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Collect 100 Tris In-Air in 1 Run

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How to unlock the Goddard achievement

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    This achievement is annoying, but not super difficult if you know what to look for. Tris are those blue triangle things, and you need to collect 100 of them while your ship is off the ground in a single run.

    I got the achievement towards the end of Region 6, so you will need to be able to comfortably hit the later regions to be able to get this achievement. I shoot for getting 15-20 Tris per region, but obviously it depends on the world-of-the-day if that's feasible or not. In my run, Region 4 was a bit of a mess, but you can have a bad region and still be fine.

    Since the map randomizes every day, this is going to be less of a solution and more of a "tips and tricks" sort of thing. So aside from the obvious "learn the map of the day", here's what you can do to help you with this achievement:

    Ship setup:
    - Jump upgrade -- jumps get you in the air, which is obviously good for this, so you want to be able to carry 3 of them
    - Magnet upgrade -- this is also a must so you can collect Tris within a pretty large range about your ship. This includes Tris that are on the ground while you are in-air above them. Very useful.
    - Faster turning/enhanced battery -- If your runs usually end via crash pick faster turning; if you run out of time a lot pick the battery.

    - Ramps are your best friend. They launch you into the air for free, and since the map is generated in "chunks", it's pretty quick to learn where you need to go off of a ramp to pick up a few Tris. Most ramps have white edges and are pretty easy to pick out. There are also a few that don't, so I've included screenshots of them below:

    In the early levels there is often a section that contains diagonally-spaced blocky obstacles -- the middle one has a ramp in it that will launch you towards 4 Tris.
    External image

    If you see 2 sets of "double mountains" (usually in the mid levels) you will probably notice 3 Tris in the gap between the second set of mountans. There is a ramp behind the first one that will let you get them.
    External image

    - Jump to get clusters of Tris in the air. Every region has clusters of Tris in the air that you need to jump to get to, so use your jumps at your discretion to pick them up. Below are 2 screenshots of particularly lucrative clusters that were not immediately obvious to me:

    If you come across a section with a ramp that then builds a straight platform under you (not the one that splits in two), to the left through a gap in the spikes are 5 Tris ripe for the taking.
    External image

    In the later worlds, there are two giant cubes that fall down to give you a narrow path through the middle. There is actually a ramp on the left much like the ones in the screenshots above, but it is very hard to see coming. But no matter, if you jump and go along the side of the left cube, you will find 8 (yes, 8!) Tri's. I recommend seeking these out, there aren't many other ways to get 8 in a single jump.
    External image

    - Jump to get clusters of Tris on the ground. If you have jumps to spare and see a nice cluster of Tris on the ground, feel free to jump just before them and you'll pick them up with the magnet. This also works at the end of the levels when the bird drops the 8 Tris for you -- jump just before collecting the first one and you can usually get 5-8 of them while above them.

    - The "Misty Valley" bonus level has lots of jumps and in-air Tris, but it can be kind of glitchy... Your mileage may vary.

    Anyway, I hope this helps. For reference, I took about an hour to plan out my route, and then spent the next 2-3 hours trying to get all the pieces to fall into place. Sometimes the power ups change from run to run (I'm not sure why) so there is a bit of uncertainty even when running the same map. Persistence is key, but if you aren't making any progress, remember that you can just wait until the map resets and maybe you'll get one that is better for this achievement.
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    BLYASTExcellent guide!! I was worried about this one
    Posted by BLYAST on 29 Nov 18 at 18:03
    Recovskithis is actually a pretty good guide, and the only "solution" you can get! still havent got that cheevo, but its still the best way to get this done.
    Posted by Recovski on 18 Dec 18 at 10:15
    BusyRichExcellent guide.

    There's currently no guide for the 'Wright' achievement for collecting 50 Tris in one run. It might be worth copying and pasting this into there as some people needing that one might not think to look at this. :-)
    Posted by BusyRich on 07 Mar 19 at 12:56
    SeitzzFinally got this after a few hours of trying with today's map. I had one run which ended with 86 before finally getting a run that had 100. Didn't even realize that I had gotten that many when it popped which was a surprise.
    Posted by Seitzz on 22 Feb at 03:00
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