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Zipline from the church tower in "Castle"

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  • UtG MistUtG Mist169,152
    14 May 2017 15 May 2017 15 May 2017
    56 7 5
    Done in the Castle level

    First, you'll have to make your way on top of the building behind the brick wall to the left of the first courtyard. There is no easy way to get up there, i.e. places that you can jump on normally, so you'll have to jump as high as you can onto the flattest wall available and swing yourself up, arm by arm. Once on top notice the tower in front of you, on the left side wall of the tower you will see some small platforms to which you can jump on but be careful as you're sure to fall off frequently. The platforms spiral up until you reach the very top of the tower. Once at the top there is a hole in the roof, jump inside. There you will find a crook (pole shaped like a candy cane). Take the crook and hook it onto the roof you just fell through. Now walk carefully out of the Broken barred window and go to the left and jump back onto the platforms near the top. Once at the top again grab the crook and pull it up. After you pull it up, position it so the hook goes to the left and grab as close to the bottom as you can. Now lift the crook up and walk towards the edge and the zip line. Get as close to the edge as possible and grab the zip line with the hook. Once you're sure the hook is safely around the wire, go ahead and jump off! Now, you don't have to make it to the end of the zip line. I got caught on the house and was still very quickly rewarded with the achievement!

  • MintSpyMintSpy148,196
    16 May 2017 16 May 2017 16 May 2017
    20 3 6
    The video guide by UtG Mist is great, however I could never climb the church wall using the swing method. There is, thankfully, an easier way to get on to the church roof. Climbing the tower is still a pain, but at least getting to that part should be less painful this way.

    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed
  • VisceralGnat84VisceralGnat8491,475
    07 Sep 2018 07 Sep 2018 18 Sep 2018
    6 0 0
    Edit. You can easily get onto the church roof from the first catapult after the start, drag it as far you can towards the cliff, a little bit towards the church. Load the spring and catapult yourself with just one hand on the basket and getting on ground, then release. From there it is a climb you can sometimes avoid if doing it from the second catapult as below...

    After you got
    Human Fall FlatFor whom the bell tollsThe For whom the bell tolls achievement in Human Fall Flat worth 53 pointsRing the castle bell in "Castle"
    just drag the catapult in the tower into the corner and aim it at the church tower.
    To reach it, don't get into the catapult - just hold the edge of the 'basket' with your left hand and reach for the release lever. This throws you a bit longer.

    Be ready to grab at the tower when you land, I hit the top at the first try - but since you need to get the hook to the top platform I had to climb anyway - so I fell and had to catapult me there again - this time I fell down on the church roof and did the climb during which time I could have done a third try at the catapult to avoid climbing the tower at all.

    Oh, and the bell toll climb to the catapult is not hard if you put the carriage between the bridge and the first house.
  • Michal TMMichal TM150,736
    18 Dec 2018 18 Dec 2018
    5 1 0

    I have found easy way how to climb on the roof of the church (without "swinging").
    After using catapult to destroy walls you would have a lot of bricks there.
    Just take some to build small platform and then one brick on the wall.
    Just like it is on the screenshot.
    Then you have enough space to jump on the roof and climb without using this frustrating climbing method.
    External image
  • KooshMooseKooshMoose642,163
    04 Sep 2018 04 Sep 2018 04 Sep 2018
    4 1 0
    UtG Mist's video solutions are invaluable and MintSpy should be commended for finding the non-wall-walker path. However, I just dumb-lucked upon an even easier way to get on top of the church.

    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed

    Use the catapult. Tips here, when grabbing the lever, keep hold and then center the camera on where you want to go. My recorded attempt was funny in that I hit the wall and bounced up, but you can land much more cleanly by angling the catapult a bit and then using the camera focus method. Good luck!
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