Narco Road

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Narco Road

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Mal Rodilla-Ternera

Operation Narco Road: Complete an Electro™ challenge while freefalling

Mal Rodilla-Ternera+3.1
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Achievement Guide for Mal Rodilla-Ternera

  • NoHeroes94NoHeroes94559,472
    18 Apr 2017 18 Apr 2017 20 Apr 2017
    54 3 11
    Must be done on the Narco Road DLC. They are accessed separately in the main menu.

    Video guide by @Maka91 who uses the same method I did and explains it better :)

    A little tricky but not too bad if you go to a certain spot in Media Luna, the starting area of this DLC.

    As you fly around in a helicopter on the DLC you might notice some "aerobatic" challenges which require you to fly through a single blue circle. EDIT: This achievement requires you to do one of these whilst free-falling - i.e. out of the helicopter and free falling without your parachute. Despite the description its also been confirmed that a glided parachute will work too (thanks to UnsaferLlama7 & Tulukaruq907 for this find.

    The perfect spot is by fast travelling to "Eddie's Campsite" if you want to get it done asap. If you zoom in on your tacmap you'll see one of the aforementioned challenges. Grab a chopper and head to it.

    When you freefall, you automatically rotate 180 degrees. The best tactic is to fly above and past the blue circle a couple of hundred metres, then freefall. It will rotate you 180 degrees and the blue circle should be dead infront of you. Now try and frefall into the blue circle. ou'll get a feel for the timing, but try and get a fair bit of height because you will fall fast Will pop as soon as you've done so, even if you die afterwards.
  • TheCrookedManMDTheCrookedManMD560,070
    20 Apr 2017 20 Apr 2017
    8 1 2
    You can honestly do this instantly after you begin the DLC. Get in the helicopter provided and start flying toward Eddie's Villa. Once it is in sight, you will likely notice a blue circle with a plane diagram in it, above a tower in the villa. Fly your helicopter both above and slightly past it. Once you think you are both a good distance above and away from it, (whilst keeping in mind how quickly you descend while skydiving, jump out of the helicopter.

    You will do a 180º turn and start falling toward the blue circle. As long as you slow your descent long enough to enter the circle, you should see the "Complete Electrico challenge" notification in the lefthand corner of your screen disappear and the achievement should pop. (Irrespective of whether you crack your skull on the pavement shortly thereafter).

    Voilá! One achievement in Narco Road before even the first mission is complete!
  • I MitchyP II MitchyP I214,396
    30 Apr 2017 02 May 2017 02 May 2017
    3 0 0
    Fairly easy achievement if you find the right spot. You can get this as soon as you enter the Narco Road DLC. What you are going to need to do is line up your helicopter with where you are aiming for, jump out, and then it's just trial and error diving and pulling back.

    Here is a video of the location I found the easiest to get the achievement. The cliffs give you a target to aim between :) I did this within my first few tries.

    Pro tip - get a friend to line up the helicopter for you and aim the passenger side of the helicopter towards the target. Marking the target circle helps too.

    Good luck!!

  • FZurBiaFZurBia512,631
    11 Sep 2019 12 Sep 2019
    2 0 0
    The other solutions are good, but for me werent useful, because my soldier didnt make the 180 degrees after going out of the helicopter.

    For me it was good to be 90° from the spot of the Aerobatic Challenge. I put my video here so you can see how I get the achievement.

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