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Designer's Delight

Collect all the brick elements

Designer's Delight+7.6
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Achievement Guide for Designer's Delight

  • RadiantViperRadiantViper735,688
    16 Jan 2018 16 Jan 2018 16 Jan 2018
    6 0 6
    For this achievement you need to unlock everything in the first 4 tabs of the Build Tool.

    Step 1: As you play through the game going for other achievements, chase after every Troublemaker (the green monster guys who appear and run away holding an item) to collect the pieces they hold. Also make sure to check the Night Trader (blue hot air balloon icon on your minimap, shows up at night) and you can buy pieces there, they will always be the top right item if available.

    Eventually the Troublemakers and Night Trader will no longer give brick pieces. Now you have to farm chests. They can give brick elements, large Discovery builds, or random items, so you'll just have to keep opening them until they spit out the remaining brick pieces you need.

    Step 2: The best method I found for this was to make a custom world (unlocked at 100 gold bricks): small size, Dusty Dunes biome. Keep creating them until you get one that has a lot of land, not much water. You're gonna use the build tool, switch to Flatten mode and maximize the size, to dig around for chests.

    You will see treasure chest icons on the minimap as you move around. Use the build tool to flatten downwards until you find chests. Don't bother to climb back out or use a vehicle to get out. Simply move the cursor around in Build Tool mode and the game will move your minifig around as you go. In Dusty Dunes every Sphinx will have chest in the back end, a good amount of pyramids will have them, and you can find them in underground caverns which you can see on the minimap as well. So aim for those 3 areas primarily and you can easily get 10-20 chests on a small world. When you've found everything, go back to the galaxy map and repeat this step!

    It will take a lot of chest opening to get this achievement but just keep at it toast
  • Calex dEUSCalex dEUS912,407
    22 Mar 2017 10 May 2017
    8 5 19
    UPDATE - The game got a patch recently and this may no longer work

    There is a glitch that allows you to duplicate the large chests.

    I don't have a video at the moment but I'll do one later when I get some time.

    1st thing you need to do is find a chest which will likely be close to where you land in the world so use the land scape tool to flatten the ground down to it.

    Once you are beside the large chest, hold Y and select free build. Again hold Y and scroll over to vehicles , and choose a small one like a bike. Now position the bike so that it's in the middle of the chest which should have a red box around it and hold X. Keep holding X until you can move the chest. Then simply press A to place as many as you like.

    You will be limited for space so I suggest going to the surface once those steps are done, you can close the free build tool and bring it back up as many times as you like to place more chests. I was getting a brick item in maybe one in 10 chests. So it will take a lot of chests open to get this I'm still around 40 off the achievement as of this moment.

    I've never gone over 100 chest in the world, so I'm not sure if the game gets unstable or anything if you go over that. I usually change worlds just to be safe.

    Video of glitch: sorry I didn't edit jump to : 0:43

    UPDATE: Seems just like the gold bricks, large chests will only take you so far for this. I've 35 left to get and am getting nothing from the chests but studs now, not even from regular ones not duped. SecondOne Reports the same in the comments. That leaves trouble makers for the rest of them.

    Not sure what the best approach for getting them to spawn is. I've definitely noticed they appear often when you are in the middle of a quest or talking to a quest giver. But if any one has any other suggestions feel free to comment.
  • enonymous1enonymous1170,938
    09 Jul 2017 09 Jul 2017
    2 0 1
    One of the last achievement you'll probably be shooting for. This achievement wants you to find all the bricks. So when you hold y go down to build tool press and, and when you have it equpped press y for the list of bricks. You need all of the bricks found here.

    I farmed most of these while going for the gold bricks, I got a lot from chests, but even more from the troublemakers up until I had like 10-20 left. Then back to straight farming the chests as the troublemakers started dropping other junk and not the bricks.

    So first go for the gold bricks, see how many you have left. If you want to try and farm troublemakers, use the landscape tool and make it the largest raise/lower you can and go a few feet underground. When you have a nice square just chill and tackle troublemakers as they pop (I did this while watching netflix) as the troublemakers stopped dropping the bricks, I had to go more active and starting making small worlds and raising chests out of the waters seemed easiest for me. (on small worlds on the xbox one physical edition, I find going on one half of the world and farming the chests before crossing allowed the other side to respawn by the time I was done with the 2nd side.. if you follow that. So I could just stay in one world constantly opening the same chests because of the game glitchin out).
  • Project TortureProject Torture179,816
    02 Feb 2018 02 Feb 2018 02 Feb 2018
    2 0 1
    There doesn't seem to be any recent guides for this, in terms of specifics. So, here you go. I have discovered that the road pieces from both DLC packs ARE (at least of 2/2/2018) REQUIRED to unlock this achievement. However, it doesn't appear that you need to buy the DLC to obtain the pieces. They will just not be visible in your list of pieces. I bought the DLC packs and all of the pieces that were previously not visible/unobtained, were visible. I then proceeded as you generally would digging up chests until I got the remaining 6 that I previously couldn't even see! I'd recommend buying the packs, as the achievements are extremely easy, and it helps to see how many bricks you really have left to collect.

    Keep in mind, if you're new to this game and just started out. You can obtain these brick elements from the Balloon trader, eventually you won't be able to get more from this.
    You can get them from catching the green troublemakers. Eventually, you will not be able to get any more from these.
    You can get them from treasure chests, this will most likely be your last means of obtaining pieces. And I can tell your from experience, you will get to a point where you can go a few hundred chests without seeing a single piece. But they are out there. Just keep going.
  • JohnALS39JohnALS39481,219
    15 Mar 2017 15 Mar 2017 15 Mar 2017
    5 3 7
    You need to find all of the bricks, plates, tiles and slopes. You can get these from treasure chests scattered around the world as well as from the troublemaker. You can check your progress using the build tool.
    You may struggle to find the last few and find yourself only getting studs from chests and magic potions from the troublemaker; just keep on opening chests and the rest will eventually come.
    The fixtures and fittings are not required.
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