They Shall Not Pass

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They Shall Not Pass

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Drei Vier Grenadier

Kill 4 enemies with the Trench Raider Elite Class

Drei Vier Grenadier-2.1
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  • J2B9J2B9602,153
    15 Mar 2017 15 Mar 2017 03 Nov 2017
    105 7 16
    The Trench Raider is the new elite class and it's melee focused.

    It does not spawn in the new game mode Frontlines so play Conquest or Operations which is easier.
    (Will update if/when more locations are known for other game modes)

    The elite classes spawn very shortly after the first team captures the objective its next to, so run to that objective first at the start of the game.
    If you don't get it from that first spawn it wont spawn again until much later in the game. Obviously this can vary depending on the match as it can spawn a second time when the score is 700-600 or if you're dominating it can be 900-500 so just be aware of the score and go near it when you think its close to re-spawning.

    Verdun heights- underneath the "C" capture point

    Soissons- near "B" capture point outside right up against a building right across the small bridge next to "B"

    Rupture- underneath the huge bridge of the "B" capture point
    May have been changed to "C" capture point. -Thanks to Hexa Fox

    Fort de Vaux- i've only seen it here if your team is getting blown out by an extreme margin and itll spawn in your original starting spawn area

    Nivelle Nights- to the right of "D" if your facing "B". On the ground kind of in the middle of no where near a small shack kinda thing which has an open-able door

    Devil's Anvil- This operation starts at Verdun Heights and can go to Fort De Vaux.
    This is the operation you want to choose if you're struggling to be the one who gets the Trench Raider elite class. After failing to take a Sector while attacking the game spawns in a Flametrooper, 2 Sentry's, and a Trench Raider right where you spawn but only for the attacking team. I wont list the locations because the game points them out to you explicitly. This gives you plenty of chances of getting it in one match if you are on the attacking side. If you're defending try switching teams in the squad menu or join a new match.

    Beyond the Marne: i have not seen the Trench Raider spawn here but even if it does its nowhere near as often as the Devils Anvil operation.

    Primary- unique melee weapon for this class called the Raider club
    Secondary- No.3 Revolver to pick people off.

    Gas mask as usual
    Med kit (left d-pad)
    Smoke nade (right d-pad)
    3  Frag grenades

    -You don't have a lot of armor so you can die easily if you're not careful but the Raider Club is a one hit melee with a quick swing and no melee animation when killing from behind.
    -Make use of your 3 frags and your pistol if there is multiple enemies or someone is running away and is just out of reach of your melee.
    -Smoke can be used to give you cover to attack or to escape safely in a bad situation.
    -Of course always use your medkit when you lose health.

    Frags respawn after 49 seconds and Smoke in 18 seconds if you go to an ammo crate. Near ammo crates that time is faster. (14 seconds for frag, 6 for smoke)

    With these tips you should be able to easily get 4 kills in one go but it doesn't even have to be done in one game.
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m232,865
    20 Sep 2017 29 Sep 2017
    30 3 0
    wassup boys :)

    i made a video showing you all the locations i know of in conquest for this equipment so i hope you enjoy it :D this kit is very easy to use btw and i got 4 kills first time , no effort at all

  • SupraboostaSupraboosta310,941
    15 Mar 2017 15 Mar 2017 15 Mar 2017
    25 8 5
    To get this achievement you must first acquire the trench raider elite class. I found mine on the soissons map, in the small town at B in conquest. The main weapon is a mace that does one hit kills. He also has a pistol as a secondary. Simply get 4 kills with him and net yourself an easy 50gs

    Here is a quick video of me obtaining the achievement

    Hopefully this helps you out!
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