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A Well-Trained Dragon

Blow up another player with a ridden Dragon fire ball

A Well-Trained Dragon+3.0
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Achievement Guide for A Well-Trained Dragon

  • BobWingsBobWings634,354
    03 Sep 2017 03 Sep 2017 21 Nov 2017
    13 1 23
    The easiest way to unlock a dragon is by going to 741-318-963 in the F Galaxy. For the life of me, I could not get a dragon to spawn there. So I had to go about getting the dragon the hard way.

    You will need some supplies before starting: a red jewel and two pumkin heads from the trader. Also, if you have the water gun in your inventory, sell it to the trader so that you can complete a quest later.

    Firstly, you need to unlock the Dragon Wizard
    You will need to be able to spawn green cave mushrooms, cave mushrooms, cauldrons, have a red crystal, and two pumpkin heads in your inventory before doing this. You can get the red crystal and pumkin heads from the trader at night.

    You unlock him by doing a series of quests:


    You need to do a rare quest from Spooky Girl. Go to 112-338-30 in the x galaxy and travel south to a green dot to find her quest. You will need to have unlocked the green cave mushroom, cave mushroom, and cauldron. Complete her quest to receive the red crystal.

    If you are having trouble finding spooky girl, you can also try:
    Galaxy Coordinates: 163-193-103 D
    Map Coordinates: X: -59.526 , Y: 27.072 , Z: 26.489

    * Thanks to RadiantViper for the alternate Spooky girl quest location.

    2) Create a huge world with us the crystal crags biome. Look for the Jewel Thief and trade the red crystal for the dino tooth.
    3) Create a hug world with the Rowdy Rainforest and look for the Dino Tracker. Trade the dino tooth for a water pistol.
    4) Create a huge world with just the Curious Canyon biome. Search for a fisherman and trade the water pistol for the dragon egg.
    5) Finally create a huge world with just the Wicked Wasteland biome. Search for the dragon wizard and trade the dragon egg with him to unlock the dragon wizard.

    Part two... Find the Dragon Wizard quest giver.
    You will need to have unlocked the:
    1) red snake
    2) red frog = x12y34z56

    3) dance mats = 735-480-123 in galaxy J ( Located by a green quest marker to
    4) flaming torch
    5) cupcake 5 blueprint

    1) Load a new huge world with just the Wicked Wasteland biome. *This part was the most time consuming for me.* You have to make a huge world to be safe. Start doing every green dot quest on the map. Doing every quest will help you identify which quests you have checked. Eventually, you will find the Dragon Wizard quest giver. He wants you to give him a yellow gem, red jewel, doughnut, and orange crystal. He will then give you the crystal scimitar (used to defeat the dragon).
    2) His next quest tasks you with making red frogs and red snakes. Use the discovery tool to spawn the requirements.
    3) He will then ask you to paint lava.
    4) He will ask you to lay some dance mats and flaming torches.
    5) He will ask you to build Cupcake 5.

    After building the cupcake, dragons should start spawning in your worlds. I had a fire dragon spawn close by. I attacked it and died horribly because I didn't use the crystal scimitar. I equipped the crystal scimitar, defeated the dragon, and paid 500,000 in game currency to unlock him.


    To get the gamerscore, simply add another player with a second controller, fire at him quickly with the dragon, defeat your guest player (you will receive an in game message on the second controllers screen saying they were defeated by you) and pop goes the achievement.

    *I hope you don't have to use this method as the others are much easier. But if you get stuck like I was, try it out!

    ** if you are going to down vote me so any reason, please let me know why in the comments so I can improve this guide!

    *** credit goes to wavy wanderers and base line for the youtube videos.

    **** Happy Hunting!
  • TGB70TGB701,034,718
    21 Aug 2019 21 Aug 2019
    8 0 1
    I found a world with a gold dragon on it. Coordinates 154-979-545 galaxy letter F. Fly up to the clouds and jump on his back. Turn on a second controller and kill that player with fire balls from the dragon.

    Hardest part is getting on the dragon. I used a helicopter to fly over him then lowered my self close enough to hit Y and land on him. It takes a bit of luck.

    Once your on the dragon should be able to get the achievement in about a minute. This works as of 8/20/19 the other world listed in other guides are out of date and don't work anymore.
  • Casino83Casino832,881,427
    11 Mar 2017 12 Mar 2017
    14 8 9
    coordinate for world is 741-318-963 F then go to x18.66 y85.56 z-16.71 for Dragon. Thanks to Skate 323 \(><)/
  • Northern LassNorthern Lass510,106
    27 Mar 2019 27 Mar 2019
    2 0 1
    I got this achievement today really easily without doing all the quests.

    I went to the world x23y86z-16 and looked for the gold patch on the map.

    I used the Agents Heli-Pack to fly up to the gold cloud which is higher than the white clouds. I was able to fly near enough to the dragon and press Y to land on it.

    I then turned on a second controller and joined as a guest.
    Then use attack to breathe fire on the 2nd player a few times to kill them.
    I killed the 2nd player 3 or 4 times before the achievement unlocked.
  • Project TortureProject Torture179,816
    02 Feb 2018 02 Feb 2018
    2 1 4
    As of now, I have tried every guide/solution on TA and none of them seemed to work. I don't know if they're outdated or what, but the quests do not function as described and led to hours and hours of going nowhere and a lot of frustration. However, I was able to get this achievement by being invited to someone elses game who already had dragons unlocked. They spawned one for me to get on and I blew him up and I unlocked the achievement. I personally think your best bet, would be to find someone who has dragons unlocked and to have them help you this way. It takes about 5 minutes total. (after you find someone of course)
  • alex1sqcalex1sqc352,228
    04 Oct 2019 04 Oct 2019
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