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  • TOBY 1K NO BETOBY 1K NO BE693,095
    27 Mar 2018 28 Mar 2018
    32 0 6
    I did my play through in one sitting so I was left with a lot of distance to cover.

    Obviously this should be the last thing you go for as you will accumulate distance for everything else you do.

    In the end the method that worked best for me was power plant. I just walked around the big circle path near the dumper trucks.

    Pro tip - plug in a second controller and walk round with both. Distance will go up twice as quick.

    There are other methods you could use such as riding the dumper, speedboat or tanker ship. Use which ever you feel best, for me it was just walking round.
  • FireWheels58FireWheels58104,094
    24 Nov 2018 25 Nov 2018 25 Nov 2018
    11 1 0
    This adds onto what Toby said about using a second controller. Ever since the multiplayer update, you can play together with up to 7 other players on a server, instead of having to use separate controllers.

    One part of the new update is that progress made by one player counts for everyone. So if one person beats the oevel, it is beaten for everyone, or if one person was to do a misc. achievement such as AH, EO, EO, EO, EO, OOOOO! then everyone should get it (based on my experience anyway, some random did it and I got the achievement). Using this, then it would mean that in multiplayer, everyone's travel distance is combined and added to everyone's progress.

    To do so, go to online and pick any server and when you join check how many players there are, and how many of them are active. You want at most 7 active players all doing something. This will give you a lot of combined distance to your progress. Compared to the 2x progress on Toby's pro tip, this should give roughly 8x progress (depending on how fast everyone is moving).

    This worked for me by accident in online, was on power plant and after a few steps it unlocked, achievement wasn't close to 99% before.
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