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All Biomed Out

Find all the Biomes

All Biomed Out+3.2
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Achievement Guide for All Biomed Out

  • Stuffyjimi18Stuffyjimi18557,850
    19 Mar 2017 21 Mar 2017 21 Mar 2017
    15 0 6

    All Biomes are listed below with coordinates

    You will need 80 Gold bricks to use some of the larger world coordinates.

    PLEASE BE AWARE all of these biomes are just where i found them and you may get the credit before you get to the coordinates.

    Playful Prairie 429-35-829 G (Spawn on it)
    Polar Plains 429-35-829 G x-24 y31 z-5
    TIME ON VIDEO 0:02---2:12

    Junkyard Jungle 505-101-68 D (Spawn on it)
    Submerged Secret 505-101-68 D x-23 y20 z-58 (didn't pop up until i entered the Sub)
    TIME ON VIDEO 2:14---4:47

    Weird Woods 155-671-68 G (Spawn on it)
    Dusty Dunes 155-671-68 G x-4 y30 z75
    TIME ON VIDEO 4:49--7:55

    Whispering Woodland 1-431-796 X x-182 y25 z11
    Curious Canyon 1-431-796 X x-225 y20 z-240
    Fungus Forest 1-431-796 X x26 y27 z-221
    TIME ON VIDEO 7:57-15:49

    Crystal Crags 117-375-758 H (Spawn on it)
    Fantasy Forest 117-375-758 H x-62 y22 z-14
    TIME ON VIDEO 15:51--19:02

    Watchful Wilderness 642-276-421 X x45 y28 z90
    Ornamental Orchard 642-276-421 X x-139 y26 z252
    TIME ON VIDEO 19:04--23:49

    Falling Forest 861-146-733 G (Spawn on it)
    Rowdy Rainforest 861-146-733 G x-9 y20 z-70
    TIME ON VIDEO 23:51--27:01

    Fearsome Frontier 760-158-582 D (Spawn on it)

    Lawless Lagoon 49-710-467 D (Spawn on it)

    Merry Meadows 58-947-441 F (Spawn on it)

    Dessert Desert 570-700-270 F (Spawn on it)

    Wicked Wasteland 60-301-894 D (Spawn on it)

    Perilous Peaks 741-318-963 F (Spawn on it) You'll find the Golden Dragon here see my other videos

    Frosty Forest 299-517-36 J (left of spawn) Thanks goes to (MonsterBones1) for confirmation

    I recommend waiting till you have 100 Gold Bricks because when you go to create a island you will see which Biomes you are missing.

    Please let me know if this has worked for you. If it hasn't i will amend it.

    If you find any easier coordinates to just spawn on the area please leave it below. Thanks For Watching
  • JohnALS39JohnALS39481,219
    15 Mar 2017 15 Mar 2017 16 Mar 2017
    9 0 5
    There are 22 different biomes in the game and you can check which one's you've already visited once you reach 100 gold bricks and unlock the ability to create a new world. I believe you have to step foot in them, so if you are flying just hop out until the text appears. You need the following:

    Fantasy Forest
    Dusty Dunes
    Playful Prairie
    Lawless Lagoon
    Fearsome Frontier
    Watchful Wilderness
    Curious Canyon
    Fungus Forest
    Merry Meadows
    Rowdy Rainforest
    Polar Plains
    Falling Forest
    Perilous Peaks
    Whispering Woodland
    Junkyard Jungle
    Ornamental Orchard
    Wicked Wasteland
    Crystal Crags
    Dessert Desert
    Weird Woods
    Submerged Secrets*
    Frosty Forest**

    *Submerged Secrets won't appear on the list when checking on the world creator so if you have 21 there but not the achievement, this should be the missing one. It is found in deep parts of the ocean, often where there are underwater temples.

    Bricks to Life has a deeper guide here: **Note: this guide is missing Frosty Forest.

    *EDITED* Credit to Davehx for spotting some errors.
  • SparkleCrutchesSparkleCrutches46,576
    13 Aug 2017 13 Aug 2017
    1 0 2
    Just as an update to this solution, because for the life of me I couldn't get it to unlock.

    I suspect the patch has made this one more difficult/impossible. To get this, I had to uninstall the game and reinstall offline (so without the update). Once I did that, it was fairly easy to visit each biome - the other solution to this can be used if you collect 80 bricks. When I reconnected to Xbox Live, the achievement popped straight away.

    Additionally, I had a second player helping collect the bricks, and his achievement popped as well. We were playing local co-op.
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