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The Right Duck in The Disney Afternoon Collection

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Travel the world and outer space to collect loads of treasure!

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You must complete the 1989 DuckTales game, which entails navigating 5 different worlds, beating the bosses of those worlds, collecting the 'priceless treasures' (actually valued at a cool 1 million $ each), a final battle against Dracula Duck, and a race to claim the final treasure.

You have limited lives, and you will have to start from the beginning if you lose them all, so be mindful of them. You can start on "EASY" mode, which gives you two hits for every point of health, rather than the usual one hit. You can also rewind, but you void the "Be Kind, Don't Rewind" achievement for your current run if you rewind.

Note that you cannot earn the "Time Is Money" while going for this achievement, as that is earned through the separate TIme Attack mode. However, feel free to use TIme Attack's "Watch" feature to view how others have gone through the game. You may want to be more careful in several instances, particularly boss battles, as folks with low times tend to know tricks and glitches that can be hard to pull off, likely costing you life and lives.

Keep going to the right, skipping the rope heading down. Immediately to the right is a visible chest by a stone ledge. It contains an "M" coin that grants invincibility. Grab it, run to the right. Your invincibility should run out near the gorilla and snake by a green stump near the vine going up and downwards. Climb up a screen, wait in the middle for the upper bee to pass by you, then head up one more screen.

On the next screen, you need to keep going left, avoiding bees and plants. You'll find Launchpad moving in a figure-eight by a gap. At that point, move right a bit to spawn a bee that flies leftward, then leap up to the rope Launchpad dangles and grab it with cn_up. After getting to the left side, drop down, and continue to the left. By the two plants is a stone bridge that will crumble as you run across it. Don't mess with the pogo jump, just run across and jump near the end. A bit more left, and there will be another rope going up. Climb it.

Head to the right in the ruins area, and a stone boulder will start rolling behind you. After the spikes in the ceiling, start doing a pogo jump and hold onto it as you travel to the right so as to bounce over the floor spikes. Shortly after, you will reach an open area with a stone head. Above is a gap in the ceiling with a hidden chest. Bounce off the chest and hold cn_up to grab a hidden rope in the ceiling that leads to a shortcut to the boss. If you hit the chest but miss the rope, an enemy spawns on the right side. Try to pogo-bounce off of it to reach the rope in the ceiling. If you miss again, keep trying. Finally, work your way up the rope, then down the next to reach the boss.

Warning: don't pogo-bounce unless you're sure to hit an enemy. You'll just sink into the snow parts. The ice platforms still allow bouncing.

From the start, head all the way to the right, past the rope, then past two chests. Near the wall, there is a small valley in the snow that you can actually fall through. Drop down at this point, landing in a small room. On the left side is a hidden 1UP hidden in the air. Grab it for insurance, then drop down again.

Launchpad should be on your right at this point. You'll want to go left instead. Get near the spiders so they drop down, then move when they rise back up - there's a cool-down period before they can drop again. Jump over the gap (this would be where you would fall if you took that rope way above), then go left past several hockey critters. You'll come to another rope.

Upon climbing up a screen, you'll immediately be set upon by a rolling boulder. You'll have to jump into the crevice on the left and wait for it to fall past. Continue up a screen and out of the caves. To the right is a floating platform and some blocks. The platform starts moving to the right as you jump to it, so just keep moving right to ensure you land on it, then hop onto the triangle set of blocks. The moving platform will dock upon another block to the right, so feel free to wait for it to do so before jumping from the upper blocks. Continue right to the boss.

Head right. You'll come across one of your nephews, a locked door, and a report that you need to go to Transylvania to find it. The game will then switch to the Transylvania stage, in a way.

In Transylvania, you need to find a key located behind the first mirror you'll find, about one screen right of the start. The best way is to hop on the suit of armor, then use it to reach the edge where the mirror is. Simply jump up to the mirror to warp where the key lies in a chest. Open up the chest, grab the key, then head to the left mirror to exit the stage.

On the menu select screen, go back to the African Mines With the key, you can go past where the nephew was, through the lock to the right. At the first chain going down, climb down carefully to the next screen. You can walk through the wall on the left, leading to a hidden area with a big chest. Break the chest for another 1UP, then head back through the secret passage to the right. Jump past the chain and continue right to find Mrs. Beakley tossing healing ice creams above, and a chasm to the right.

At this chasm, make a leap of faith to the right while going into pogo mode. A monster duck will leap up, and you will bounce off of it. There are four of these leaping ducks, making a short-lived platform leading you to a large chest. Grab it or ignore it,, then climb down the chain to the screen below. At this point, just head left to find the end boss.

Head to the right, past the mirror, until you come to the rope. Head up the rope, then feel free to cane-slam the red pillar into the Beagle Boy and reach a nephew. Once done, head to the right to find mummy ducks. if you can, cane-slam the ball and chain into them and it will destroy the mummies. Hop over the ledge, go right a bit more, until you find the rope.

Continue further to the right, until you come across the wall with a coffin next to it. Leap onto the coffin, and walk right through the wall. You will come across a small room with a chest. The chest contains a spark that raises your max HP, allowing you to take more damage. After grabbing this upgrade, head left through the wall to the rope. Climb up the rope to the next screen.

Above, there is a floating chest containing a 1UP. It is recommended to use a cane smash on the left side of the rock on the left of the rope. This should hit the chest, knocking the 1UP down. Ignore the mirror here, and instead keep to the floor and walk to the right, through the wall there. This leads to another two mirrors. Take the rightmost mirror to warp to the final area. Here, simply dodge the ghosts and head to the left to fight the boss.

This level is more complex, requiring you to grab a key, then a remote control before you can continue onward. As always, head to the right. Above the first set of breakable rocks is an "M" coin. Grab it for protection as you head towards the UFO. Above a gap is the main chain leading up into the ship. Climb up, then climb up a second level.

Here, you can go leftward, but a sentry duck may get stuck between the platform and the spikes above. Simply move back right so it is offscreen, then slowly move left until the sentry moves past the spiked obstacles. Continue to the left, up the chain, then left past the floating red alien. The chest in the dead end contains a key needed for Gizmoduck's remote control.

Retrace your steps to the right, going down the first chain, then the second. Do not go down a third time just yet. Instead, continue rightward some more, to yet another chain. Climb this chain up a screen, then go up one more screen. At this point, you can move left to a shutter that lets you pass if you have the key. Inside this area is the remote control.

Once more, retrace your steps - head right to the chain and go down a screen, then down a second screen (WARNING! Either climb down carefully, or drop while on your pogo cane to destroy a red alien enemy). Here, move leftward to reach the chain going up and down. CAREFULLY grab onto the chain going down, then crawl down carefully. You'll be over a giant pit. At this point, jump while holding to the right to land on the moon's surface.

Once back on the moon, carefully make your way to the right, until you reach a green wall. Gizmoduck, if you grabbed the remote control, will then destroy it, revealing a rope. Climb down inside the moon. At this point, just keep going west to reach the boss.

You will be dropped back in the Transylvania level again. Read the guide above, as you must go into the very same mirror as required to reach the original boss. After entering the correct mirror, you'll go to the leftward hallway with ghosts. Just go this way to reach the final boss of the game.

Upon beating said boss, you have a race to the top of the rope. Starting from the ground, climb the rope up a screen, then up to a second screen. The chest is here. You do not need to break this one, just touch it before your adversaries reach it.

At this point, congratulations, you should have beaten the original DuckTales!
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