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Master Librarian achievement in The Wolf Among Us (Windows)

Master Librarian

Unlock all Book of Fables entries in Episode 4.

Master Librarian0
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How to unlock the Master Librarian achievement

  • HighT3chR3dn3ckHighT3chR3dn3ck
    05 May 2017 05 May 2017
    Just a copy and paste from the 360 version. No credit taken.

    For this Episode, even though there are "missable" Book of Fables entries, you actually are able to do all 3 in one playthrough. The other Book of Fable entries can be obtained by simply playing the entire chapter, irrelevant of what choices you make.

    The 3 Missable Fable Entries are:
    -Donkeyskin Coat
    -Briar Rose

    During Chapter 2, when you are at Beauty and Beast's place, you have the option to chose between going to the Lucky Pawn Shop, or the Butcher Shop.
    -To unlock Donkeyskin Coat, go to the Lucky Pawn Shop.
    -To unlock Johann, go to the Butcher Shop.
    -To unlock Briar Rose, examine the pin cushion on the right glass display case in the Lucky Pawn Shop. ***Make sure you examine Briar Rose's object first. If you get to the missing axe first, you will not be able to examine anything else afterward (credit to olde fortran 77)

    To unlock all of them in one playthrough, here is what I did. For the choice at Beauty and Beast's apartment, I chose to go to the Lucky Pawn Shop (unlocked Donkeyskin Coat entry). Once there, I told Jack I wanted to look around. I went to the right display case, and examined the pin cushion (unlocked Briar Rose entry). After your encounter with Jersey, you will go to Butcher Shop and meet Johann (unlocks Johann entry.)

    Hope this helps everybody and enjoy Episode 4, In Sheep's Clothing, of The Wolf Among Us!
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    Unmet PlayerI have unlocked all episode 1 fable entries, and the achievement has not unlocked. How do I get it to unlock?
    Posted by Unmet Player On 16 May 17 at 00:49
    HighT3chR3dn3ckIt might be delayed, you might have to do it on a new save file, or you might have to uninstall and reinstall the whole game.
    Posted by HighT3chR3dn3ck On 16 May 17 at 01:19
    Unmet Playerwill uninstalling the game delete my progress? Are you saying I need to replay the episode from a fresh save game?
    Posted by Unmet Player On 16 May 17 at 01:42
    HighT3chR3dn3ckyeah I believe uninstalling it will delete your saved data, but you could also try doing a new save file if you wanted to maintain your data.
    Posted by HighT3chR3dn3ck On 16 May 17 at 03:46
    Unmet PlayerUninstalled the game and did not allow save data to sync on star up. This allowed me to play using a fresh save file, and the achievement popped once all Book of Fable entries were unlocked.
    Posted by Unmet Player On 16 May 17 at 09:54
    HighT3chR3dn3ckNice, congrats!
    Posted by HighT3chR3dn3ck On 16 May 17 at 14:21
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