    In the following video I show how to identify the pilot and also how to get the achievement.

  • sumthingchronicsumthingchronic355,395
    20 Aug 2017 05 Mar 2018 05 Mar 2018
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    Another way to do this is by playing co-op. Capture an enemy and stow him in the chopper. Have your friend fly the chopper and order a mortar strike. Achievement unlocked.
  • OvapositorOvapositor147,339
    15 Apr 2017 20 Apr 2017
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    As the previous solutions stated you need to have the rebel skill for the mortar. It's best if you have level 3 so they have a wider spread. I found the technique of alerting the guards around a helicopter to be tricky as you have to time the alert and the strike just right.
    I got the achievement using a convoy instead. In the regions with higher level difficulty the supply trucks will have a helicopter escort in addition to the two armed jeeps. These are the slowest moving helicopters in the game, and are thus the easiest to hit.
    The convoy AI is kind of stupid and will have a hard time moving around cars stopped in their path. Figure out the path of a convoy and place some cars in the way. The convoy will stop and the helicopter will slowly circle above. Use the drone to gain a bird's eye view. Anticipate where the helicopter will be in about 3 seconds. Order the mortar strike from the drone. If you time it right, at least one mortar will hit the helicopter.

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