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How to unlock the Clicker hero achievement

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    Attacking is performed by pressing the cn_X button. As you attack ('click', as per the title of the game), you will progress through the following in-game achievements, symbolized by a hand pointing to the upper-right:
    * Proficient Clicking (Click 1,000 times)
    * Sore Finger (Click 10,000 times)
    * Carpal Tunnel (Click 50,000 times)
    The achievement will unlock once Carpal Tunnel is unlocked.

    Tracking of progress in-game can be done two ways:
    1) Selecting Carpal Tunnel (it'll show progress as # of clicks and % to completion)
    2) Going to the in-game stats page, which has a "Clicks" counter (fourth one down)

    Ascending with the "ASCENSION" skill will not reset your progress towards this achievement. Any clicks performed prior to any ascensions will continue to be tracked, so do not be afraid to ascend prior to earning this achievement.

    Lastly, the Skill "Clickstorm" can be purchased under Cid once Cid has been upgraded to Level 25. This skill auto-clicks 10 times every second for 30 seconds, in addition to any manual clicks done during that time period. This makes for 300 additional clicks every time it is used. Cooldown is 10 minutes, so it will take a while if you never use manual clicks/cn_X. Note that the in-game achievement counter might not update after the first moment; moving to another click achievement should show that it did, indeed, credit you with clicks.
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    SaracinThere's also a later skill called Energize that you get from Aphrodite that will double Clickstorm.
    Posted by Saracin on 10 Mar 17 at 12:38
    I AM CULLYNot sure if this helps or not, but if you have an Elite Controller, you can bind all the paddles to X and then use them to mash quicker if you don't wanna wait.
    Posted by I AM CULLY on 11 Mar 17 at 03:19
    AngryKamehamehaI did some math. It would take 167 uses of click storm for this to unlock or 166 click storm with 200 manual clicks (166*300=49,800). FYI
    Posted by AngryKamehameha on 11 Mar 17 at 17:34
    TheLPPrincessThis may help in the long run (But not if you're trying to get the achievement in a quick way), but if I remember the PC version correctly one of the Ancients gives you cooldown reduction. So while Clickstorm is initially 10 minutes, you can make that timer smaller and smaller. That will help immensely.
    Posted by TheLPPrincess on 11 Mar 17 at 18:37
    BahaumautAscended, found that my 30K clicks were all kept. So I've noted that the progress does not disappear above in the guide.
    Posted by Bahaumaut on 13 Mar 17 at 05:05
    True MarvellousDont know why its happened but after i ascended all my heroes are dps ones so the click damage is miniscule and not worth doing.

    Think it must be to do with the ancients I picked but theres nothing in the text to say they do that.
    Posted by True Marvellous on 13 Mar 17 at 11:45
    BahaumautAll but Cid (Hero #1) are DPS. And Cid doesn't give very good damage after a few heroes.

    Instead, what you need are the hero skill/ability upgrades, which can give 0.5% of your total DPS as click damage. A few of these will massively improve your damage, and moreso when critical click upgrades are obtained.

    When you ascended, you lost all of these upgrades, which would explain the drop in click damage. Just keep leveling up your earlier heroes to unlock those skill upgrades, then buy them.
    Posted by Bahaumaut on 13 Mar 17 at 19:07
    BigDog7572I streamed my Xbox One to a Win 10 PC and used a Xbox 360 turbo controller.
    Posted by BigDog7572 on 04 May 17 at 00:55
    DadmixEdit strangely pressing two buttons at the same time seems to lock up my game for 10-15 seconds.however it might not for yourself;

    To get faster clicks on a normal X1 joypad a trick I picked up ( can't remember where,might of been t.a. ) was to use a pen or a pencil hold it over the x & b or x & a and click away.
    I didn't use it for this one I remember useing it ages back and it deff helped press buttons quicker.
    Posted by Dadmix on 29 Sep 19 at 20:29
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