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Distinguished Service in Overwatch: Origins Edition

Distinguished Service170 (15)

Complete Uprising on Legendary difficulty.

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Posted on 14 April 17 at 21:38, Edited on 21 April 17 at 03:54
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This strategy was primarily adapted with ParticleDuality, BaronVoNewman, and Moat Carp. Thanks to those three specially. I also couldn't have done it without Deschain019, SUGA CC, John Connor M, Cower Before me and Michel. You guys are all awesome.

Here's our guide for this. I think it should help you guys all. It's pretty in-depth, so if you want short and sweet another guide might be better. I will say the guide copied from Reddit isn't particularly good.

With the patch, the escort section in the video above is, of course, no longer good. I've recorded it being done properly in the video below. The video below has no commentary unfortunately, but the text guide below has been updated to give you all the hints you need. Once you know how to approach it, it can be completed without much effort with a bit of luck with Bastion spawns.

And here's the alternate strategy for killing Bastions early. Having done both methods, I think it is bettere but you MUST kill all four Bastion turrets during the Orisa Assault section. If you only kill three, this is just inefficient and a waste of time.

General Character Advice
Tracer: Your goal is to use your ult on the elite enemies and then otherwise murder solitary enemies. Eradicators are primarily your responsibility. They have a weak spot on the back. Dashing can interrupt line of sight and the enemy's auto aim. You dash a lot, you die less. Tracer has very little health so this is key. The video above is Tracer's POV.

Reinhardt: You must balance between damage and shielding. Fire strike can be incredibly good if used on cooldown (when safe), especially when targeting groups. You can charge the Eradicators.

Torbjorn: Drop armor. Your ult will primarily be used to save the situation. Don't throw it out randomly, but don't be afraid to use it if things are going badly. Turret location matters. Always be thinking about where the best place to put it is and consider whether the place you've chosen allows it to shoot all the areas you want it to shoot. Your turret is your best teammate.

Mercy: Mercy has a pistol. You need to use it. Healing is also important of course, as is knowing when to damage boost. You damage boost when Reinhardt is hitting groups/Detonators or when you think you will shortly need to heal. Otherwise, your pistol does more damage. Focus on getting headshots.

If you need to charge your Rez to get some allies up in danger, have a remaining ally intentionally take damage then heal them. You can use your ult freely, even to Rez one person in a bad position. Your ult charges quickly and the loss of DPS from trying to mess with a Reinhardt shield to protect a manual Rez can not be worth it.

Hack 1:
This one is easy. Torb and Reinhardt hole up in the room. Reinhard will shield the doorway and Torb's turret will shoot out. Mercy and Tracer should go on the stairs and Mercy can heal/damage boost Tracer.

Hack 2:
This one is a bit tougher. It's probably the part we died most too during normal play because things can spiral out of control. We found it harder than the Payload defense. You'll split into two groups.

Tracer: Tracer will stand by the Cathedral door. She can't be healed from here so you'll need to be careful. Keep an eye out and when enemies spawn, dash to them and unload a clip. If you're right in front of them, you'll get the kill. Then move to the next. It's a bit like whack-a-mole. At the very beginning a group of enemies will spawn near the hack point. Kill one of the Null Troopers that drops down first, then annihilate the weak point on the Eradicator to drop its shield immediately.

If you get hurt while out here, you'll want to Rewind immediately since Mercy won't be able to heal you. Torb should also be ready to throw you an armor pack (he can throw it from the hack point all the way to the cathedral door - he just needs to learn how). If things are going very badly, run back.

Once the point gets to 100% enemies will spawn behind you at the cathedral door, you'll dash back to the point and then go up the stairway with the team.

Reinhardt/Torb/Mercy: Torb will place his turret directly in front of the hack terminal (in the middle of the point, facing towards the cathedral). Reinhardt will be focused on shielding. Mercy will heal and do damage as needed. Torb will be doing the majority of the damage. At about 50-60% hacked, Torb should ult even if he's not sure he needs it. The enemies can easily overwhelm you out of nowhere and your ult makes sure enemies are under control.

Once the hack ends, you'll head left up the staircase. Reinhardt can put his shield up and Torb can drop a turret to kill enemies. The whole team can just shoot down the staircase as enemies come in one by one. This is important. Occasionally the cathedral enemies will also despawn.

Hack 3: This one is easy as long as everyone follows their roles. If an enemy ever gets by someone, call it out and have everyone focus it quickly.
Tracer: Stands next to the right staircase. If an Eradicator walks down the stairs, teleport behind him and shoot his weakpoint. As well, watch out for Null Troopers on the stairs. Otherwise, you'll be watching the right door and constantly firing shots through. You should not walk through the doorway - it's unnecessarily risky. Just shoot the enemies, even if it's just an Eradicator shield.

Mercy: Stands in the point. Use your pistol to kill any enemies who come through the left side door. Usually it's just Null Troopers though rarely an Eradicator will come through, which you'll definitely need help with. Keep an eye on health bars.

Torb: In the back you can jump on some boxes to get on top of the second floor. Do this and put your turret on the left side of the farthest column so that it can see the right door and the staircase. Upgrade it to level 2 and then help whoever needs it. Throw armor constantly. The right staircase will need your attention as Tracer can sometimes be preoccupied with the right doorway.

Reinhardt: Watches the left doorway and helps with the left side. You'll mostly just fire strike and shield, especially if there was an Eradicator. You can occasionally step a few feet into the doorway to swing the hammer, but don't break Mercy's line of sight. You can also charge the Eradicators to break their shields, but never outside of the cathedral. Call out if enemies get by you, which will happen on occasion.

Payload Defense
This is going to be tough until you get used to it. Practice makes perfect. It will eventually become easy, I promise. It's all about learning how to deal with the enemies. Here are the roles. A step-by-step strategy is below them.

Torb: Your turret will go up on the balcony at the beginning. Looking at the payload, it's the upper left balcony in the left corner, so that the turret can see everything. You can get there by going through the building and up the stairs. Once your turret is built, jump down. Nothing will shoot it except Eradicators. If it does end up dying, just rebuild it anywhere safe with a good line of sight on the area. You don't have time to go upstairs.

During the defense your job is to fill in where needed. Tracer isn't good at killing Slicers, so watch the right side for those. Otherwise just attack what's needed and help with Eradicators and Null Troopers.

Throw armor constantly. Throw armor. Throw armor.

Reinhardt: Focus on the left side. When Detonators spawn, swing your hammer at them. You can hit them multiple times per swing and do insane damage, especially when Mercy boosts you. You'll be mostly doing damage here as opposed to shielding, but be ready to shield if someone dies or when Bastion spawns.

Reinhardt can also take a different approach to dealing with Detonators. One strategy had him charging away an exploding Detonator, but that's unnecessary. Just stand on the payload and use your shield. You can block the entire explosion but you'll need to make sure the shield covers all the way to the ground. This will take some practice.

For Bastion spawns, approach them and then wait for them to go into their turret forms before charging. The charge can be finicky when he's moving. Also, try to charge from behind to hit Bastion towards the payload. If the Bastion makes it back into turret form after the charge, shield up and tank it while your allies kill him.

Mercy: Heal when needed. Pistol when you can. Damage boost when Reinhardt is attacking Detonators or when Tracer is shooting Bastion or an Eradicator. You will be the person to manually Rez when needed, but don't hesitate to Rez for even one person if they go down in a big fight. Use your judgment to determine if it's necessary. If you're unsure, do it. You'll learn from experience when you need to.

Tracer: You're mostly watching the right side. Run up to Null Troopers to kill them in one clip. Null Troopers are a constant stream and you will be the ideal person to kill them, but don't just run around everywhere. Stick to the right side mostly except when Detonators or Bastion spawns. You can mostly ignore Detonators, but Bastions are top priority followed by Eradicators. You should Pulse Bomb every Bastion until your group becomes good enough to kill them quickly without it (which is very possible, despite how it seems at first).

You will leave to go to the next section at about 0:15 left on the timer. Don't attack the last Bastion, but beware it might attack you as you run (so triple boost down the road). Ideally, your ult will be at 50% or higher when you leave, but don't stick around just to charge it.

Step-by-Step: Unless otherwise mentioned, there will be a constant stream of Eradicators and Null Troopers at all times. Kill priority always looks like this: Bastion, Eradicator, Null Trooper, Detonator (except Reinhardt, who will always deal with these), Slicer
4:00 - The event begins. The first bit is pretty easy. An Eradicator will spawn on either side. Call it out and Torb + that side's defender will kill it easily.
3:40 - At about this time, an Eradicator will always spawn on the left side. Charge it into the wall and it should melt under Torb's fire.
3:10 - A lull in the action.
2:50 - Detonator on the left. Reinhardt should be right there and can use his hammer to annihilate all the Null Troopers. Mercy's damage boost should allow him to solo the Detonator, especially with a bit of help from Tracer and Torb (who shouldn't have much else to do).
2:29 - Detonator on the right. This will be tougher. There will probably be an Eradicator up as well. Tracer and Torb should kill the Eradicator and the Null Troopers. Reinhardt should set up on the payload and await the Detonator so he can block its explosion. It is possible to kill this, but when first learning it won't be practical.
2:10 - There will be a lull here so you can regroup. Have Mercy heal everyone up and Torb throw out armor (which he should have been doing anyway).
1:54 - A Bastion will spawn. It will appear out of thin air either next to the coffee shop on the right side or from the theater (where the health pack is in PVP) on the left. Reinhardt and Tracer should be looking for it and calling out when they see it (Tracer will need to teleport out of line of sight immediately as it will hurt). Everyone converges on the Bastion's side. Reinhardt will charge it, preferably from behind if there is time but you should immediately charge if he gets into turret form. Once he gets back to his spot, he should be almost dead (yes, this is possible, everyone should be focusing on him). Tracer can drop a Pulse Bomb on him once he's back on his spot (make sure you don't suicide with it). If someone dies in this section, Mercy should instantly ult.
1:28 - Bastion will spawn. Again, call out which side and kill it. More enemies will be around, but you should ignore all of them until he dies. Clean up the Eradicator next if there's one up. Torb might want to ult here.
1:10 - Another lull in the action. Regroup.
0:52 - Detonator on the left. Mercy should boost the Reinhardt to take it out just like the first left one. Tracer can walk around the left side and kill Null Troopers if her side is clear, but don't spend too long as Bastion will be along shortly. Kill maybe one or two.
0:43 - Bastion third. Kill him like you normally would. It will be chaotic. Just focus on him as a top priority. Then you can clean up everything else.
0:20 Fourth Detonator spawns. Ignore it. If you've done everything else right, it will not do enough damage to end the run. Same with the Bastion which will also spawn around this time.
0:15 - Tracer will leave. The rest of the team can move into the building and wait out the timer. The payload should not die. If someone dies, don't rez them. It's ok. If Torb needs ult, he can stay out and fight until he dies to get some extra charge.
0:00 - Payload will kill all enemies, Quickly manual rez and get on it.

Payload Escort
You can view the new video of this here:

This section is actually fairly easy so long as everyone communicates. When a Bastion spawns, players need to call out where (if you have directional sound it's very easy to identify in which direction the Bastion will come from). Also ensure the Payload keeps moving by killing the Slicers. It's mainly just Eradicators, Null Troopers, and Slicers. To deal with these, everyone should stick close to the Payload and generally move as a group.

Special enemies will spawn in four places:

1. Archway - Right at the beginning a Bastion tank will spawn. This is usually behind you but can come from anywhere. Watch out for it but make sure your Tracer and Torb continue to do damage to all the adds. Reinhardt and Mercy can keep an eye out for it and the team will rotate once Reinhardt is ready to engage. Reinhardt can kill Bastion tanks quite easily with his ult followed by a charge. Tracer's ult makes short work of the remaining health. If Bastion isn't dead, Reinhardt should stay on top of him shielding to let the rest of the team finish him off.

2. First Corner - Detonator. Mercy should damage boost Reinhardt and he should just hold [cn_R] like his life depends on it. The rest of the team can help as needed, but Reinhardt can kill most of it alone. Watch out for Slicers on the front side.

3. Final Corners - Each of the last two corners will also spawn a Bastion tank. Be ready for it but don't let it distract you from other enemies. If there is an Eradicator up, Tracer should kill it over Bastion - the Eradicators are bigger threats as Bastion can be easily controlled and kill by Reinahrdt and Torb so long as the team isn't being obliterated from behind.

In this section, kill priority is:

Detonator > Bastion > Eradicator (unless Tracer, where these are top priority) > Slicer > Null Trooper

This might seem tough at first, but once you get it down you'll mostly have it handled. Occasionally Bastion will spawn in a weird place and ruin your day. There's unfortunately not much you can do to prepare for that. You just need to hope to react and be in the right position to handle it.

Orisa Assault
Slow and steady wins the race, but don't waste time. If you rush, you'll lose. Be precise. This is by far the hardest part and it's 20 minutes in, which means you won't get much practice on it. Keep trying and you will get this. Sometimes you need a bit of luck. Here is the best strategy for taking down the Orisa's by killing the Bastion turrets first:

Bastion Turrets: You take them out one by one. Immediately run in and make a beeline for the right hallway to kill the first Bastion turret. Occasionally the first Bastion turret will not be spawned. Ignore it and go through the building and around to the second Bastion by skirting the balcony. Reinhardt will need to shield as everyone crosses. From the second, move on to the third and then jump down and get the fourth. Tracer can take care of most adds but she should be primarily assisting with the Bastion turrets as well.

To kill the turrets, simply charge them, Pulse Bomb, and then nuke them while Reinhardt shields.

Orisa: With Bastion dead, she's simple enough. Simply charge her into a wall and nuke her. Mercy does more healing than she does usually. Reinhardt should shield when needed to preserve health if someone gets low. A tank Bastion will spawn after the first and second die, so be prepared for that. One will also spawn for each of the third and fourth when they get down to about 25% health, so nuke them down quickly once they get low. You'll need to back out when the tank comes after the third Orisa, but you should try to kill the fourth Orisa before she kills you unless you have a ton of time and confidence (you probably won't).

Tank Bastion: Reinhardt should always save his ult and simply use it when the Bastion gets close (shield and walk towards it). Then Charge and it will be almost dead. Shield again once it gets back up as the rest of the team finishes it off.

Adds: Tracer kills these. Especially Eradicators. These are a top priority over Orisa.

When she dies, it's over and you've done it! Congrats. Feel free to drop a comment with any questions smile
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