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Episode Gladiolus

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How to unlock the Transcendence achievement

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    This is a skill based achievement. It requires some hand & eye coordination. More importantly, it requires the player to study Cor's attack patterns in order to anticipate appropriate responses. The achievement is unlocked when you defeat Cor. You will know when you have defeated Cor because you will get a notification in the center of the screen that says, "Complete / The Final Trial." The achievement unlocks immediately following the notification and Cor's short commendatory comment.

    I'm almost 65 years old and have arthritis in my hands. So, I don't have the dexterity or quickness in my hands that I once did. Accordingly, the first accommodation I did was remap my controller. I believe the mapping I came up with is not only gentler on arthritic hands but is a 'better' control scheme to get the achievement. Note that this is only a suggestion. Use the control scheme that you are most comfortable with. However, I believe the mapping I propose is ideally suited for the tactics I outline below:

    There are three key buttons or functions used to get this achievement--Parry/roll dodge, Attack/Sprint, and Lock On. I used the type A control because I find it easiest to attack with cn_B. Then, using the XBox App on a Lunar White controller (good rubberized grips), I remapped cn_RB to cn_X (Parry/Roll Dodge).

    A very effective technique against Cor is, while locked on, to parry his attack and counterstrike. It seemed very convenient to be able to do this as a cn_RB then cn_B combo. Also, since it's best to be locked on most of the time, press cn_LB continually while holding the controller normally.

    Cor has normal attacks that are best to just parry and not counterattack because he will probably move away. If you do a sequence of parries (and timing in this instance is not critical) cn_RBcn_RBcn_RBcn_RB, you build up your rage to 3.0 or 4.0. This has the effect of multiplying the damage inflicted by your attacks. Wait for Cor to sparkle blue and parry the ensuing attack in order to do a 'perfect block'. You will get a satisfying ping. Immediately, counterattack with cn_B. With high rage, the counterattack will often do the max 9,999 damage. Follow it up with a combo by holding cn_B for four attacks. Immediately be prepared to parry with cn_RB.

    When in doubt, parry. If you are parrying, Cor can do minimal damage unless he is in his vertical jump red mode. You will find if you do quick parries, Gladio will scoot backwards quickly. This is of value when Cor changes to a red form that does a vertical attack. He starts using this mode when he's got about half health left. It is best to scoot backwards or roll dodge away from him as quickly as possible. You have very little warning. However, you can dodge if you move quickly because he will strike where you were. You will move faster if you release Lock On - cn_LB.

    Note: The attack that ensues following the sparkly blue telegraph can always be perfect blocked. This is true even when Cor changes to a red form. Note that this red form is different from the red form that does the lethal vertical leap attack that should be evaded rather than parried.

    If you build up your Glaive arts, don't squander them because Cor is very good at dodging. Employ them after you parry Cor's attack that is telegraphed with the sparkly blue visuals. He will be staggered. While Cor is staggered and you have 3.0 or 4.0 rage, if you unleash Maelstrom cn_Y (with a full Glaive Arts gauge) and another cn_Y when prompted to activate the Dual follow up; you will do phenomenal damage. Note: You don't have to time the QTE cn_Y prompt. You can just spam cn_Y to get both the Maelstrom Glaive Art plus the Dual follow up.

    To summarize using the controller mapping I describe above:
    --Lock On by keeping cn_LB depressed.
    --Parry normal attacks to build up rage for the damage multiplier cn_RB
    --Perfect block Cor's attacks that are telegraphed with a sparkly blue visual, then counterattack cn_RBcn_B
    --If Cor does a vertical leap, release Lock On cn_LB and escape the vicinity.
    --Make your Glaive Arts count by using them after Cor is staggered following a perfect block. cn_Y

    It takes a little over two minutes to defeat Cor in this manner. I'm very patient so it probably took me a little longer than necessary. I took a defensive approach, attacking only after successful parries. In other words, I erred on the side of caution by attacking only after parrying, knowing I had some opportunities to attack without the parries.

    As a final hint, move. Cor is more effective against a stationary target so move constantly. Keep a little distance between you by tapping cn_RB to scoot back when too close. When at the right range, make jerky movements side to side with cn_LS. Don't get too far away from Cor except when he is in his lethal vertical jump red form. He uses a throwing weapon. You can parry it but you can't counter-attack. Also, you need to be close enough to Cor so you can continually parry to keep your rage up and multiply the damage inflicted.

    If you're playing on the X1X, @Wobblo has this astute advice as seen in the comments below, "I would recommend anyone with an X1X to go to the options and change the performance setting to Lite. This makes it run at 60fps and I cannot stress how much of a difference this made."
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    Allgorhythm Appreciate the feedback and, especially, appreciate the thumbs up.
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    WeighingBrute Good guide in all you might want to add wobblo suggestion I to the guide also it really helped
    Posted by WeighingBrute on 20 Nov 18 at 19:29
    Allgorhythm Good point. I've edited the solution and given @Wobblo credit for the great tip.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 20 Nov 18 at 20:52
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