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Zone conqueror

Reach level 3.600

Zone conqueror+2.6
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How to unlock the Zone conqueror achievement

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    19/12/2017: WARNING! Update 1.10e10 hits PC a few weeks ago, this update removes Solomon after the first transcension, along other major changes that makes this achievement longer than ever, if you need to close this game, do it before this patch arrives to consoles. more info:

    07/06/2017: Transcension update hit xbox. Guide update complete. You can find what has been updated just by CTRL+F with the word "NEW".

    The achievement is grindy but pretty straight forward, just reach the lvl 3600, you will need to ascend and transcend multiple times in order to get hero souls and ancient souls to improve your DPS, buy/upgrade ancients, upgrade outsiders and move gilds.

    NEW: I recommend you to transcend right away when you launch the game if you have 20+AS waiting for you, but check how far are you from the next AS though, you can gain the first 20-30 AS pretty fast without trascend.

    Here i will explain the basics of the game and the best way to maximise dps/gold with minimun effort but playing legit.

    I will not explain any glitch/exploit, this guide is intended just for normal afk play. This will take A LOT of time (no matter your play style), if you want to take this out asap check other guides with glitches and exploits.


    If you follow this guide for idle play you can expect to reach 3600 with:

    Fresh start: 42 Ascensions - XXXe5 HS - 29 AS - HZE 1500-1600 - Time: Unknown for me (the game dont track the time before the update) but easily 300-400 hours.

    Transcension 1: 27 Ascensions - XXXe8 HS - 40 AS - HZE 2100-2200 - Time 210 hours

    Transcension 2: 21 Ascensions - XXXe9 HS - 50 AS - HZE 3000 - Time 70 hours

    Transcension 3: 14 Ascensions + 2 Quick Ascensions - XXXe11 HS - HZE 3600+ - Time 96 hours

    I dont know if this is idle time or total time (console turned off) i personally had the game turned on while i was at work, traveling, etc, i also spent a lot of time testing stuff for guide purposes, so you may be able to do it with less time, but dont expect less tan 400-500 hours.


    This game allows you to play in three ways:

    - NEW: Active or Auto-active: This means you are actually playing (or using auto-clickers), clicking X to do damage, using abilities for more damage/gold, leveling heroes and ancients. This build will be the fastest way to grind this achievement (if you really want to play 24/7 or want to pay for auto-clickers).

    - Idle: This means the game plays by itself, you don't click or use abilities, but you need to manually ascend, lvl up your gilded hero/s and ancients. This will be the slowlest build to grind the achievement (but you don't really need to play)

    - Hybrid: A mix of gameplay, this will be the more expensive to build since you will need ALL ancients to maximise efficiency. NEW: I don't recommend to go hybrid now, with the auto-clickers you will want to focus only on the auto-active or the idle build since both requires the same amount of effort (0).

    NEW: HOW TO AUTO-ACTIVE (general tips)

    You can buy auto-clickers now, if you have enought gems collected or you want to pay for the completion this will make the active build the fastest way to complete the game without effort.

    You can buy as much of this autos as you want and they stack unlimitedly, each one gives you 10 clicks per seconds, so if you buy 10 (e.g.) you will do 100 clicks per seconds, thats pretty much insane combined with abilities and active ancients.

    For this build to be as broken as it seems you need a total of 9+ autoclickers:
    - 5+ auto-clickers set in the abilities so they go on as soon as they are ready. You can skip "clickstorm", "dark rituals", "energize" and "reload" if you lack of auto-clickers. Yes, you lose the ability to trigger all of them together, but you dont need to stay in front of the TV (being that the point of the auto-thing).
    - 3+ auto-clickers set in the enemy, this will build your damage, the more you set here the better.
    - 1 auto-clicker set in your gild hero so he lvl up as soon as you collect enought gold.

    Thats a total minimun of 2700 gems (each autoclicker worth 50 gems more than the previous) or $300, im not saying you need to pay or something, the idle build is perfectly viable, just slower, and this guide is detailed for the idle one. I just share this for those who want to actually do this but i'm not going to drill into auto-active more than this general tips.

    If you have enough gems to buy 1 or 2 autoclickers and you will focus on idle build is ok, go and buy them, the update also grants a new ancient who will boost your gold gain based on your unassigned auto-clickers.


    I will divide this in 3 steps:

    1) Fresh start

    In this stage you will have no ancients nor gilds, you will be leveling your heroes to lvl 25 and getting their 2 first upgrades before moving to the next hero, rinse and repeat. This part of the game is very active and needs your constant attention for leveling heroes and buying upgrades.

    The objetive of this stage is to reach your first ascension as fast as possible with a reasonable amount of souls: 7-10 if this is your first time ever, 40-100 if you just transcended.

    To ascend you need a lvl 150 Amenhotep, and for hero souls you need to reach game level 105+ and have a primal boss to spawn (if you transcended) or lvl all your heroes as much as you can (1 HS every 2000 hero levels).

    If you transcended you can move to stage 2 now, if you are new to the game you will need to repeat this stage for 5-10 times in order to collect a minimun amount of HS.

    2) Building the basics

    Now you will start having a few hero souls, buy some ancients and start sending your mercenaries to claim additional rewards. This stage is also very active, you will still need to level every hero little by little until you reach dread knight, at that point you can return to the beggining of the hero list and you will be leveling one by one the "power five" (see heroes chapter) to exactly level 1000 until the progress is very slow making the ascension a priority.

    The objetive of this stage is to buy all the ancients you need with a minimun level, start to gather the gilds and probably (most likely) setting all of them in the masked samurai.

    If you transcended this stage will last 2 or 3 ascensions, no more. If you are new to the game you will be stuck in this stage for a very long time. Either case you will be probably ready for end game when your samurai reach lvl 1000 for the first time

    3) End game

    Now is time for the real idle. You will want 1 auto-clicker, just that. After every ascension you will be leveling your ancients using the calculator and after that set the auto-clicker to the masked samurai lvl, thats it, go take a coffe and when you return you will have tons of souls waiting for your next ascension. You can lvl all the other heroes to lvl 200 just for the global dps/gold bonuses.

    When you reach masked samurai lvl 2500 while instakilling everything you will want to move all your gilds to Atlas, who will be your new main hero, you will use the un-gilded samurai to reach atlas in every ascension.

    From that point on is just rinse and repeat (when you reach lvl 2500 with your main hero move your gilds to the next one).

    When you have like 20-30 ancient souls for you waiting a new transcension is a good time to start all over again.


    The only way to improve your DPS in this game is by Hero Souls (HS), each HS will add +10% to your DPS. But HS are more than that, you can use them to buy ancients, doing this you will lose your HS (that means -10% DPS) but you will get a very powerful ancient.

    You can also use your HS to re-gild your heroes, but i dont recommend start doing this until you have at least 10000 HS, you can work with your random gilds until then.

    NEW: You will also get Ancient Souls based on how many Heroic Souls you have collected (spent or unspent)

    You will get HS in 2 ways:
    - 1 HS every 2000 hero levels: This will eventually become insignificant
    - Defeating primal bosses: This will be your main resource of HS when you start to build up lvls of solomon.

    As a reference you should start thinking on ascension when you stop insta-killing the normal mobs.


    Transcension will make you lost everything: ancients, gilds, level progression, hero souls. But you will gain the most valuable currency in the game now: "Ancient Souls" (AS from now on) and trancendent power. You need to reach lvl 300 in order to unlock the transcend tab.

    Its like a fresh start, specially at the beginning when you dont have ancients or gilds, but at the moment you get solomon, siyalatas and the rest of the ancients (and gilds) you will start to gain HS like crazy, making the transcension a yes-yes situation.

    Ancient souls are used to level the new outsiders (will talk about that later). Making it short the number of AS you get each time you transcend is defined from the total HS you have collected from the beginning of the game (spent and unspent). You have more details, including maths here:

    Transcendant power (to keep it simple) makes you gain more Hero Souls from primal bosses, and i mean A LOT more up to a maximum as a factor of the maximum level you have ever reach, you can check this maximum in the trascend tab.

    To give you an example so you can see how good this TP is: after my first transcension the first primal boss at lvl 105 gave me 20 extra HS, and another 20 extra the next primal in 110 (i got lucky with 2 primal in a row), thats 40 extra HS for my first ascension where i only got 4 or 5 HS the first time i ever ascended, meaning that i got solomon, siyalatas and libertas with only 1 ascension, and its all about snowballing from now on, not bad right?

    Im not going into more details of this new variable since its like a passive stat and i find it pointless for the purpose of this guide, but if you want to fully understand transcendant power you can read this wiki:


    The outsiders are like very powerful ancients, you dont need to buy them, but you will want to level them up as much as you can, they are in a new tab and they are not lost between transcensions. They are:

    Xyliqil: Increases effectiveness of all idle bonuses.
    Chor'gorloth: Reduces ancient cost.
    Phandoryss: Increase Transcendent Power (Additive).
    Borb: Increase maximum transcendent primal soul reward.
    Ponyboy: Increase effectiveness of Solomon. You will love this little guy.

    About what outsiders to level, usually i would say "check the new calculator", but the calculator dont gives a hint about what outsider is best to level, so i found another spreadsheet just for this purpose:

    You only need the 6 first columns being "AS" how many AS you have and the rest the recommended level for that outsider at that point of the game. As you can see Ponyboy is the king of the early-game (the boost to solomon is plain amazing) and then you start to move to Xyliqil, Chor'gorloth and Phandoryss, being Borb a ultra-late game outsider.

    Also be aware this spreadsheet has multiple builds, being the idle one the first you will see as soon as you open the document, if you are doing auto-active you will want to move to the proper build.

    This spreadsheet also helps you to know when to trascend, in the column named "AS gained" you can check how many AS are you supossed to gain at that point of the game. If you try to get more AS than that for any particular trascension that will take forever to get every next AS.


    NEW: With the trascend update you will want Solomon, Atman, Siyalatas (only idle) and Libertas (only idle) to be your first ancients no matter what, with the bonuses coming from ponyboy and Xyliqil you will be filled with gold and HS in no time (compared to the first time you launched the game).

    There are a lot of ancients in this game, and you need to select very carefully your ancients according to your build because each ancient you get makes the next one more and more expensive.

    For the afk build you will want to focus in the following ancients:

    - DPS: Siyalatas (idle dps bonus) > Argaiv (gild dps bonus) > Morgulis (HS dps bonus)
    - Gold: Libertas (idle gold bonus) > Mimzee (chest gold bonus) + Dora (chest spawn bonus) > Mammon (gold bonus) > Dogcog (hero cost reduction) > Fortuna (chance to get x10 gold)
    - Hero Souls: Atman (primal boss spawn bonus) > Solomon (primal boss HS reward bonus)

    Morgulis tip 1: He should be your last ancient (you may even want to totally skip this one tbh). Even if you dump 10000 souls in him will only give you a 1% dps global boost, mathematically is more efficient than just having the souls, sure, thats the reason why the calculator will always dump every spare soul in him, but you should keep 8000-14000 souls for regilds.

    Morgulis tip 2: At some point you cant drop anymore souls into morgulis unless you select MAX, this is probably a bug, but if you are using it just lvl your other ancients first, and then just select MAX in morgulis and that will drop every last HS you have in him.

    Other useful ancients you may want to have when their cost are neligible compared with the amount of souls you have:
    - Kumawakamaru: Less enemies per zone (you will lvl up faster)
    - Bubos: Boss HP reduction
    - Chronos: More time to defeat bosses
    - NEW: Nogardnit: More gold per unassigned auto-clicker. Use this one only if have like 1 to 5 auto-clicker (unassingned), if you have more than that the auto-active build will be better for you and this ancient will provide 0 benefit.

    If you are building an active build you will want to buy argaiv, morgulis, mimzee + dora, mammon, dogcog, fortuna, atman and solomon from this list, but you will also need every cooldown reduction ancient (one for each ability), juggernaut and bhaal.


    You will need to lvl up every hero to lvl 100-150 until Dread Knight, this is to get the upgrades affecting global dps and gold, being Betty Clicker and King Midas the best examples. From Dread Knight on you will face multiple walls and you will need a lot of farm to collect the gold neccessary to buy the next hero.

    But! You don't actually need to buy the dread knight, starting from lvl 200, every 25 lvls the game multiplies the dps of that hero x4, and x10 every 1000 lvls, that means that actually the first heroes can hit harder than dread knight or atlas.

    In fact, when you hit the dread knight wall, if you want to maximise your gold and you are barely starting the game, the best heroes to invest are the "power five", i mean, if you want to do the maximum damage with the less possible gold you need to lvl up only:

    - Treebeast
    - Ivan, the Drunken Brawler
    - Brittany, Beach Princess
    - The Masked Samurai
    - The Great Forest Seer

    When you have enough HS to afford some re-gilds to max the efficiency of your gold (and argaiv) you will want to set every gild in the masked samurai and focus on lvl him up as much as you can. To move gilds you need to go all the way to the bottom of your heroes so you can see the gild menu, there you can ungild to a random hero (2HS) or gild a selected hero (80HS). You can give all your gilds to a certain hero pressing "Y" in it (if you have enougth HS) otherwise you need to go 1 by 1.

    When you are able to buy Atlas without farming you should think about move your gilds to him to bump your dps to the next lvl (same rule goes for Terra, Phthalo and so on), when you do this you will start using the power five to collect the gold to buy atlas (or advanced gilded hero) and then just lvl that gilded hero until you need to ascend.

    Icefiretn explained it perfectly in the comments:

    "Basically, if you can level up Samurai to 2500 while instakilling everything along the way, you then want to move your guilds to Atlas. For the rest, each time you can level that hero up to 1500 while instakilling everything along the way, you are ready to move your guilds to the next hero"

    Provided by jayeeyee you can find some additional info about this topic:


    To unlock the mercenary tab you need to reach lvl 139 or ascend for the first time after a transcension or a fresh start. You start with 1 mercenary and you can have a maximum of 5, you can hire them for 40 rubies or send your mercenaries to find new ones. Each mercenary has his own lvl, rarity and sadly they can found death in their quest.

    You just need to send them in X hours quest. As a general tip, shorter quest has a better time/reward ratio, but if you are doing auto-active / idle you shouldnt worry about this and just use the longest quest you can grab. They are a nice little extra to receive gold, gems, HS or relics and there is not a wrong way to use your mercenaries, everything they got from their quest is nice.

    I would recommend to use the gems or relic quest, you will want gems for auto-clickers or quick ascensions (personally i go for autos) and you will want relics since they can add some valuable stats to your build at some point. I dont use to take HS quest because you get more than enough souls with solomon+ponyboy, gems for autos are a much better reward.

    Mercenaries are not lost between transcensions, but you will lose access to the mercenary tab, so you will need to ascend (quick-ascend) one time to regain the ability to send them in quests.


    I found a new calculator which i have been testing and i have to say im pretty happy with it, im right now at 3rd ascension after my 1st transcension, i have all my ancients and i can insta-kill everything till lvl 800 with a 2200 masked samurai and 3.020e5 souls waiting for my next ascension.

    What can you do with this calculator:
    - You can take the most beneficial path when leveling your ancients.
    - You can set a personal objetive. As a default this is to reach -7.85 enemies per zone with kumawakawaru, this allows you to see which levels will be optimal for each ancient when your objetive is completed (this is just a curiosity tbh)
    - You can select the lvl of your outsiders and they are taken into account for the calculations.

    What you cant do anymores (in comparison with the other calculator):
    - You cant select your next ancient in the buy list so you can determine if its better to buy it right now or wait until further ascensions.

    Here you have the calculator, is a google spreadsheet this time:

    This one is very easy to use:

    - First and most important: You need to make a copy in your own google drive. For that you need to press file>make a copy. Name it the way you want and thats it, you have your own calculator in your own drive for your personal use.

    - You will only modifiying the green colored boxes:
    1) Souls on bank: How many unspent hero souls do you have.
    2) Ousider lvl: Read the outsider chapter to know how to use your AS and fill accordingly.
    3) Hero Souls sacrified: You can see this information in the transcend tab, its used for the estimations, the maximum trans HS reward and other variables.
    4) Number or regilds to save : Here is where you set how many gilds do you have in your main hero.
    5) Main hero: Where you currently have all your gilds.
    6) Input level or benefit: This is for that personal objetiv, you can choose between a precise lvl of an ancient or the benefit you want to perceive from that ancient.
    7) Ancients lvl: Your current ancients and your lvl. You can order them the way you want. If you happen to have one ancient repeated multiple times the spreadsheet will only count the one at the top. Set to x any ancient you dont have.

    And thats it, when you fill all that boxes the spreadsheet wil automatically update with the optimal value of your ancients so you can proceed and feed them with your hard (not anymore xD) earned HS. There is another tab you can play with (settings) but i havent use this one much (or at all).


    You can still use this calculator as a minor reference.

    If you want to maximaze your ancients and Hero Souls efficiency use this calculator, this will show you what is the best way to use (or keep) your HS:

    Is very easy to use and you can read the instructions in the left, but a quick explanation: there are 2 main windows, the left one is the code, you will need to modify the values of your ancients, your primary dps gild hero, your HS, what ancient do you want to buy (if any) and how much HS cost this new ancient. Then you only need to click "run" and the results will show in the right window, you will even know the percentage of improvement over keep the HS just like that.

    This calculator is only valid for the afk build im explaining in this guide.

    This is by no means programmed by me, i just found, checked and tested the code and pasted it in a open-web phyton runner. If the creator of the code shows around here i will give the proper credits (i dont know who created this code).


    Obviously this will take more time than the other guide around here (time-glitch/infinite-glitch), but i wanted to give some useful resources for those who don't want to glitch out the game.

    You can mix the idle/afk with the time glitch if you feel so, but this wont work with the infinite abilities glitch (if it still works when you are reading this), for that other glitch you will want to do an active bui

    Guide not helping? View 2 more guides for this achievement.

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    DF I PhoenixJust got my Z3600 today. Here's my road :

    Transcensions : (Duration | HZE | HS Gained | Asc.)
    #0 - 22717:51:12 || 304 || 412 || 19
    #1 - 133:26:23 || 854 || 3.159e5 || 14
    #2 - 51:58:54 || 1754 || 1.063e7 || 12
    #3 - 121:17:32 || 2614 || 4.621e8 || 15
    #4 - 270:30:50 || 3604 || 2.828e10 || 18

    Here's some explanations :
    My progress pre-transcension is kinda lame, as I played the game for like a month, just by logging in ~each day for 30-60 minutes just to progress, and then I never played the game for 3 YEARS. This is why I have such a high time. When I logged back on the game last month, I had enough money to buy Dread Knight and that's all (maybe level him up to level 25 I guess, don't remember now). I was able to force my way to reach lvl 300 and then I transcended immediately.
    Then the real grind started.
    To be fair, I'm working from home due to the Covid-19, so as I was working on my computer, I had the Xbox on in front of me to "amuse" me while working. This way my game was playing in idle mode and I was able to press the required buttons in desired time.
    I pretty much followed what was said here :
    - Grind the 1-3 first ascensions post transcension
    - Focus on Siyalatas and Libertas as soon as possible, mostly for the transcensions I was able to use rubies for quick ascensions, it made it far more easily
    - I was able to buy 2 auto-clickers
    - When I had around 7 AS, I transcended because I felt like I didn't do much progress on transcensions past this point. My ascensions were done in 2-4 hours.
    - Focused on Samurai whenever I could to grind my way to the top.
    - Used this ( to know when to regild to further heroes, and regild to who.
    - My last 4 days I made barely anything because I was at z3400 and hoped to get to 3600 without ascending anymore, and I knew I had to transcend to be faster, yet I was entitled to reach z3600 without transcending one last time. Now that it's done, you'll have to transcend if you're slow around z3000
    - Used the calculator for the hero souls, and the github app to know how to invest my AS. Every ascension was like Ctrl+C;Ctrl+Shift+V to copy/paste the levels from the calculator to recalculate them.
    - I relied on my 2 lvl 10+ mercenaries to bring me money after z3400 to progress because it would've taken forever to get to z3600 without that, so think with this only if you're close enough to do so. I paid too much in rubies to revive one of them, the other one was never revived (Press F)

    Here are my current levels to give an idea for players that need more informations on what you're expected to have while reaching z3600 :
    - Cid/Treebeast are level 9000+
    - My (363) gilds are on Wepwawet (bought 12 early in the game for no reason. Not a big difference at this point
    - Wepwawet does 99.99% of damage at level 1250, which is 3.717e246
    - idle DPS right now are 2.401e251 (this is the amount required to kill the boss at z3600, though you don't need to kill him to get the achievement)
    - Every perk up to wepwawet unlocked
    - Currently spent 43 AS, can transcend for ~+8
    - Current transcendent power : 1.36%
    - Current max primal reward : 2.365e7

    Outsiders :
    - Borb : 0
    - Xyliqil : 6
    - Phandoryss : 3
    - Chor'gorloth : 4
    - Ponyboy : 27

    Ancients :
    - Argaiv : 61,438
    - Atman : 28
    - Bubos : 24 (29 with relics)
    - Chronos : 24
    - Dogcog : 24 (27 with relics)
    - Dora : 26
    - Fortuna : 24
    - Kuma : 27 (40 with relics)
    - Libertas : 56,891
    - Mammon : 56,891 (56,930 with relics)
    - Mimzee : 56,891 (56,908 with relics)
    - Morgulis : 3.775e9
    - Nogardnit : 6368 (with 2 auto-clickers inactive)
    - Revolc : 19
    - Siyalatas : 61,439 (61,482 with relics)
    - Solomon : 15,931

    Extra :
    Dark rituals used in this world : 1
    Current gold : 5.312e272
    Gold gained : 1.114e273 (needed to level Wepwawet to lv 1250)
    Gold gained in last 60 seconds : 1.878e265 (this is why I needed my mercs)
    Hero souls from ascensions : 2.249e10
    Monster kills : 18,546,117 (was afk for 3 years, so it might seem high)
    Boss kills : 16,921
    Treasure chests : 22,281
    World ascensions : 78
    World transcensions : 4
    Rarest merc : Epic
    Highest merc lvl : 13
    Mercs revived : 5
    Mercs buried : 10
    Quests completed (total) : 722
    Pre-transcendent HZE : 304
    Lifetime dark rituals : 52
    Total relics found : 146 (thanks to the mercs)
    Upgrades purchased : 9797
    Time played since the first click : 1159 days

    I swear I'm writing this like it's my end game credits, sorry for this flood, I wanted to share what I couldn't find to compare earlier.

    Thanks to OP and the community for sharing everything that helped there, and good luck to the ones attempting this right now !
    Posted by DF I Phoenix on 17 May 20 at 22:11
    DavidBeat zone 3600 today with 2 trancends 6 acends. Used double zone glitch to farm hero souls. Put siya and liba to 100k souls each and hit 3600 no issue. Moved all my gilds to wapa near zone 3200. 70 hours total playtime + offline farming.
    Posted by David#4473 on 20 Feb at 22:00
    Brodysseus93Definitely gonna need some major help now. Just opened it up and *all* my progress is gone. Any way to recover or am I royally boned?
    Posted by Brodysseus93 on 03 Sep at 16:36
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  • NetechmaNetechma320,342
    20 Aug 2017 20 Aug 2017 20 Aug 2017
    36 8 5
    I am not vying for top solution but I think I genuinely have some tips for those LATE GAME / END GAME players who need that extra push

    • you should already have the double damage bonus purchased with rubies-it is a must have and your first purchase with rubies

    • assuming you have ^ the above then you should be spending ALL rubies on auto clickers (I stopped buying auto clickers at 6 auto clickers (I also had 3 transcensions))

    •Once you have 6 auto clickers, spend your rubies on a free ascension

    • once you can climb to 3000 without abusing abilities or trying all that hard you should shift from spending rubies on ascensions and instead buy timelapse -BUT RIGHT BEFORE YOU TIMELAPSE BE AWARE MERCENARIES WILL GET A 6(?) HOUR PUSH AS WELL SO BE SURE AND QUICKLY SET THOSE TO THINGS THAT ARE 6 HOURS OR LESS FOR FREE STUFF! ♥

    (I played an active play style and did not click myself) I hope this helps ♥

    Mind you most people playing are not mathematicians and last checked there isn't a decent calculator available for the console version -and even if their were the game gets updated so often that it wont be valid for long anyway.

    above all... do not waste your damn time spending 30+ minutes climbing 10 stages when you don't have to. Just ascend -_- it's not an effective use of time spending 30+ minutes to climb 10 stages.
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    Im the LoraxSo when you go from maxing out samurai guild and move to atlas, do you move ALL your guilds to at last and Keep samurai or move him as well.. this game is so confusing i freakin hate it.
    Posted by Im the Lorax on 06 Apr 18 at 20:40
    qManballin@Im the Lorax - I'm going to answer this since no one ever answered it and you probably already figured it out by now (a year later, haha). The TL;DR answer is YES, move ALL gilds to Atlas is the goal once you are instakilling mobs on the way to samurai max which is calculated around 2500 (2426 was the precise number I found somewhere online). You can't really tell on the current run if you're barely getting to ~2500 samurai and you are starting to level Atlas. You'll see it over your next few ascensions if you actually can manage to instakill to that number. If not, I recommend moving a gild from Atlas back to samurai (80 hero souls).

    Newcomers will not really appreciate this until after going through their first dozen+ ascensions and transcend. Again, the goal is to first get samurai to 2500 (2426). However, the key is to make sure you are instakilling mobs meaning their health bar doesn't even move and that they die the moment they pop on the screen. This ensures the most efficient method possible at tackling this game. Again, this is for those nearing the mid to late game with probably a transcendence under their belt. If you need to regild samurai once or twice (granted you're leveling the ancient Argaiv enough, if not, you may need more gilds for benefit), then that is fine to do on 1 ascending run. If you need to do it more than once, rethink ascending sooner or check the calculators on ancient levels. It should not be requiring regilds after regilds. Once the gilds are moved to Atlas, they will stay there (unless you backtrack and regild samurai that one time) until you're ready to move on to Terra and so on and so forth.
    Posted by qManballin on 06 Apr 19 at 05:05
    Netechma@@Im the Lorax as far as the game being mildly annoying at times I would agree with you.
    I would trust @qManballin's response.

    personally, I did not *sweat the small stuff* persistence is key and math helps obviously but does not need to be perfect to succeed. The reason no one gives a perfect thought out approach is the RNG /randomness of the buffs and items.

    This game took me months to finally complete whilst maintaining to login for aprox a minimum of 15 mins a day and the longer days probably honestly 2-3 hours of mostly AFK play.
    Posted by Netechma on 06 Apr 19 at 21:05
  • iViluxiVilux468,486
    01 Mar 2020 02 Mar 2020 02 Mar 2020
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    This solution explains two glitches, one which allows you to go forward in time, the other will give you a massive head start every ascension/transcension and help you get loads of hero souls fast.

    I managed to get to level 3600 with a max-gilded Wepwawet and by using this calculator:

    Read this post first:

    Time glitch works differently on Xbox. You have to set your console to offline in network settings and restart it to be able to change the time. It's simple - fully quit the game, change the time, go back. On PlayStation, as I understand, there is a faster method, but this is quick enough, too. Every time I changed the time, I went forward one year. You can use the years from 1970 to 2037. If you need to go back in time, you can do that, just launch the game once more after you go back and have no time-specific abilities activated.

    The double zone glitch is very useful. It can be used to farm treasure chests for the achievement, gold, hero souls and get head starts on ascensions and transcensions. Make sure that in the game's graphics options everything is turned off and only "Tiny monsters" is on to get the most kills per second due to reduced lag. The easiest way to do this glitch is to be at a level right before a new boss that is primal. Turn on farm mode and do the glitch. When you switch to progression mode you will start getting loads of gold and hero souls. While in this glitched mode, you can ascend and because of lag get some of those kills' gold. After you ascend, press right trigger a few times to unglitch and go back to level 1. Now, make sure to buy some heroes, because if you don't, you can lose this gold you currently have after restarting the game. You can stay at the level you were before the ascension, but it really doesn't matter. I tried transcending twice when in this glitched mode - once without respeccing and once with. I only kept the gold when I chose to respec while transcending. This helped me get back on track way faster.
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    Aki2403No, I mean I got the 200 or so souls from levelling my heroes, and it didn't change, was still the same number as it sailed past zone 500.
    Posted by Aki2403 on 27 Mar 20 at 15:59
    Dutch x MonsterOh boy @iVilux you really gotta add in that if you scroll down and click gilded heroes you dont even have to rubber band and its 100% afk writing this when i get millions of souls found this randomly lol
    Posted by Dutch x Monster on 07 Jun 20 at 12:41
    BlazeFlareonHeads up, glitch does end if you close the game, so you would have to keep the game up overnight/while at work/etc if you want to do this glitch while afk
    Posted by BlazeFlareon on 13 Jul 20 at 08:37
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