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Out of business

Defeat Capital B at the end of the game

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    Beat the final boss and finish the game (you need to have obtained 100 pagies total to get to this). It is recommended to have all butterfly and power bar upgrades. I recommend also the "Wellard" tonic , giving you one more butterfly for extra health.

    My tips on beating Captial B:

    Phase 1
    Very easy, just run around and as soon as the bees come to you, use your Sonar 'Splosion (cn_LT + holding cn_Y) to get rid of them. Sprint to Capital B and hit him a couple of times. Rinse and repeat.

    Phase 2
    In my opinion one of the most annoying phases. There are several methods of beating him (in the video below they use a method I find hard to pull off). My tips:
    Don't worry about the minions! They will respawn, so don't waste your time and energy on them. Just run around. Alaways stay in motion and don't get too close to Capital B for now. Destroy the crates. There are ice flowers inside them. The point of this phase is to get about 10-15 hits with these on capital B. I prefer not using cn_RS to shoot precisely, but I hop and fly around. So my tip is: Fly around the outer circle always using double jump gliding (holding cn_A) and trying to shooting several ice balls at Capital B at once. Always circle around, following Capital B. Never stop and always double jump and fly (you can fly/jump over most of his bee hive projectiles!), just never get too close to him! He will drop a bee hive that is impossible to avoid!

    Phase 3
    Phase 3 is a series of phases on the roof where he will jump and blast to the ground, create blasting waves, throw bees at you, throw bee hives at you and will reduce the "arena" piece by piece. Key here is to always run in a circle jumping, gliding and avoiding the blast waves. When he starts blabbering around (usually he will jump four times) you can attack him as usual. If there are bees following you, wait until the last blast of him, stay in motion and as soon as you are safe on the ground use Sonar 'Splosion. There usually should be enough time to get rid of the bees before they attack you. Rinse and repeat this. If you have enough energy, you can also "cheat" a bit using Sonar shield (making you invulnerable to damage)

    Phase 4 (final phase)
    As you would have guessed, you must use his weapons against himself. The rockets are faster than you, so now is the time to really profit of your power bar! Use Flappy flight (cn_LT + cn_X) and avoid the rockets following you. First, get as close to Capital B as you can (he cannot hurt you) and let the rockets attack him. He will soon enter a phase where he shoots multiple rockets and flys around in a circle. Since you and him are flying in the same tempo, "get ahead" of him and try hitting him with the rockets. The key here is to cut his way short. This needs some practicing. Final phase is the one where he shoots three rockets at once at you. In this phase you only have to hit him once to beat him.

    This boss fight can be pretty tough, but it is more than doable if you now how to avoid his attacks.

    You can watch this video by ProsafiaGaming if you still have trouble (as I said above, his method of beating Phase 2 is pretty hard to pull off)

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