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I'm Just Lonely achievement in Elite: Dangerous

I'm Just Lonely

Interdict 100 ships

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How to unlock the I'm Just Lonely achievement

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    The What
    Interdicting is when you pull another ship out of Supercruise placing you both together in normal space.

    The Why
    The main reason for interdicting is to catch wanted criminals for missions and bounties, but you can interdict any ship you like. Bear in mind that if the ship you're interdicting is 'clean' then it is considered a crime and you'll receive a fine.

    The Where
    In order to start interdicting you first need a 'Frame Shift Drive Interdictor' - The better class of Interdictor you buy the longer range you will have when interdicting. Use this site find your nearest Interdictor for sale:
    Simply type in 'Frame Shift Drive Interdictor' into the 'Station Sells Modules' box in the top right and put the system you're currently in into the 'Reference System' box in the bottom left, nothing else really matters unless you need a large pad to land on.

    The How
    Once you have your interdictor fitted you'll need to place it into a fire group before you can use it. Exit outfitting then hold cn_X and press cn_right to open the Systems panel, press cn_RB to scroll along to the Fire Groups tab then go down to your interdictor. Pressing cn_A will change the designation to '1' or '2', and depending on your control settings this will usually mean that 1 fits it to the cn_RT and 2 fits it to the cn_LT when you're in out in your ship.

    Now you have your Interdictor fitted and set you can head out and start finding targets. If you want to remain law abiding you can only interdict ships that appear 'Wanted' when you scan them. Note that you must be in Supercruise to use your Interdictor and the ship you're targeting has to be in supercruise too.

    Once you have found an eligible target you have to get within range, this will depend on the class of your Interdictor, it will appear red until it can be used. You also need to be behind your target to start interdicting, look at the hologram and direction of your target and line up behind them. Now simply press the button you assigned to the Interdictor and you'll enter a mini-game mode where the object is to keep your reticle pointed at your target. The blue bars on the left indicate your rate of success and the red on the right indicate your rate of failure. Getting the blue to the top will successfully bring the both of you out of Supercruise and into normal space, this will count as an interdiction and what you do after that doesn't matter for this achievement - you can attack the target, or just leave and find another to interdict.
    Note: You can track how many successful interdictions you have using the achievement tracker.

    Best Places to Interdict
    You could, if you want, just start Interdicting every ship you see whether wanted or clean. However interdicting clean ships will start to accumulate large fines. If you don't care about this you could farm this achievement quite fast in any high population system by interdicting anyone you want, also leaving before killing them will prevent notoriety gain.

    A safer and more lucrative way to do this is to find a Low Security system with a high population, if it is allied to your own faction then all the better. Placing yourself between the nav beacon and a station or conflict zone will increase the traffic flow of wanted ships.

    Also systems where Community events for bounty hunting are active will generally have a good amount of wanted ships flying around.
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