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It's the Final Showd0wn

Reach the maximum win streak bonus in Showd0wn

It's the Final Showd0wn-0.9
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Achievement Guide for It's the Final Showd0wn

  • FranconianXFranconianX447,023
    03 May 2017 03 May 2017 03 May 2017
    50 4 21
    You need a streak with 4 wins in a row BUT you can use an exploit to make your life a lot easier.

    If you are about to loose a match, quickly press the Xbox button, go to your dashboard and close the game completely. When you are quitting out this way, it won't count as a lost game and your streak is not broken. Now proceed as usual and set up a new game.

    I just got my achievement this way. After a win we were about loosing and restarted the game with the method above, got three wins in a row and the achievement popped.

    Furthermore we were able to matchmake with friends (I can't promise that this will work for you too, but it's worth a try):

    Split up ingame 2 vs 2, highlight the Showdown matchmaking on your ingame phone and search at the same time. We matched up after your third attempt. (Done on a weekday evening with all of us comming from the same country). You stay together after each match, so you can get your four wins within 10 minutes.
  • Shadow2327Shadow2327290,930
    19 Apr 2017 19 Apr 2017 16 Apr 2018
    19 5 34
    You can do this with a partner if they are all in your lobby before you start. May not work because it doesn't want to pair people up.

    You NEED TO WIN 4 TIMES IN A ROW if you quit it will reset back to 1 win.

    Notes: may migrate host will might effect your streak. You may also be separated from your partner if someone quits.

    I used assault rifle and rocket launcher. My partner did the same but used lots of grenades and system hacks.

    There are four modes
    -steal the hard-drive
    - and protect/hack

    You can add other team to your Xbox mic party and try to help each other.

    End of game if you win tells you the streak at the top play until you get the award that says four win streak and achievement should pop.

    Any question or comments let me know and explain if you down vote please! Good luck it's a little stressful!
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