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Power Overwhelming achievement in Plague Inc: Evolved

Power Overwhelming

Consume the bones at Stonehenge

Power Overwhelming0
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How to unlock the Power Overwhelming achievement

  • HalidocHalidoc1,319,587
    13 Jun 2017 13 Jun 2017
    26 3 8
    When I was going for this I had the hardest time trying to figure out how to make certain events pop up, and tried to find a guide on the site here it claims there is one but it wouldn't come up for me.

    I have seen multiple other guides on the internet, and even part of one here in the walkthough but found that to be lacking in proper explanation, so here is exactly what I did to pop this.

    Starting genes:

    Budget Bat
    Shadow Spawn

    Play on Casual.

    Start in either Central Europe or Turkey, this will increase your chances of getting the Stonehenge popup. Evolve Night Wraith, Lair, Therianthropy, and if you want to increase your travel distances evolve Travel Speed 1 although this last isn't required. Activate Shadow Blessing after your visit a country or two, but not in your starting country. Start infecting countries as you will need your disease to be seen at some point. You don't have to but evolving any transmissions can help spread it and get some extra DNA, but until certain pop-ups or news items on the ticker try to avoid spreading, and save at least 40 or 50 points for the final portion. I didn't evolve much of anything in my playthroughs. DO NOT EVOLVE EXTREME BIOAEROSOL. That can send you on the path to the Greyscale achievement. DO NOT EVOLVE DARK RITUAL. That is only for the final portion of this achievement. Do not worry about de-evolving symptoms, I never bothered.

    It is imperative you NOT be detected until you see the "Sacrificial altar found deep under Stonehenge" news feed item. If you (your character, not your disease) are detected at all before that load an old save or restart. Since you need to waste time and some of the pop-up/ticker items take a bit, stay in each country until you have around 11-15 infected and/or you see ticker items like "Blood drinking murder reported in (country)," then move on to the next one. Save constantly, especially while making long flight trips between countries and after specific popups. Avoid visiting countries twice unless you have a Lair there. Plan on doing a large lap around the map at least once, and place Lairs as you see fit, try to get one Lair close to the UK but not in the UK. My successful playthroughs had me going down through Africa and infecting every country, then heading across through South America up through North America and across Norway, Sweden, and Finland into Russia and southeast into East Asian countries and into Australia, and then up through India and Central Asia and generally back to where I started. AVOID THE UK, and Europe in general. If it gets infected too soon it seems that it will stop the news items you need on the ticker. I didn't infect the UK until I had to go there after the final needed pop-up.

    The message(s) you are looking for as you are flying around are "Tourists topple Standing Stone at Stonehenge." Keep flying around and you will see "Ancient chamber uncovered at Stonehenge" and "Mutated skeleton found at Stonehenge." At some point your disease (not your character) should be seen, for me it was usually in Madagascar, Korea, or Morocco. Assuming you didn't active Extreme Bioaerosol or UK avoided infection you should eventually see "Mutated skeleton infected with (disease name)." Keep flying around until you see "Stonehenge may hold key to curing (disease name)." Once again it is imperative you not be detected, so if you are running out of countries evolve Shadow Portal to instantly transport to Lairs, and possibly place a few more. The starting gene Shadow Spawn is helpful here as it can keep you hidden longer in countries with a Lair. Also, when you see cure laboratories pop up don't panic. The cure may get up to 50 or 60% before you see the needed messages and you don't need to win the game anyway for this achievement.

    The next messages you see should be "Scanning detects more chambers under Stonehenge," "Traces of huge battle found under Stonehenge," "Stonehenge 'built to prevent discovery of graves'," and lastly "Sacrificial altar found deep under Stonehenge." It can take 2.5 to 3 years to see all these messages so don't worry if it seems like it is taking a while. NOW you can start being detected, in fact you need to so that the Templars start setting up bases. Evolve Blood Rage and start taking out labs, and evolve whatever you want except for Extreme Bioaerosol and Dark Ritual 1 or 2. You can also attack and destroy the Templar bases but make sure to leave at least one, multiple times they had a lab in the UK that I just left until I needed to head there. Try to stay nearby the UK.

    Now comes the important last message. You will see a pop-up say "Templar declare Stonehenge a high risk location." Head as quick as you can to the UK, you only have about 20 days to do so. Once there evolve both Dark Ritual 1 and 2 (you absolutely need both) and activate Blood Rage. This should pop the achievement. If you are too slow the Templars will nuke Stonehenge and you will fail the achievement.

    Congratulations! I spent well over 10 hours testing this and multiple playthoughs trying this so this is almost guaranteed to work if you followed the wall of text above. If you have any additions or if I have something wrong please let me and others know in the comments and I will update the solution accordingly.

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    HalidocIn a few of my playthroughs even if I got the last few messages the game would fail to give me the "Templar declare Stonehenge a high risk location" message. It really can be fickle if it wants to give you the message or not. I would just make sure not to be detected, don't activate Extreme Bioaerosol or Dark Ritual (until the very end), and just be patient. You can destroy all the labs, but you need to leave at least one Templar base. I made the mistake of destroying the last base instead of the last lab a few times. Other than that just pray to RNGesus, but yes, the achievement really requires a very distinct set of 'activators' to progress making it very stupid.
    Posted by Halidoc on 19 Jul 17 at 22:27
    BrasshandeGreat guide, took a lot of reloading and retrying to get the right popups, but the method is spot on
    Posted by Brasshande on 24 Feb 18 at 15:48
    SeitzzI also took the route of infecting the UK directly with Corrupted Air, stay in the UK as long as you can right after getting the mutated skeleton, should be a few days and you'll get a murder thing in the news feed, not a pop up, when you get that it's your cue to leave. Keep infecting to get DNA and upgrade the abilities for attacking with your vampire. When the templars pop up labs and destroy 3 or 4 and just sit in France as close to the UK as a possible and just wait for the last message and fly to UK. Make sure to have Dark Ritual 2 otherwise I don't think it'll work.
    Posted by Seitzz on 28 Feb 20 at 04:15
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  • Strategy OneStrategy One676,748
    15 Aug 2017 15 Aug 2017
    15 0 2
    I wasted 2-3 hours following the other guides to the exact details and was having the hardest time even understanding what I was looking for or how get the stonehenge to activate so heres the Stonehenge guide for all achievements and what I did to grab all of them.

    Making first Stonehenge pop-up:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Now we get on to all the Stonehenge achievements, activate Shadow blessing and you will want to keep quickly flying around until the next Stonehenge tickers pop, (Ancient chanper uncovered at Stonehenge, AND Mutated skeleton found at Stonehenge) you can fly in this pattern:

    (from Afganistan)
    - China
    - Korea
    - Japan
    - Philippines
    - New Guinea
    - Australia
    - Indonesia
    - S.E. Asia

    By now you should have recieved both ticks, if not reload save. Once you recieve the ticks make sure to save in a new slot!

    Now upgrade Portal and teleport to your layer in Sweden, and fly into UK, sit there until the Making Amends achievement pops.

    Reload the last save, keep moving in the pattern and cash in your DNA points for these:

    - Dark Pustules
    - Hypersensitivity
    - Malignant pigmentation
    - Pallor
    - Latent Adaptation

    Keep flying around the world in a circle killing as little as possible with your vampire, if your vampire gets caught (a big pop-up saying something about your vampire) reload the save and try again. Your disease will be identified and you are looking for a pop-up that says:



    Upgrade Air 1 and 2, Water 1 and 2, and Extreme Bioaerosol and a pop-up will say the team was infected unlocking the Greyscale achievement!

    Reload save

    Now keep flying around the world and make sure to not get caught! Look for these messages and save each time (if your vampire gets caught reload the saves):

    - Stonehenge may hold key to curing Nox Eternis (Big pop-up)

    - Stonehenge 'built to prevent discovery of graves'

    - Sacrificial Alter found deep under Stonehenge


    Upgrade Blood Rage and start taking out the cure facilities and wait for a pop-up that states Templar declare Stonehenge a high risk location, you have to IMMEDIATELY GET THERE and upgrade/use:

    - Dark Ritual 1
    - Dark Ritual 2
    - USE Blood rage

    Power Overwhelming achievement unlocked!

    You are now done with the Stonehenge storyline.

    Guide put together with this information:

    Showing both comments.
    Black BIoodThis guide was far easier to follow and had a lot clearer instructions. Its literally a flight simulator for the first 6 months, spread disease, another 6 month flight simulator then kill all cure/templars (except 1 templar) while waiting for stonehenge pup-up. Here's a picture of what my game ended up looking like in case anyone else reads this. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/5975270716186296....png
    Posted by Black BIood on 08 Mar 20 at 20:05
    DonutThis guide worked for me first time, thanks
    Posted by Donut on 20 Aug 20 at 15:31
  • EazyE2285EazyE2285453,667
    24 Oct 2018 24 Oct 2018 10 Jan 2019
    1 3 0
    After trying both the other solutions multiple times and never getting farther than the "holding the key to curing" message. If anyone is having trouble I found this video guide and got this first try. Followed the guide up to the first suggested save point at 3:30 then skipped straight to 14:28 and followed it exactly. Everything popped around the exact same time first time around.

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