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Deadly Curious

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  • screxscrex200,166
    12 Mar 2017 17 Mar 2017 17 Mar 2017
    48 2 9
    As you progress through the story you get to the San Mateo region.

    One of the main missions called The death truck requires you to stop a truck and interrogate the driver.

    There is no escort just the truck by it self and all you have to do is pull the driver out of the truck and interrogate him.

    This counts towards the achievement.

    When you done just fast travel to nearest safe house and replay the mission. Do this as many times as you need till you pop the cheevo.

    It only takes couple of minutes to complete so super easy way to get this done.

    Hope it helps wink

    PS. This is my first guide so be gentle.
  • uSuk Plz StayuSuk Plz Stay172,115
    11 Mar 2017 11 Mar 2017 11 Mar 2017
    28 0 1
    alright so to get this done as early as possible and as quick as you can. make sure the only intel you gather is from enemy interrogations marked on the map with (!) symbol. you can tell if its and enemy by hovering over it. if it says "rebel leader" ignore it and keep searching.

    once you find an enemy you can interrogate for intel. (!) santa blanca cartel (!)
    go to the area interrogate them. then pause your game check if it counted toward the achievement. then immediately quit to main menu.
    Reload game from checkpoint and you will spawn right outside the area you interrogated the enemy. and he will immediately be re spawned.

    ive done this 4-5 times at least per Area.

    so to recap

    1. Find (!) enemy cartel interrogation
    2. interrogate
    3. Quit to menu
    4. reload checkpoint

    Rinse and repeat 4-5 times in one area. then move to another area and do the same method.
    hope this helped and goodluck in the wild lands!!
  • D3V1Lz ASSAZZ1ND3V1Lz ASSAZZ1N298,027
    09 Mar 2017 09 Mar 2017
    11 2 1
    2 things will help get you get this achievement fast.

    1) anytime you see a random enemy (red not purple) drove by on the roads and it's either a fancy sports car or a super off road car stop that car. The driver can be interrogated. So either just play bumper cars or be careful not to kill him. Then chase him down and grab him to start interrogation.

    2) if you come to this symbol (!) And it's not an enemy lieutenant and if spooked then just go to the next (!) .

    In each district you can only do 5 (I'll confirm shortly) investigations or interrogations. So if you this achievement asap then do only interrogations.
  • RuttedRatRuttedRat314,139
    16 Jul 2017 21 Jul 2019
    2 0 0
    For those of you who have finished the game and are still needing this achievement, we found a pretty good solution. Go to San Mateo and do The Death Truck mission and the second you complete it, go to P.N. EE Agua Verde (the location just East of San Mateo) and do The Carzita mission. You should be able to get two interrogations every 5 minutes doing this. We found this solution to be quicker than doing a mission and replaying the same mission due to the fact you have to leave the mission area for the mission to reappear in the replay section. Hope this helps!
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