Beyond the Walls

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Beyond the Walls

Learn Me A Book achievement in Homefront®: The Revolution

Learn Me A Book

Collect 10 journals.

Learn Me A Book-0.3
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How to unlock the Learn Me A Book achievement

    16 Mar 2017 16 Mar 2017 06 Jul 2017
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    The method to exploit the counter posted in the solution by Son ALA is viable and I'm sure they won't patch it, but in the off chance that they do, or if you want to just collect these as you go, I managed to find all 10 of these on my own without much trouble.

    I didn't really intend on doing a solution for this, so I don't have photos or a video, but this DLC is so short the locations are all fresh in my mind, so here we go.

    Edited 07/06/2017 to add an additional journal that was made aware to me, bringing the total to at least 11 now.

    1.) In the starting area. Before talking to Parish. This journal is in the back room near the weapons box on the table.

    2.) When you come to the gate that requires the truck to drive through it, there is a shack shortly past truck and the journal is on the ground inside.

    3.) Shortly past the last collectible is a house. In the same room that you get the bolt cutters is another journal.

    4.) Inside the Church on the right side sitting on one of the pews.

    5.) Located just after church when you need to take an alternative route, go up the fallen tree you'll see an area with shipping containers scattered about. From the fallen tree, keep going straight and after you Drop down there is a body with a journal beside it. *** Credit to From the VOID for this one! :-) ***

    6.) Inside the Diner. If you enter from the front of the buiding turn left and its in the corner on a table.

    7.) When you reach the farm theres a 2 story red barn with a busted roof. Inside the barn on a hay stack under a set of stairs.

    8.) Still in the farm area. Inside the main living house, on the kitchen table. This room has a book shelf in it as well.

    9.) In the farm house. Go into the basement and make two right turns. This is on a bunk bed. Same room where you drop under the floor via a hole in the floor to get to the next room over.

    10.) On your way to the village. Following the path/road and you'll see an RV on the ridge of the road and a little drop off where you can go off to the right side of the road and you'll see a lake type area with a small island out there. There's a shack on the little beach area and the journal is inside it.

    10.) In the village area inside one of the back houses. The house sorta near the 2nd duster that you have turn off. When you turn off the 2nd duster and still facing the controls for it, the house would be directly to your left. So fact the duster controls, turn left, and go to the house directly in front of you after turning 90 degrees left.

    Hope this is clear enough to follow. I found this without much difficulty and without going out of the way.

    Good luck!

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    From the VOIDThere's at lest 11 journals, the one you don't have on your list and may want to add is located just after church when you need to take an alternative route, go up the fallen tree you'll see an area with shipping containers scattered about. From the fallen tree, keep going straight and after you Drop down there is a body with a journal beside it.

    From your list this is between 4 and 5.
    Posted by From the VOID on 06 Jul 17 at 06:22
    JAGERMEISTER TXAppreciate the info! I went ahead and got it added to the guide and posted credit. Thanks again.
    Posted by JAGERMEISTER TX on 06 Jul 17 at 12:05
    Cr4ck Sh0t23In case anyone got slightly confused like I did on the 10th journal:

    It is the blue house with the RV that is next to the second duster. Located on the second floor in the bedroom on a dresser.
    Posted by Cr4ck Sh0t23 on 25 Jul 18 at 22:39
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  • Son ALASon ALA498,964
    09 Mar 2017 09 Mar 2017 09 Mar 2017
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    I kind of found this by mistake. I had a checkpoint glitch right away so I was forced to quit the game and start over and that's when I saw that collecting the same journal made my achievement progress bar move up another 10%.

    At the start of the expansion you will find yourself in the hub. In the room with the very first weapons locker (where you can swap out your 2 guns) you will see a woman at a desk and a journal on the bottom right corner of the desk as soon as you walk in.

    After grabbing the journal you can then continue through the recently opened door and meet up with Parrish. After this convo you will trigger a checkpoint when it's time for you to defend the base. This is the moment where you can safely quit to the main menu, select new game, select Beyond The Walls and then choose your difficulty. From here you can simply rinse and repeat in order to collect the remaining 10 journals.

    I ended up finishing the DLC with 70% progress after my first and only playthrough by finding 6 of them naturally and collecting the first one after being forced to start over. After the end credits I collected the first journal 3 more times and turned off the game as soon as the achievement unlocked.
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