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How to unlock the King achievement

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    Because the map is randomised every 24 hours, there is no sure-fire solution to this achievement. However, there are general hints and tips that can help you improve your skills and increase your score. With this method, I manage to improve my high score almost daily (depending on the randomised world). Using this method, I achieved a high score of 10,200,000ish.

    Here are some tips I've picked up over the past couple of weeks that allow me to reliably get 3m+ scores almost every run I have. The first few are obvious, but worth mentioning for the sake of completeness:

    Generic Hints and Tips

    1. Get to Level 25 before even thinking about this achievement. This shouldn't take long, as the objectives are not difficult to complete.

    2. Obviously, pick up as many blue "tris" as you can. They increase your multiplier and give you your multiplier x100 points whenever you pick one up.

    3. Avoid nudges/bumps. They decrease your multiplier by x5 and slow you down.

    4. Optimum ship upgrades: magnet, jump storage and sharp turning. Sometimes, if jump boosts are rare on today's world, swapping jump storage for extended battery can be very useful in region 9+. Generally speaking, though, you want to keep jumps stored up to skip tricky obstacles or avoid death. Do not equip the shield storage. The shields don't spawn anywhere near frequently enough for this to be useful.

    5. Avoid region-skip portals, especially in early stages. Region-skip portals bring you to the end of the region and give you all of the points you would have gained by traversing the region normally, but you don't get a chance to pick up any tris or boosts. You want to spend the earlier stages getting as many tris as you can because this is when it's easiest to do so.

    6. If you jump after getting caught in an explosion, you'll almost certainly survive it.

    7. With the magnet upgrade, you don't have to be in the air to collect some floating tris. Simply flying beneath them will collect them, and in the earlier worlds, flying alongside the raised ridges with tris on will pick them up. Examples of flying beneath tris include taking the left mini-tunnel in the fork-tunnel obstacle, and also the four in the air that spawn to the left of the windmill obstacles on occasion.

    Specific Hints and Tips

    1. Use the world portal (to the bonus level) wisely. You only get one bonus level per run. It is a good opportunity to pick up tris, although be warned: The magnet does not work in any bonus world except Void due to, presumably, a glitch.

    The most important feature of the bonus levels is that, upon completion, your sun timer is reset. There's a trade-off here for you to work out depending on what the random level is like: you can go into the portal world in the early stages to maximise your multiplier bonus, or you can go into the portal in the later stages when speed boosts become rarer/more difficult to collect to reset the timer.

    My personal advice is to get in as early as possible if it's the Void world, and just take it as necessary with it's any of the others.

    The world portals don't always spawn, but in each world they can only ever spawn in certain places. Memorise where these places are and keep on the lookout for them.

    Warning: if you fly into the world portal when you have a shield AND a speed boost active, it is very likely your game will crash and you'll have to restart. This is just something to bear in mind. I have had several promising 5m+ runs end because of this, and it's very frustrating.

    Another warning: the ramps on the Misty Valley world are glitched. Trying to fly up them can sometimes result in you taking damage or getting killed outright. Avoid them - they're laid out so you miss most of the mid-air tris anyway.

    2. Try to have at least one jump in storage at all times. These can easily save your life, especially in later levels or if you get caught in an explosion. If you need to use a jump to get a shield, do it. Shields are infinitely more valuable than jumps. Avoid using jumps to skip obstacles for ease: practise mastering those obstacles and only use jumps when necessary/to get a speed boost or power up.

    3. Avoid tunnels. Just avoid them. There are too many obstacles an no tris or boosts in them. Memorise the world layout and drift left or right to avoid them as much as possible. You can very easily get stung by clouds here, ruining a good run. If jumps are very abundant on the current world, consider jumping over some tunnels altogether.

    4. Use your shield strategically. This is a tricky one. If your run is coming to an end or if you're almost out of time, you can deliberately crash your ship with a shield to get teleported into the air, which makes accessing speed boosts or jump boosts much easier. This could actually extend your run overall. It's your call about whether to do this. I only do it if I'm running out of time and have no jumps.

    5. Make use of the hidden ramps. Watch this video (all credit goes to "Achievements Collector" who originally uploaded this video):

    Skip to 1:00 and 2:00 for examples of hidden ramps. I played this game for two weeks straight and had no idea these existed.

    Additionally, when you have to fly between those two enormous cubes, there is another hidden ramp at the far left near the beginning of this obstacle. If you hit it, you'll fly over the side and pick up 8 tris, although you have to approach the obstacle from the left to make this jump.

    That's really all I have for the moment. Feel free to add your own tips below and we can update this list accordingly. Like I say, these tips are mere pointers. You will need a lot of practice to get these achievements, as they are very skill-based (and luck-based too).

    If you get frustrated, stop playing. Resist this game's "just one more go" mentality, put your controller down and come back the next day or in an hour or two after calming down. The more frustrated you get, the more mistakes you make, and the more mistakes you make, the more frustrated you get. It's a positive feedback loop that inevitably results in something getting thrown or broken!

    Good luck!
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