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Portal Dodger achievement in Neverwinter

Portal Dodger

Make it through the Spellplague Caverns (Master) dungeon while triggering no more than five portals

Portal Dodger0
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How to unlock the Portal Dodger achievement

  • Xenolith666Xenolith666597,803
    03 Jun 2017 08 Jun 2017 08 Sep 2017
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    **Images should be fixed! Message if not!**

    You must avoid triggering portals as you traverse the dungeon whenever possible. There are 34 portals throughout the entire dungeon, but they are broken up in the different parts of the dungeon.
    A team with mics will succeed with this challenge as well as moving in a straight line and not spreading out. Have 1 person pull mobs to the group, don't have the group go to the mobs. There are a few portals you will have to engage to progress. Companions will not aggro or activate any portals.

    Section 1: Blue Fire Pit Portals: As you travel through the first part of the dungeon you may see these on the ground along your path. Follow the path below as best you can; there are only 6 of these fire pits in this section.
    At certain points, pull mobs to you in sections without portals around you; try not to engage enemies in spaces near portals! You will have to engage at least one portal in this section which is at the end, closest to the door. It is your choice if you want to go left or right, but you can't go down the middle otherwise you'll activate both!

    External image

    Section 2: Stonehenge portals: These are easier to avoid in this section and there are 12 in total. Follow the path provided as best you can, and improvise if necessary! Before going down the bridge there are 2 portals relatively close together, you can't go between them, but you can go around the back left of them. If you activate one, you should be ok as this should be only your 2nd activation.

    External image

    Section 3: Mushroom Portals: There are lots of these over the last 2 parts of the dungeon, so choose your path carefully; thankfully the aggro range is lower on these. There are 16 portals in total with a concentration of them near the end.
    Shortly after the 2nd boss fight and the camp fire; there's a narrow hallway with a group of enemies and just behind them is a mushroom portal. So don't run in; pull the group of enemies out. You can hug the left wall to avoid the mushroom portal, if you activate it, you should be ok.
    After that is the section with the Tomes and there are 5 more portals, you can pick up the Tomes without activating any portals. After the first Tome and you head down the ramp; there's a mushroom portal on the right, you can jump over the rocks on the left to avoid it! Once over the rocks, pull mobs to that spot, then have 1 person get the Tome up the hill, then double back. I marked one Portal Activation if you need room to maneuver to get around the remaining portals. After the bridge there is 1 portal followed by the cliff to the bottom floor. There will be 9 portals in the last section, but you can basically stay in the middle and not activate any.

    External image

    If you choose the right path, everyone stays in a line and doesn't stray, you can get through this while activating no more than 2-3 portals. When I went through, we activated 4 portals in total, and one of those was on accident. However, some PUG is not going to pull this off, this would be near impossible with no communication. The achievement will pop after Nostura is defeated!

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    MISS DAYUMI still need help with this one if anyone needs it aswell. Message me on xbox live. I know all boss routines inside out and even have a arcane whirly.
    Posted by MISS DAYUM on 13 Jul 17 at 05:53
    Xenolith666Apologies for the lack of pictures now.. Photobucket has changed their terms of service and you must now pay a service fee to have access to 3rd party hosting.. fucking stupid.

    As far as I can tell.. the pics still work here: https://www.xboxachievements.com/game/neverwinter/achievemen...
    Posted by Xenolith666 on 14 Jul 17 at 18:02
    MISS DAYUMYay unlocked it with only 2 portals triggered. Shout out to Maxumilli0n for the help! wave
    Posted by MISS DAYUM on 15 Jul 17 at 23:27
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  • FxH FinalFxH Final205,644
    03 Jun 2017 03 Jun 2017
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    This achievement is quite simple. It requires a bit of patience and a coordinated team.
    To unlock the achivement you have to perfom a run opening no more than 5 portals. Companions and enemies cannot trigger portals, so basically you need to watch your steps.
    There are 3 main parts in which you can trigger portals.

    The first part of the dungeon is a descent in the spellplague caverns, filled with fire enemies (wizards, archons, golems and so on). As you start engaging the enemies, you will find some braziers near them. Getting close to these braziers will open portals, spawning new mobs. Avoid braziers passing close to walls, jumping on rocks and doing something like that. Sometimes you have to pass between two of them. Be careful in such parts. At the end of this first part, there are 2 braziers very close to each other. Choose one and trigger it. Then, you have to fight Kabal.

    After defeating Kabal, if no mistakes occured, you should have opened only 1 portal. Going forward in your descent, the enemies change and so do the portals. Here you will find the aberrations. The portals now are floating monoliths made of rock. Like before, pass close to the walls and be careful during the fights. Here you have to pay more attention. As you go down, avoid triggering portals becomes harder and harder both because there are more portals (forcing you to pass closer them to open a door or in between two of them) and because the number of enemies is increasing. Again, like before, at some point you will find two portals very close to each other. Choose one. After this part, you are facing the second boss.

    After killing the Nostura's pet (second boss), the enemies and the portals change again. Now there are trolls, wizards and any other kind of monstrosity Nostura loves. Here the portals are triggered getting close to the green mushrooms. What said before is still valid. Be careful, because here it's easier to do errors. In this part, you have to collect 5 books to fight Nostura. Books can all be recovered without triggering any portal. Unlike before, you can complete this third part without triggering any portals. Pay attention at the last part, because is plenty of mushrooms. Kill Nostura and the achievement will pop.

    To sum up: you will be forced to open 2 portals, so you can make 3 mistakes. Take your time and don't rush. I suggest a party made of 1 GF, 1 DC, 1 DC or OP, 2 DPS. Usually, such a party is not required to complete the dungeon (a standard party made of 1 tank, 1 dc, 3 dps always works pretty well), but in this case you will find yourself stuck, at least in few cases, under the enemy fire and you cannot move; so heals, buffs, bubble or whatever you like using to protect yourself will be good.

    A suggestion: always pull the mobs and then kill them in a safe zone, far from the portals, because sometimes you can be thrown away by random explosions and accidentally trigger a portal.
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