Waste of Space

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Waste of Space

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    You need to have collected $25,000 before you can get all these trophies and follow me through teleporters.
    You will need $40,000 if you haven't got the paraglider mutator, to unlock the Test Chamber for collectible 30.
    Collecting all the trophies but this one will net you over 40k easy.
    You have to collect 30 trophies, doesn't have to be in one sitting though.
    All Collectibles in order as i got them below:
    1 - In the Crowd Kicker Room
    2 - Launch Pad elevator next to spawn, at the top to the left
    3 - outside from lauch pad underneath
    4 - take a right and you'll find a platform with several boxes. Jump up for a hidden trophy
    5 - On top of a building left of the quarry
    6 - In a container at the quarry
    7 - On a cliff just east of the crowd kicking building
    8 - On a semicircle in the ground next to the test chamber
    9 - Open the hatch with something very toxic: nuclear waste
    10 - Under a tube with three jedi's with lightsabers
    11 - In the research dome on a pillar in the valley
    12 - Under the bridge of the opposite exit of the research dome
    13 - on a large pipe just before the librar-e
    14 - On the Librar-e balcony next to Bonnie's Bed and Beyond
    15 - this is to the left of Bonnie's Bed and Beyond on the ground
    16 - Through portal in Bonnie's Beds and Beyond near the hay bales in a pen
    17 - Behind the tall silo up high on a small pipe either climb ladder or jump out into space to take you up
    18 - Out through the portal under a asteroid, hit or lick it out of the way
    19 - Follow the building until you see a billboard 'Aries' climb to top
    20 - At the top of the Sanctum area with imprisoned civilians
    21 - Under the half pipe in the academy
    22 - On top of the academy's highest building
    23 - In the museum, go to the main platform. Look left for a sewer. jump in water and you'll see arches it's the 2nd from the right
    24 - In the museum in the Origin of Spaceflight jump on red button, then knock boulder into the planets
    25 - In the Badehaus Tardis area at the top of the diving board(you'll need to do open this portal again if you restart)
    26 - To the right of the Storage Door in the carrier after disabling the gravity
    27 - Above Aries sign in the opposite corner using the anti-gravity again
    28 - In the storage room, at the end behind the servers in a vent
    29 - In the bathrooms of the living quarters
    30 - Is at the top of the test chamber, **EITHER COMPLETE THE TEST CHAMBER** using the video below or fly to the top i used the paraglider mutator(sky goat mutator)
    (You will need $40,000 to unlock the Test chamber)
    ************IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT THE MUTATOR**************

    ************IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT THE MUTATOR***************
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