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Amplify 900 damage with a single use of Orisa's Supercharger in Quick or Competitive Play.

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How to unlock the Overclocked achievement

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    28 Mar 2017 22 Mar 2017 15 Feb 2018
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    [8/29] The fix should now be live.

    What does Supercharger do?
    Supercharger is bound to Orisa's Ability 3 which is cn_Y by default.
    Supercharger is a placed object in the world that gives you and your allies within a 25 meter radius a 50% damage boost, but they must have line of sight to the Supercharger.
    The Supercharger has 200 health and will last for 15 seconds or until it's destroyed.

    How do I unlock Overclocked?
    You must amplify 900 damage caused by you or any of your teammates. Damage to barriers will count towards this, but damage into D.Va's Defense Matrix will not as it doesn't apply damage to anything.
    The total damage amplified through out a game can be seen in the lower right corner when pressing cn_back. Remember, if you have already used Supercharger, this number will most likely not be 0, so you may have to take mental note of this number in between Supercharger use.

    When initiating a team fight, try to put the Supercharger in a place that has natural protection against enemies and great line of sight to allies. After placing the Supercharger, use all of your abilities. Put Protective Barrier in front of your Supercharger to protect it (the bright blue lines that come from it reveal its location), use Halt! to keep enemies from running away, and use Fortify to stay alive.
    High damage ultimates such as Pharah's Barrage, Reaper's Death Blossom, and Roadhog's Whole Hog are great ways to rack up damage. Crowd controlling ultimates like Zarya's Graviton Surge and Reinhardt's Earthshatter also work well as the enemy have a hard time fighting back or escaping.

    A video submitted by Lavindathar in the comments. As it was recorded with Xbox DVR, the achievement is not shown unlocking.
    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed

    A few things to note about the video:
    1. They are shooting at both a Reinhardt barrier and an Orisa barrier, helping get the 900 damage.
    2. He earned assists on all 6 of the eliminations. This is due to the Supercharger helping his allies eliminate the enemy.
    3. When viewing his stats, he has 1162 Damage Amplified. In the comments, he says he got 1150 damage from it. I assume his first Supercharger got little use.
    4. Even though he did not put the Supercharger in a naturally protect place, his team was able to defend it well. This is an acceptable tactic, although risky and highly dependent on both teams' skill.

    Boosting Methods
    The Lockdown Method
    This is the most common method to boost Overwatch that requires 12 people.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *Spectators will only fill allied spots.
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    Tranierx @TheFourthHunter I don't think this will be retroactive. I remember one of the achievements being unobtainable at launch and it didn't retroactively unlock.

    Also this achievement has a fix on the PTR. More details above.
    Posted by Tranierx on 10 Aug 17 at 22:38
    Kikoo123 omg BastionTheRobot I remember getting a 4 man junkrat ages ago and the achievement didn't unlock and no one believed me. I thought I must of been seeing things and got 3 instead of 4, now I know I was right all along and it was glitched at some stage.
    Btw guys this achievements fix will prob come aug 28th
    Posted by Kikoo123 on 19 Aug 17 at 08:34
    ShadowEchelon91 I see that people are unlocking it so the achievement must work, but for what its worth I've met the requirements twice now and not got the achievement.
    Posted by ShadowEchelon91 on 19 Jun 19 at 12:19
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