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Legendary 2x4 Slope Brick

Find the Legendary 2x4 Slope Brick

Legendary 2x4 Slope Brick+4.6
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Achievement Guide for Legendary 2x4 Slope Brick

  • Casino83Casino832,881,427
    09 Mar 2017 09 Mar 2017 10 Mar 2017
    8 1 6
    You have to find legendary maps by opening chests. (And you need 80 goldbricks to unlock large worlds because all legendary bricks are in large worlds only.) When you find 4 of them build it to a giant QR code grab your landforming tool and make it flat. Scan that QR code with your Smartphone until you get the coordinate's (my for that piece was x105y65z-105) go into your rocket and type in the coordinates on the right side of the screen. Fly to the new planet and go to the coordinates by using a heli or something like that. Here is a link to a video. Credit goes to the owner.
  • Stuffyjimi18Stuffyjimi18557,850
    16 Mar 2017 18 Mar 2017
    3 0 0

    You need to have collected 80 Gold Bricks before you can input these coordinates.
    You can find the legendary coordinate QR slabs if you wish but they are not actually needed. I will post a link near bottom if anyone would like to scan QR codes. SPOILERS BELOW
    Go to your ship to enter coordinates into white bar on right side, make sure you're on the x galactic zone
    Type the following x y z digits in to find the map, then you'll have to use them again to find each legendary brick.
    You Will have to delete worlds as you progress as the galaxy gets full very quickly.
    Here's how i did it:
    Looking on mini map you'll see a white arrow pointing north.
    x=East/West Travel west/left for a -negative number or East/right for a positive one.
    y=elevation/ up for a positive number /Down for a negative number
    z=North/South Travel North for a positive number or south for a -negative one.

    x42y42z42 // 1X1 Brick Time On Video 00:02-03:03

    x-155y26z-235 // 1X2 Brick Time On Video 03:05-07:59

    x-15y16z17 // 1X2 Brick Time On Video 08:01-11:47

    x12y34z56 // 1X2X3 Slope Brick Time On Video 11:49-14:54

    x77y27z-77 // 1X4 Slope Brick Time On Video 14:56-18:11

    x-244y30z-244 // 2X2 Brick Time On Video 18:13-21:56

    x0y13z123 // 2X2 Corner Brick Time On Video 21:58-25:40

    x127y12z-69 // 2X2 Slope Brick Time On Video 25:42-29:03

    x-201y36z-21 // 2X2X3 Slope Brick Time On Video 29:05-32:46

    x13y33z31 // 2X3 Brick Time On Video 32:48-35:13

    x79y74z89 // 2X3 Slope Brick Time On Video 35:15-39:43

    x105y65z-105 // 2X4 Slope Brick Time On Video 39:45-43:22

    x100y75z225 // 2X4 Brick Time On Video 43:24-47:26

    x182y13z0 // 3X3 Corner Brick Time On Video 47:28-51:07

    x191y30z-99 // 1X3 Slope Block Time On Video 51:09-54:42
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