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How to unlock the Super Compuper achievement

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    To achieve 100% completion you have to do everything in the game, the breakdown is as follows:

    – Complete all chapters
    – Collect all collectibles in each Special Assignment
    – Achieve LEGO City Hero in each Special Assignment
    – Unlock and purchase all character tokens
    – Unlock and purchase all vehicle tokens
    – Complete all Character Challenges
    – Complete all City Challenges
    – Complete the 2 Bonus Missions outside the Police Headquarters
    – Collect all Gold Bricks

    There are a total of 450 Gold Bricks to collect throughout the game. The breakdown is as follows:
    Story/Free Play Mode

    – 15 For Completing Special Assignments
    – 15 For Achieving LEGO City Hero in each Special Assignment
    – 15 For Collecting all 4 Police Shield Pieces in each Special Assignment

    Free Roam Character Specific Challenges

    – 16 Gangs Arrested
    – 12 Police Arrest Vehicle Robber Challenges
    – 13 Robber Vehicle Drop Off Challenges
    – 18 ATMs Smashed
    – 22 Boulder Piles destroyed
    – 17 Silver Statues Destroyed
    – 20 Flowers watered
    – 22 Pigs Returned
    – 17 Cats Rescued
    – 17 BBQ Fires Put Out
    – 20 Coffee Breaks
    – 17 Drill Thrills
    – 17 Aliens Caught
    – 20 Astronaut Flags Planted

    Free Roam City Challenges

    – 65 Super Builds
    – 14 Train Stations Found
    – 19 Free Run Trials
    – 16 Time Trial Races
    – 17 Disguise Booths
    – 16 Purchased at the Gold Brick Station in the Police Station
    – 10 Collected in the Police Station

    List of Districts/Areas

    1) Cherry Tree Hills
    2) Auburn
    3) Auburn Bay Bridge
    4) Fort Meadows
    5) BlueBell National Park
    6) Blackwell Bridge
    7) Uptown
    8) LEGO City Airport
    9) Paradise Sands
    10) Fresco
    11) King’s Court
    12) Downtown
    13) Festival Square
    14) Pagoda
    15) Bright Lights Plaza
    16) Crescent Park
    17) Heritage Bridge
    18) Albatross Island
    19) Apollo Island
    20) Lady Liberty Island
    21) Grand Canal
    22) Crosstown Tunnel

    Credit to HappyThumbsGaming for the descriptive guide.

    Of course because it’s a Lego Game, there’s a bug or glitch in the game that may prevent you from getting the 100%. So be careful and go slow in the game and make sure everything registers once in a while so you won’t run into it.

    If you get stuck with something, please refer to IGN’s walkthrough of the game:

    Or if you like videos, packattack’s 100% videos are very helpful:
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    SleetyHaddock72 I am stuck at 99.9% ... I have all 450 gold bricks (the super fountain even unlocked for me) ... I have all vehicles ... I am missing one character badge ... I destroyed all 22 boulders, but the Barney Greenschist character did not unlock.
    On the map view it clearly shows all 22 boulders destroyed.
    I did not realize this until very late in the game ... now I am stuck at 99.9% and cannot do anything.
    As an added insult, the Cherry Hill boulder keeps respawning (nothing happens when I destroy it) and the boulders in the Grand Canal have become indestructible?!?!
    Absolutely gut-wrenching after spending over 80 hours playing this game. I went from loving this GTA LEGO game to hating it.
    Please let me know of any solution ... lots of other people reporting the exact same glitch online ... absolutely brutal!!!

    *Feb 2019 Edit* I noticed that my son was near the end of the initial campaign in his game, so I decided to play it out as 2 players, specifically aiming for the mining achievement. When I broke the last boulder on Liberty Island, the mining achievement popped for him, but not for me. This almost drove me mental!?!?
    Posted by SleetyHaddock72 on 28 Feb 19 at 18:28
    MIK813 Lol cut n paste headspin
    Posted by MIK813 on 09 Aug 19 at 17:02
    CrmsnsShdw If you use the guide provided, the character Jo Chalkley in Downtown doesn't exist. Instead on the south part of this map under a set of stairs is a character token Yasmin Down. I hope this helps.
    Posted by CrmsnsShdw on 11 Jan at 06:06
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