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Find all documents.

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How to unlock the Reader achievement

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    Here is a list of all the documents required for the achievement listed in alphabetical order. I have also included a video (with time stamps) that can be used to pin point any individual document you may be trying to find.

    Article about P. Blais
    Article about the store
    Caribou recipe
    Cash reg instructions
    Communist manifesto
    Compromising file
    Crazy thought
    Customer credit
    Doctor's note
    Draft letter
    Gilles' wallet
    Gisèle's diary
    Hamilton letter
    Isabelle photo (+ back)
    Letter for Gilles
    Letter for Lamothe
    Letter for Marie
    Letter for Wilfred
    Letter from Gilles
    Letter to Pierre 1
    Letter to Pierre 2
    Louise's diary
    Marie's diary
    Medical files (all)
    Mysterious Journal
    Mysterious journal B
    Note from Martin Blais
    Novel page 1+2+3+4
    Package note
    Parts manual
    Police letter
    Ranger manual
    Rejean's log
    Rejean's note
    Rejean's wallet
    Spaceship blueprint
    Stub Alexandre Blais 1
    Stub Alexandre Blais 2
    Sylvie's diary
    Tales and legends
    Toolshed note
    Treasure maps (10+1)

    *Please note that I take zero credit for the video in this solution.

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    SashamorningThis is the perfect guide. Listing them all as they are in inventory was absolutely helpful.

    This needs to be the top guide. +1
    Posted by Sashamorning on 25 Jun 18 at 21:18
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  • SolaceConquestSolaceConquest304,560
    24 Mar 2017 22 Mar 2017 24 Mar 2017
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    Crash site:
    Photo in glove box of other car
    Turn over photo
    Iron box on seat

    General Store:
    Open bin between garage and generator to find 'Torn Note'
    Note on table by the mailboxes, inside shop
    Inside the drawers by the counter.
    To the right of the phone, by the window of the counter
    Open outside mailbox for cash register key. Gains you a gun and the key to the iron box. Iron box gives you a document.
    Go round back to follow the footprints to vision. Follow vision, pick up the diary and the locket in the snow.
    Driver's licence in car after vision
    Broucher pages 1-3 on the wall by the the mailboxes inside the shop.

    Camp fire 1:
    Nearby after the vision, a campfire logo appears on your map. Head there and find a Mysterious magazine. Loght the fire for an extra save point.

    Look at picture opposite stairs for safe clue. Turn it over to read it.
    Follow the vision to giselle's diary under the bathroom floorboards
    Go to the cupboard under the stairs, the safe combination is B739, unlock for incriminating evidence.
    Newspaper in the chair by the stairs.

    Inside mailbox by side of the road (Twice, one is Treasure map One and the other is the corresponding letter)
    Look at all portraits that initialise a speech
    Sylvie's Diary in back right room in bedside drawer
    Marie's diary in room opposite (kids room) in drawer at the back right corner.

    3 portraits on the wall.
    4 novel pages
    1 in main room
    2 in back left room
    1 in back right room
    Note on the front door
    Head Southeast towards the road, near a downed fence, is a tree with a box at it's base. Inside here you'll find a flare gun and Marie's letter

    On way back North, look in his letter box for a document.

    Doctors surgery:
    Note on the door
    Unkown woman's records on desk to the right of entrance
    Photos on the desk
    Communist manifesto on the bed.

    'Tales and Legends' on the table
    Book next to it
    Book behind the guy, next to a cooler in the corner
    2 portraits

    House of the Patriot:
    Inside cupboard on right of entrance
    Caribou recipie on the wall
    Driver's licence on the bed

    Inside letter box before you enter
    Note in fridge next to spaceship
    Magazine by the bed in same room
    On table in main building infront of the entrance
    Letter next to fire
    Spaceship blueprint on the wall.

    Grab hammer in the back of the room and head out right around to the snowmobile outback. To the left is a slope that leads to the roof, follow it. Build the bridge to your left and cross it finding the letter in the hole on tbe roof.

    Newspaper in the bathroom (journal entry)
    Push table in to the corner by the entrance and read the note underneath. (Don't forget to look at the photo on floor before pushing it.
    Paystub in drawer by kitchen sink
    Child's drawing in a drawer upstairs to the left of the open window.
    Louise's diary in dressing table drawer in bedroom upstairs.

    Shack (half way between Cabin A and Cabin B):
    Tool shed note on workbench to the right

    Treasure maps:
    Remember the map we found inside the letter box earlier? Now we're going to follow them for a bit.
    Treasure Map 2:
    North and up the hill of Cabin B (by some logs)

    Treasure Map 3:
    North of The Shack along the road from Cabin B

    Ranger manual on the floor, by suitcase, that leads to the ice wall

    Treasure map 4:
    Not far from the ice wall, up the hill to the right of it.

    Treasure map 5:
    South of Cabin B

    Treasure Map 6:
    South of the General Store along the riverside.

    Treasure Map 7:
    Near the top end of the river, North of Bedard's

    Treasure map 8:

    Treasure Map 9:

    Treasure map 10:

    If you've been following this to the letter. You'll already have what Treasure map 10 leads you too.

    Ice Cave:
    After the vision, you'll have to pick up a diary to move the story along.

    Camp (after clearing Ice Wall):
    The last journal, mysterious journal, is found by the first camp fire you come to after the ice wall.

    Achievement unlocked, Good work, Detective.

    Anyway, that is when my achievement unlocked, just incase, I'm going to add some more I found North of the wall, just incase yours hasn't.

    Observation Tower:
    Under the sleeping bag in the corner is a payslip
    On the table at the left of where you came in to the hut.
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    SolaceConquestI'd still recommend following them. Again it flows in to another achievement.
    Posted by SolaceConquest on 04 May 17 at 18:01
    ClaytThaGreatWent back and finished today finally (after our Nor'Easter smile). So happy that these last few didn't require me to do another playthrough.
    Posted by ClaytThaGreat on 10 Mar 18 at 07:36
    SashamorningListing these as they are in inventory would be a considerably more assistance since that way we can find what we are missing after the fact.
    Posted by Sashamorning on 25 Jun 18 at 21:20
  • SupraboostaSupraboosta320,262
    18 Mar 2017 23 Mar 2017 25 Mar 2017
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    Here will be many videos of the complete game. First video contains the completed journal. This will be a guide of ALL journal entries and photos needed.

    I will try to explain as much as possible here. I also will periodically show the progress of the journal at certain points. The best tip I can give while watching, is to notice the top right, where it will say "new journal entry" and you will also hear a sound when I get a piece of the journal.

    ***note*** I did miss flipping over the photo from the crashed car at the beginning, and the paper next to the safe at lachances. I do note these in the videos.

    part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

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    rronennI don't know where Rejean Blouins first part of the biography is can you help
    Posted by rronenn on 25 Mar 17 at 17:55
    NessNoldoIt it just me or this piece of stinky dump of a game does not track my advance in the collecting? Stuck on 42%... This so frustrating. Another shitty game made with the ring of the ass.
    Posted by NessNoldo on 14 Jun at 03:35
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