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Complete romances with three different characters across all playthroughs.

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How to unlock the Matchmaker achievement

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    There are many romance options in Mass Effect Andromeda and this guide will explain them all in full detail with a video guides coming soon so this is a work in progress.

    Male Ryder Romance Options:
    Cora, Peebee, Vetra, Gil, Avela, Reyes Vidal, and Keri.

    Female Ryder Romance Options:
    Liam, Peebee, Vetra, Jaal, Suvi, Reyes Vidal, and Keri.

    Generally, romancing a character requires you to flirt with them at least three times. If applicable, the squadmate’s Loyalty Mission must also be completed. Additionally, you can flirt with as many people as you’d like without affecting the courting of other characters. However, once you commit to exclusivity with a character, you can no longer flirt with anyone else (although you may have a fling with Keri while committed to another).

    For the purpose of this achievement you can do it across multiple or even a single playthrough which I will layout below.

    • Talk frequently to the character you want to romance
    • Do everything they ask for, including Loyalty Missions
    • Read all of their emails
    • Select the flirt option every chance you get (Heart)


    How the below work are as follows; the first row indicates the conversation I.E. conversation 1, 2, etc. The second row indicates the location or area where this will take place. The third row indicates things you must do prior to the romance dialogue to unlock and the final row indicates when you will commit which is the the moment that romance is locked in place and the dialogue that you are looking for.

    How To Romance 3 In A Single Playthrough

    If you're a male, Kiss Avela, Complete PeeBees missions until you have the chance to commit then romance any of the available ones for male then romance peebee after you completed their romance.

    As for female, I did it (on PlayStation) flirting with Peebee until the point just before committing, Romanced Jaal, had a flight with Keri then romanced Peebee.

    Peebee can be romanced by both Male & Female Ryder. You can start this romance on EOS.

    - When you first meet her do NOT push her off you.
    - When you return to the tempest after settling Prodromos, have a chat with Peebee in the Escape Pod Room.
    - Talk to Peebee again and you can now "Flirt" with her on the tempest at anytime in her dialogue wheel.
    - Collect the Rem-Tech piece peebee asked you to get for her from Voeld and you can romance her again.
    - Head to the Nexus and stick up for Peebee in her apartment, you can romance her here again.
    - Head back to the tempest and talk to her about her ex then select the "Flirt Option" for some more dialogue.
    - Talk to a drunk Peebee on Aya and she will flirt with you.

    The romance now breaks off into two different lines here. The first being the full romance by telling her you want strings and the second by telling her no strings meaning casual sex anytime you want, you make the choice.

    - After rescuing POC you can talk to her and romance her again.
    - After completing her loyalty mission, regardless of the outcome you picked you can romance her again.
    - You can chat with Peebee now and have an adorable little scene where Peebee will ask you if you want it to be serious. Tell her yes and you will now have an asari girlfriend.
    - Complete “The Journey to Meridian” and you will be able to complete the relationship here and will 'meld' with Peebee.

    Jaal Ama Darav is only able to be romanced by Fem-Ryder. This romance can be started after Jaal gets on the tempest.

    Note: Jaal is very unique in that his romance options at first do not have hearts but rather two people standing side by side which are identified as 'Friendship'. These are the options that you want to select for the romance to work. Also, Jaal's romance contains time locks meaning that if you don't act in a certain time, you'll miss out on the romance completely.

    - The first time you can select the 'Friendship' option is after recruiting Jaal from Aya. Talk to him now as completing 'A Trail Of Hope' will expire his romance.
    - After completing either one of the 2 planets you can talk to Jaal again and a 'Personal' option will pop up in the dialogue wheel. You can do the romance here.
    - This is optional but you can have a chat and romance with Jaal on Aya anytime after gaining access to the city.
    - Take a visit to Kadara and once you return to the ship you can have more flirting.
    - After completing the first part of Jaals personal questline "Friend Or Foe" you can flirt with him while in the Akksul vidcon conversation.
    - Upon returning to the main area after Jaal's loyalty mission "Flesh & Blood" you can romance Jaal again.
    - Complete Jaals loyalty mission "Flesh & Blood" and "Hunting The Archon" main mission, then you will get an email from him asking to meet him on Havarl.

    Make sure he is in your squad and this is where you will commit to a relationship with him.

    - Complete the main mission "The Journey to Meridian" then have a chat with him. This option ends if you complete the final mission.
    - Meet Jaal on Aya for your romance scene and that's it.

    Vetra Nyx is able to be romanced by both Male & Female Ryder. The romance can start straight after leaving the Tempest.

    - When you leave the Nexus for the first time you can chat with Vetra and get things rolling.
    - Have a chat with her after settling Prodromos and she will have a romance option here.
    - Complete the mission "A Trail Of Hope" and you can romance her again.
    - Have a chat with her on Aya and you can romance her again.
    - You can romance her during the starting of her loyalty mission after you interrogate Vehn on Kadara.
    - You can romance her after completing her loyalty mission.
    - You can romance her after completing the mission "Hunting The Archon".
    - Read your emails and visit Kadara to do her activity and kiss her.

    This is where you will commit to a relationship with her

    - Complete the mission “The Journey to Meridian” and you can have another chat with her.
    - Meet her one last time and the romance scene will start.

    Dr. Suvi Anwar is a Female Ryder romance only. Her romance can be started straight after leaving the Nexus.

    - When you leave the Nexus for the first time have a chat with her on the bridge, this is where most of the conversations will be.
    - After you have finished on Eos and established Prodromos, have a talk with her again for more romance.
    - You can interact with her for another flirt option also which produces quite the hilarious and kinda cute scene.
    - Talk with Suvi after completing the mission "A Trail Of Hope".
    - After completing the mission "Hunting The Archon" Suvi will ask you if you want to go somewhere and you'll find yourself in the Pathfinders quarters.

    If you Kiss Suvi here you will commit to a relationship with her.

    - After completing the mission "The Journey to Meridian" you can have another talk with Suvi but this is completely optional.
    - Read your emails and then head on down to the Nexus where you will have your romance scene.

    Reyes Vidal is a unique romance that is available to both Male & Female Ryder. The romance can be started straight after landing on Kadara midway through the game.

    - When you land on Kadara you will meet with him at a bar, this isn't optional.
    - Talk to Sloane, the leader of Kadara's port and refuse her offer, this will trigger Reyes to be outside where the flirting starts.
    - Take a trip down to the slums and have a chat with him at the bar after interrogating Vehn.
    - Head on back up to the port and inspect the dead body then head on back down to where you just were for some more flirting.
    - Completing the mission "Murder in Kadara Port" will give you access to another mission called "A People Divided", where he will again have a flirting option on your way out of the mission.
    - For some optional romance, ask him how he got his code name at the bar he hangs at.
    - Talk to him after finishing the "A People Divided" mission and you'll unlock the "Precious Cargo" mission. There are multiple times you will flirt in this within the first few minutes.
    - After finishing "Precious Cargo" head back to the Tempest and check your email, go to the vid con and accept his request for the mission "Night On The Town".
    - During the mission there will be a few flirting options but with the interrupt option to kiss Reyes, do so.
    - Now complete, the side missions "Behind Enemy Lines" and "Modern Medicine" to unlock the mission "High Noon"
    - During this mission let the sniper kill Sloane then don't end the relationship, you two will start making out.
    - Head on back to the bar for a little one on one dance.

    The relationship will lock after choosing to NOT end it after Sloanes death. Until that part, all other romance options are still able.

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    Keri can be romanced by both Male & Female Ryder. You can start her romance after leaving the Nexus for the first time.

    Note: Keri is treated as a 'Fling' and can be romanced while in a relationship with another crew member.

    - After leaving the Nexus for the first time, return to the Nexus and she will be at the Docks waiting for an interview.
    - After completing the mission "A Better Beginning" have a chat with Keri in the operations center of the Nexus.
    - After completing the mission "A Trail of Hope" Return to her and have a chat in the Docking area.
    - After completing the mission "Hunting The Archon" return to the Nexus and you will talk to her manager who will tell you that she is at her apartment, go give her a visit.
    - After completing the mission "The Journey to Meridian" have a chat with her at the docking area of the Nexus and she will ask to meet you at the bar. Go visit her and you'll have your fling.
    - After returning to the Nexus when you've beat the game you can get a bonus scene with her but this is optional.

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    Xenolith666 So I met Keri in the bar.. but now I have to wait to meet her at her apartment.. but I only have the final mission left.. will I get it after that? I've finished Avela and I'm waiting on PeeBee's final mission.
    Posted by Xenolith666 on 20 Aug 17 at 19:35
    Moscow Timmy -1. The comments identified the game is patched and the listed path for the fem-finder in the guide no longer gets you the 3 romances you need in one playthrough. A path to get this achievement in one playthrough is the most important part of the guide because the actual romances aren't too hard.

    Downvote because the patch which invalidated the single playthrough advice in the guide is identified in the comments. The guide should be updated to indicate where players need to make a hard save to be able to minimize the amount of replay players will have to make.

    Thanks to FDRWilson for pointing out that the game creates a save file at the start of each major mission. This turned a potential full second playthrough into about 2 missions.
    Posted by Moscow Timmy on 26 Mar 19 at 02:13
    Herzeleid With the 1.08 update I romanced Jaal with male Ryder because I have a massive crush on Jaal and I want him to be in a gay relationship because I wish I was in a gay relationship with Jaal. (yes.. I'm a guy!) *this is on PS4 btw*
    Posted by Herzeleid on 06 Sep 19 at 09:57
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