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Only the Best

Bought all upgrades.

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How to unlock the Only the Best achievement

  • Clap That FoolClap That Fool471,897
    02 Apr 2017 02 Apr 2017 19 Oct 2017
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    Here is the video I made to show the most efficient way to farm resources AFTER patch v2.0.

    Credit for the method goes out to NoHeroes94, you can basically follow his solution, this is just in a different location which I found personally worked a little better than the one in MAKA's video (Shoutout to MAKA too!).

    In order to do this, all you need is to have the EMP Drone unlocked, and have frag grenades, and of course your standard weapon.

    First you will want to travel to the Remanzo Bravo checkpoint (Location in Video).

    From here you will just run up the small hill right next to where you spawn and then go prone at the little bush in the video. Once you are prone, deploy the EMP drone and wait for the convoy to get to you. Try and signal the EMP charge a little bit before it gets to you as it does continue to move up for a couple of seconds after the EMP hits. Once they stop, run up to the road, throw a frag grenade at both the front and back humvee's, then take out the passenger, and the driver in the convoy truck. If you do it right, you will have killed everyone and can tag the truck pretty quickly, then as soon as the Green confirmation screen pops up, hit the back button and fast travel back to Remanzo Bravo again. Video of me doing it below:

    **IF Unidad is anywhere in the vicinity of the convoy, abort that attempt as if they get involved it will ruin everything and you will have to wait 15-20 minutes for the convoy to respawn. It is better to just fast travel again and respawn it will save so much more time in the long run.

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    X SABREZ XNo, its been patched. All quick methods are duds now. They only spawn after 5 minutes. What i do is use the bottom left of the map. Grab a heli and just keep clearing the convoys out. Im getting 3 convoys every 10 minutes. Usually 5000 at a time
    Posted by X SABREZ X on 20 Jan 18 at 02:41
    J0K3RW1NSThis is taking me so long....
    Posted by J0K3RW1NS on 15 Apr 18 at 22:20
    WulfTekFor anyone trying to get this achievement now, the companion app has been retired, and this solution no longer works properly.

    As X SABREZ X said, you can wait here for new convoys, which spawn every 5 minutes or so, which in theory could still get you around 62,000 an hour.

    If you've activated Tier One Mode after hitting level 30 (you should, no need to get to Tier 1 but there are benefits and it's not too hard at first) you get increased amounts from convoys depending on your tier. So at tier 35 I'm getting 8250-ish from convoys that are usually 5000.

    An easy was to do this is to wait for a convoy, take out everyone on Arcade difficulty with Tier One Mode disabled, then with everyone dead, enable Tier One mode, secure the truck and get the extra amount, without having to deal with, in my case Tier 35 Expert difficulty.

    If you're on a lower tier, like 50-40 you can probably get away with not switching back and forth, but at 35 the game is set to expert and it's a real pain.
    Posted by WulfTek on 06 Jun at 13:24
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  • SNIKNGSNIKNG173,506 173,506 GamerScore
    16 Mar 2017 15 Mar 2017
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    CV24 CamilaXI Bought all upgrades and did not pop up... in the discription appears 80%, someone know what I need to do or is it something I did wrong?
    Posted by CV24 CamilaX on 24 Apr 17 at 11:20
    NapalmNikoIS it really patched ? :(
    Posted by NapalmNiko on 15 Sep 17 at 08:21
    STEVEN LEE 20Achievement is glitched. Been stuck on 80% for two years and UBI has terrible customer service and doesn’t care it’s glitched
    Posted by STEVEN LEE 20 on 17 Aug 18 at 19:58
  • Taipei KindomTaipei Kindom1,292,564
    12 Mar 2017 14 Mar 2017 15 Mar 2017
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    To max out all skills you need X( Sorry I don't know the exact number) skill points, and there are total X+22 skill points in the game after you reach highest level, complete every mission, collect all skill points pickups. That means there are more skill points than you need, so feel free to upgrade and don't bother collecting all pickups.

    The tiring part is farming the supplies. You'll need very very very many supplies to max out all skills. There are two farming methods I found.

    Method One:
    This is during the mission "The Deserter" in Montuyoc. This mission also net you to Cluster Bomber and A Better Mousetrap achievement. If you've completed this mission, you can still replay it.

    xWSx Logan made a wonderful video for those who prefer a visualization. Check it below.

    So when you near the object, go ahead and kill the mission target marked by yellow arrow. This will cause the game over, and you'll respawn near the road where there is a convoy just 300 meters away from you, and it will start driving toward you. Take out your LMG, shoot the escort and stop the convoy to get 5000 supplies. After that, run toward the mission target and kill him to cause game over. Everything will reset and you still have the supplies you just get. Rinse and repeat.

    Method Two:
    Fast travel to VILLA VERDE ALPHA in Villa Verde. There will be a convoy on the road nearby. If you take the bike and rush to it you can intercept the convoy just in time. (Don't drive the car, or you'll have to do the chasing.) Take out your LMG, shoot the escort and stop the convoy to get 5000 supplies. After that, run into the forest to escape the alert. Once you escape, fast travel to VILLA VERDE ALPHA and everything will reset.

    The supplies on the convoy is randomly appear. If it's not the supplies you want, simply kill the mission target or fast travel again.

    The way to stop the convoy efficiently is, shoot the convoy some bullets and kill the co-pilot. Once the co-pilot is dead the convoy will stop immediately. Otherwise you can keep shooting it and have a risk to explode the convoy that will only give you 2500 supplies.
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    CV24 CamilaXStill not get it... don´t know what to do anymore
    Posted by CV24 CamilaX on 20 May 17 at 09:53
    sachsenhuskyi have bought everything, progress stopped at 40%. angry
    Posted by sachsenhusky on 09 Nov 17 at 12:07
    QuickPanda17Hey guys guys I just got to the last mission and right before I finished upgrading all my abilities, but my progress is stuck 80%. I did get all the other achievements that lead up to the best. Does anyone know how to fix this?
    Posted by QuickPanda17 on 19 Dec 17 at 14:03
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