Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Early Access

Complete the early access tutorial before the end date.

11 Feb 2017 until 21 Mar 2017

Early Access
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Challenge Guide for Early Access

  • mcnichojmcnichoj189,918
    16 Mar 2017 16 Mar 2017 18 Mar 2017
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    The "early access tutorial" is just the tutorial for playing the multiplayer.
    Full game is 43GB but once it's "Ready to play" at about 12GB you can go right into multiplayer on the main menu.
    Ready up and start, this will put you in to the tutorial.
    You'll first have to shoot some stationary objects.
    Next you'll have to stand in a capture point. Then you'll have to kill actual enemies.
    Then you will need to revive a fallen ally.
    Then go to another capture point.
    You will unlock this and Apex (below). All in all this should take you less than ten minutes and then you can go do whatever you want for the next 6+ hours you have left with the trial.
    Mass Effect: AndromedaAPEXThe APEX achievement in Mass Effect: Andromeda worth 17 pointsComplete the multiplayer mode tutorial mission.

    One person has reported they weren't able to start multiplayer once the "Ready to play" notification popped. So I advise starting the download as soon as possible.
    Thanks Spirochaete.

    This also may be one of your last chances to unlock Challenge Accepted! in the TrueAchievement app if you still have access to snap functionality.
    TrueAchievementsAdvanced ReconThe Advanced Recon achievement in TrueAchievements worth 0 pointsViewed 100 different achievement solutions

    Thanks El Ninio GRE.
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