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Metaverse achievement in Rocket League


Equip the Halo Topper and win a match on Starbase ARC

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How to unlock the Metaverse achievement

  • iiTs HawkiiTs Hawk
    22 Mar 2017 22 Mar 2017 03 Apr 2017
    Super simple.

    Can be done in exhibition 1v1, no bots, set score to 1 goal.

    Select Starbase ARC map and put the Angel Halo Topper on and achievement will pop after u win.

    * As TangerineGamer stated u have to use a car that allows toppers on it & Core 707 is the only dropshot map so if u have it set to dropshot game type you wont be able to change the map. Just change the game type to soccer and u should be able to change the map again.

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    TristanB12i need someone to trade me the Halo Topper, i promise to trade right back, this is my final achievement for this game. If someone is willing to trade it to me for the achievement message me on Xbox @TristanB12
    Posted by TristanB12 On 28 Feb 22 at 04:59
    SalsichaJWHello guys. Due to the difficulty of this achievement I bought a Halo hat and will keep it. In case anyone needs it, just add me and I'll lend it. SalsichaJW
    Posted by SalsichaJW On 26 Apr 22 at 20:56
    asfan42069Invites sent
    Posted by asfan42069 On 26 Feb at 16:19
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  • ph03nixrizinph03nixrizin
    22 Mar 2017 23 Mar 2017
  • Stig AssassinStig Assassin
    22 Mar 2017 23 Mar 2017
    All you need to do is equip the Halo topper, seen below, and win a match on Starbase ARC. Just in case you can't see the image, it's the gold ring like an angel, not Halo as in the franchise. If you don't have one, keep playing matches and hope it drops.

    Exhibition is the fastest way. Change settings to:

    Game Mode: Soccer
    Arena: Starbase ARC
    Difficulty: No bots
    Mutator ---> Max Score: 1 Goal

    Pick a team then score the ball to unlock the achievement.
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    RoboTicS83thanks a lot. Just equipped another HALO topper and the cheevo popped to me, too. Thanks for great guide.
    Posted by RoboTicS83 On 24 Mar 17 at 06:12
    MetalLlama43I used the Halo Common Topper and the achievement popped for me for anyone who only has that one, give it a shot.
    Posted by MetalLlama43 On 29 Feb 20 at 12:52
    TristanB12i need someone to trade me the Halo Topper, i promise to trade right back, this is my final achievement for this game. If someone is willing to trade it to me for the achievement message me on Xbox @TristanB12
    Posted by TristanB12 On 28 Feb 22 at 05:00
  • SzM8s DragonSzM8s Dragon
    23 Mar 2017 24 Mar 2017
    First you must obtain the Halo Topper if you have not already, just play online matches until you get it.

    Once you have the Halo Topper, you should equip it, and set up an exhibition with the following settings:

    Game Mode: Rumble/ Snow Day/ Soccar (up to you)
    Arena: Starbase ARC
    Difficulty: No Bots
    Mutator Settings:
    Max Score: 1 Goal

    Launch the game and when it loads, chose a team, score one goal, and Voila! Achievement unlocked!
  • KooblihaKoobliha
    14 Mar 2021 14 Mar 2021 14 Mar 2021
    A guide for F2P version of Rocket league.

    Halo and Ion Boost are no longer easy to get via standard drops. There are now two optimal solutions to get this achievement and a few luck based ones:

    Optimal solutions

    1. FREE solution. Find someone willing to lend you their item, equip it and win your match with it then give it back. This heavily depends on whether you know someone who has it or whether you can find someone on the internet (very difficult and time consuming - not recommended)

    2. PAID solution. This can only be done if you have 300+ credits on your account (for the halo topper, ion boost is more expensive). You can either buy credits directly or if you are also going for the 200 item achievement and bought the rocket pass then you get credits every 10 levels until level 100 (900 credits total).

    If you have the credits then visit There you can see what people are offering and the credit amount they are requesting. This is being refreshed live and there are usually offers every few minutes. If you like some offer then click the "" link to see the trader's Gamertag. Send them a message on xbox and trade away.

    This way you can get the achievement within 10 minutes of trying. You can also try this in the TrueAchievements' "Item Trading" forum but it is not as active as the external one.

    Important to note: For trading you need to have 2-factor authentication enabled for your EPIC account. Before you try this go and enable it on your EPIC account.

    Luck-based solutions - I have over 90 hours played and never saw these two items so I would not rely on these solutions at all but you never know when you get lucky.

    1. PAID solution. Wait for a blueprint drop. You get blueprints every few matches. If you have the necessary blueprint then navigate to Garage -> Manage Inventory -> Blueprints (second tab), find the blueprint you need, click cn_A and cn_A again to build the item. Note that this costs credits, usually a few hundred.

    2. PAID solution. Wait for the item to be part of the daily sales in the item shop. Note that this would be extremely rare but you can get lucky.

    3. FREE solution. These items can be sometimes part of the tournament chest rewards. However this is currently not the case for Season 2. Seasons change every 3-4 months then you can check again by going to PLAY -> Tournament -> Rewards -> Highlight the reward "cup" and hit cn_Y.

    Once you have either halo or ion boost (it can be painted or certified):

    1. Equip it
    2. Go to PLAY -> Custom games -> Exhibition
    3. Set Arena to "Starbase ARC"
    4. Set Bot Difficulty to "No Bots"
    5. Go to Mutator Settings and set "1 Goal" for the Max Score category
    6. Score a goal and enjoy the pop
  • TripleJakey1TripleJakey1
    26 Mar 2017 28 Mar 2017
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