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Inspect all the film posters in the game

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02 December 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Poster Club

  • XBU PhilippeXBU Philippe389,591
    08 Apr 2017 08 Apr 2017
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    To get this achievement, you have to "inspect" (with cn_B) all the 9 posters in one playthrough.

    №1: Paper Whale
    Is found in the train right at the beginning when you play "Simon says" with Finn. It's on your left.

    №2: Finn
    Is found shortly after, where you meet your masked grandparents for the first time. It's on your left.

    №3: Gasp
    Immediately after you finished the "puzzle" with your grandparents (immediately after poster 3) in the train in the middle of the room with all of the masked people. Again, on your left handside.

    №4: Run Finn, Run
    In the train, before you get to the treehouse for the first time. Finn starts disappearing all the time (vanished into butterflies). Finn vanishes on your left, the poster is on your right handside.

    №5: Hush
    After the first time in the treehouse, when your are back again in the train and Finn is mad at you. First you have to open the closed door with the key and then you will find yourself again surrounded with people with masks on. The poster is in this compartement on the far left (behind your mother).

    №6: Forgotten
    After you assembled the characters correctly (location of Poster 5), you will come into a compartement where you meet the masked people again, this time in the correct positions. The poster is on the left, near your boyfriend and granddad.

    №7: The Storm and Revelation
    This is found in the part where Finn sets things in the train on fire. Immediately after you extinguished the fire, you can find the poster in this compartement on your left.

    №8: Rabbit Boy
    This is found when you find yourself on the island and you get to the part where you enter the cave. In the sinister tree house the poster is hanging on the back wall of the house (in front of the camera, which you can pick up for an achievement).

    №9: 11 Rabbits
    The last poster is found immediately after the last one. When you have destroyed the umbra (by pulling it ino the light), you will descend the ladder again into the now very dark train. The poster is hanging behind the tree on your left.

    There is a very good YT-Guide with all the rabbits, too. Check the guide from rus199410, if you have trouble or wish for a video:

  • Mr BlackMagikMr BlackMagik1,150,508
    06 Apr 2017 21 Apr 2017
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    This achievement is for inspecting all 9 posters throughout the game. This achievement is missable.

    You can unlock this and all the other achievements by following the 100% walkthrough I did for Maka's channel.

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