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A Better Mousetrap

Killed 7 enemies with a single mine.

A Better Mousetrap+1.9
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  • Maka91Maka911,024,692
    07 Mar 2017 07 Mar 2017 16 Aug 2017
    246 29 14
    This can most easily be done in the Main Mission "The Deserter" in the Montuyoc area.

    You will also need to have the following skills:
    - Flare Gun
    - Flashbang
    - Mine
    - Explosion Radius Epic Skill (Recommended)

    As you approach the group of 7 enemies (including the yellow target), hide behind the truck in the field. Now, shoot a flare in the center in order to have the enemies move towards it. Once they start coming together, run forward, throw 2 flashbangs to blind everyone, equip your mine, plant in in the middle, take a step back and shoot it in order to make it explode. The achievement will unlock if you kill all of the enemies.

    Note: Playing this in co-op will result in the achievements acting glitchy and not properly unlocking.
  • I v KillJoy v II v KillJoy v I282,273
    12 Mar 2017 12 Mar 2017 20 Mar 2017
    131 6 20
    An easy method that doesn't require unlocking the mission "Deserter"

    Very effective way of getting both achievements !

    Cluster Bomber & A Better Mouse Trap!

    You will need:

    1x C4
    1x Div Lure / Flare Gun
    1x Flash
  • DarkPaul64DarkPaul64508,478
    10 Apr 2017 10 Apr 2017 10 Apr 2017
    62 1 12
    Another easy method is to just kidnap 7 enemies. Find an area that has several Orange enemy locations close to each other. Make sure not to do this on the Unidad. Have your team hold position somewhere away from the base your gonna attack. This keeps your allies from killing off any enemies to kidnap. Spawn a vehicle if necessary. Drive up to close to the base and start kidnapping soldiers and placing them in a vehicle. Just run up to an enemy and hit X. This will kidnap them. I could only place 3 enemies in a vehicle at a time.

    Once I cleared a base, i grabbed an empty vehicle and drove to the next nearby base and repeated the process. I then drove back to the original base and parked the vehicles next to each other. I needed 3 vehicles so i parked them in a triangle position. I then placed a mine in the middle of all 3 vehicles and shot it. The explosion killed all 7 enemies and the achievement popped. Good luck!
    11 Mar 2017 11 Mar 2017 11 Mar 2017
    38 7 5
    the easiest way to get the achievement
    skills needed
    - Flare Gun
    - Flashbang
    - Mine
    - Explosion Radius Epic Skill
  • Hellgate AeonHellgate Aeon439,379
    19 Sep 2018 19 Sep 2018
    5 1 0
    Ok i developed a Solution today that is foolproof and free of any stress.

    1. play in arcade mode, you need the mine and (maybe) the max explosion perk.

    2. Spawn in the start area. travel to the "house of a buchon" and put 4 bad guys in a car OR SOMEWHERE ELSE. just put 4 people in a car

    3. now you travel to the far west. unidad controlled ares. AND NOW you have to figure out were a supply convoy is driving around. shoot some bullets in your car until it smokes (it will detonate easier) and drive carefull :D

    4. pick a convoy that is heading towards you. prepare a funny ambush!

    now the achievement:
    -park your partycar filled with bad guys on the side of the road (it should be 50% on the road). -left side in driving direction (right side of the driving direction of the convoy),
    -prepare your mine (dont lay it now),
    -wait behind your car (like a troll) until the convoy almost arrive.
    -when the convoy almost reached your car, lay the mine right beside the right passenger door and the run like hell.

    the mechanic behind it:
    -convoy escort cars in unidad areas are FULL of people. 4 or 5 i think. your car includes 4 people. so 9 people are involved in the "accident" as soon as the escort car hits the mine it will explode and kill all people inside of the car (5 on the counter) and as long as the 2 guys on the right side of your partycar are killed... bang... 7 kills. i killed 9 people with that explosion. and i think this is a solution that didnt need any kind of luck.
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