I Want It All achievement in Cities: Skylines - Xbox One Edition

I Want It All

Unlock every single building in the game

I Want It All-0.8
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How to unlock the I Want It All achievement

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    Most difficult achievement by far. As you have to contend with the game locking up and freezing constantly. I would certainly advise to have autosave off and to keep 3 or 4 different saves, it'd be wise to save every 10-15 mins so you don't lose too much game progress when it does crash! There are a total of 57 Unique buildings to unlock.

    Most of these will be unlocked with natural progression but I have put a few pointers out there.

    One thing to note - you can use game saves to your advantage. Some unlocks require 'destroying' your city. It'd be best to save before you 'destroy' as it is unlocked on your profile rather than the city. You can then simply re-load your save without your city being touched!

    It is also worth noting that some maps don't allow you to place harbors thus not allowing you to unlock some buildings.

    Good luck!

    1.Amsterdam Palace
    Construct 600 city service buildings.
    Best done as one of the last unlocks. Just buy lots of water towers. (Nice and cheap)

    2. Cathedral
    2,000 abandoned buildings in the city for 4 weeks.
    Use the save/re-load trick. Set all taxes to the highest possible and wait till this unlocks. You need a decent population so best going for it as one of the last unlocks.

    3. Cinema
    4,000 tourists in the city.
    Unlocked through normal play-through.

    4. City Hall
    Public transport has 3,000 weekly passengers.
    Should be unlocked through normal play-through. If you struggle then build lots of metro lines and stations (Quickest way to get weekly passengers) and set budget to 150% and the 'free public transport' policy.

    5. Department store
    City extracts a total of 8,000 units of natural resources.
    Use the districts tool to change one of your industrial districts to a specialization. Pick an industrial specialization to match you cities natural resources.

    6. The Gherkin
    Construct 2 Harbor and 2 Cargo Harbor.
    Not much to say here. If your lacking space then save, delete whatever buildings are in the way then place two of each and re-load your original save.

    7. Government Offices
    Average garbage piling per building at least 40.
    Turn off any landfills you have and delete any incinerators. Also make sure recycling policy is turned off. Best used with the save/re-load trick. Will take some in-game months to unlock.

    8. Hypermarket
    30,000 squares of commercial zone built.
    Should come with time with a big enough city. It doesn't matter whether it's low or high density buildings.

    9. London Eye
    Construct 2 instances of Airport.
    Airports are unlocked at 70,000 population. Just build two.

    10. Shopping Center
    30,000 squares of residential zone built.
    Again should come with time, I think I got mine at about 100,000 population.

    11. Theater
    Fill 5 instances of cemetery.
    See number 17.

    12. Sports Arena
    Weekly education expenses 30,000 for 3 weeks.
    Should come naturally. If your getting fairly close just ramp up your budget to 150% to increase expenditure and use 'education boost policy' (25% increased cost)

    13. Statue of Liberty
    City produces a total of 5,000 units of goods.
    Easy enough, unlocked through having industrial buildings.

    14. Arc de Triomphe
    15,000 children in elementary schools.
    One of the hardest ones. Tried many techniques to no avail. However I got mine through having 165k population which had about 10,000 children in school then 'killed' off my senior citizens which forced the adults to produce children. I turned off all hospitals - but had all budgets for hospitals set at 150% (for cemetery and crematoriums). I also had education set at 150% and 30ish elementary schools. Ended up with about 20,000 in school and a massive population boom!

    15. Brandenburg Gate
    10,000 full lifespans lived in the city.
    Unlocked through natural progress.

    16. Eiffel Tower
    30,000 squares of industrial zone built.
    The hardest in the game by far. It needs some serious prep and patience. There is no easy trick as far as I am aware. Keep education low as industrial buildings need less educated staff and use the 'schools out' policy. Just always make sure there is plenty of zoned areas available at all times for all 3 RCI's I unlocked this at 170k population.

    17. Grand Central Terminal
    Fill 7 instances of Cemetery.
    Not difficult just very time consuming. a 'Fill' is 30,000 so you need 150,000 dead bodies in total. I didn't use crematoriums until I had this done. You need 7 full at the same time!

    18. Casino
    5,000 squares of leisure specialization built.
    Use the save/re-load trick, district the whole map and change to leisure specialization under the commercial tab.

    19. Driving Range
    5,000 squares of tourism specialization built.
    Use the save/re-load trick, district the whole map and change to tourism specialization under the commercial tab.

    20. Fantastic Fountain
    500 people transported using taxi.
    Set-up a taxi rank, you will have this in no time!

    21. Luxury Hotel
    Construct International Airport.
    Unlocked at 90,000

    22. Zoo
    Construct Fishing Pier and Riding Stable.
    Should get through normal play-through.

    23. Statue of Shopping
    Requires at exactly ₡1 in debt.
    Best used with the save/re-load trick. Not sure you need to do as the requirements says. I just ended up going into negative balance by spending every penny I had then adjusting all my budgets to 150%.

    24. Plaza of the Dead
    Requires 3 full Cemeteries.
    You should be able to get this if your going for number 17.

    25. Lazaret Plaza
    Requires 3 weeks of <20% citizen health
    Use the save/re-load trick. Shut down / bulldoze all your hospitals, reduce your health budget to 50% (to reduce how often and how quick the dead bodies are moved and move any water facilities next to any heavy pollution areas to make your population sick.

    26. Statue of Industry
    Requires 10,000 squares of industrial zone.
    You should be able to get this if your going for number 16.

    27. Statue of Wealth
    Requires ₡500,000.
    If you can't get this you shouldn't use this guide.

    28. Mall of Moderation
    Requires average garbage piling per building of at least 25.
    Use number 7.

    29. Posh Mall
    Requires all tax rates at most 4% for 20 weeks.
    Need some cash to pull this off. Use the save/re-load trick. As it says, change your taxes to 4% and wait 20 weeks.

    30. Transport Tower
    Requires 1,000 weekly passengers.
    See number 4.

    31. Fountain of Life and Death
    Requires one full lifetime spent in a city.
    Should unlock with natural progression.

    32. Friendly Neighborhood Park
    Requires 10,000 squares of residential zone.
    Will unlock somewhere around 30,000 population.

    33. Grand Mall
    Requires Airport.
    Built at 70,000 population.

    34. Tax Office
    Requires electricity production of 1,000 MW.
    Again should be too difficult, just keep buying electricity utilities until you hit 1,000MW.

    35. Court House
    Requires crime rate over 50% for 5 weeks.
    Use save/re-load glitch. Bulldoze or shut-down all police stations and wait.

    36. Colossal Order Offices
    Requires education at ₡20,000/week for 10 weeks.
    Should unlock naturally, if not build lots of universities.

    37. Official Park
    Requires 10,000 squares of office zone.
    Requires slightly higher educated population than industrial. Should unlock naturally, if not just keep zoning office zones.

    38. Opera House
    Requires extraction of a total of 3,000 units of natural resources.
    See number 5.

    39. Observatory
    Requires 1,000 abandoned buildings for 5 weeks.
    See number 2.

    40. Business Park
    Requires 20,000 squares of commercial zone.
    See number 8.

    41. Grand Library
    Requires 7 Universities for 10 weeks.
    Easy enough, will just need a little cash.

    42. Oppression Office
    Requires unemployment over 50% for 5 weeks.
    Raise commercial, office and industrial taxes to the max. Just sit tight. Use the save/re-load trick for this.

    43. Expo Center
    Requires 2,000 tourists.
    Unlocked through normal play-through.

    44. High Interest Tower
    Requires you to have ₡2,000 in debt
    Use number 23.

    45. Aquarium
    Requires 5,000 children in elementary schools.
    Will unlock naturally, if you find this difficult follow number 14.

    46. Science Center
    Requires 5,000 full lifespans lived in the city.
    Unlocked with natural progression.

    47. Servicing Services Office
    Requires 300 city service buildings.
    Will come with natural progression, if needed build water towers, very cheap service building.

    48. Sea and Sky Scraper
    Requires Cargo Harbor and Passenger Harbor.
    Build one of each.

    49. Theater of Wonders
    Requires 3 Universities.
    Easily done.

    50. MAM Modern Art Museum
    Requires 50% of population highly educated.
    Use 'education boost' policy, have plenty of schools and universities and increase education budget. Will take a little while.

    51. Cathedral of Plentitude
    Requires construction of all city service buildings.
    Self explanatory. They need to be in one city all at the same time.

    52. Stadium
    City produces a total of 1,000 units of goods.
    Should get without any issues. Just need a little bit of industry.

    For these last 5 you need to build the following buildings.

    53. Fusion Power Plant
    Plaza of the dead
    Fountain of life and death
    Tax office
    Science center
    MAM Modern art museum

    54. Space Elevator
    Statue of wealth
    Transport tower
    Grand mall
    Opera house
    Expo center

    55. Eden Project
    Statue of industry
    Friendly neighborhood park
    Official park
    Business park
    Servicing services office
    Cathedral of plentitude

    56. Medical Center
    Lazaret plaza
    Mall of moderation
    Court house
    Oppression office
    High interest tower
    Sea and sky scraper

    57. Hadron Collider
    Statue of shopping
    Posh mall
    Colossal order offices
    Grand library
    Theater of wonders
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    BlueManGamerSame as a comment mentioned above I still had to unlock the Arc and Tower and got the achievement once I placed the business park on the map.
    Posted by BlueManGamer#242 on 08 Aug 19 at 19:30
    Blissed AwayOn the base game for me (with the Pearls from the East free buildings dlc...these require 850 population so not crazy requirements), this unlocked with only the 30k industry left to do (unlocked just as I did 30k residential requirement). Probably still advisable to go for this before installing dlc as there are quite a few more buildings added.
    Posted by Blissed Away on 09 Dec 19 at 07:14
    Ditto51Are the Tower and Arc DLC buildings or something maybe? I unlocked it without them as well and didn't even realise...
    Posted by Ditto51 on 16 Dec 19 at 18:05
    WithTheDawnDidn't downvote, but looks like this solution is out of date. I had to create a few more buildings including the Academic Library for this to finally unlock.
    Posted by WithTheDawn on 11 Jan at 14:21
    GracefulShelf37Thanks for this excellent guide!

    Popped for me with one still locked: Eiffel Tower.
    Gamepass edition, with all included (no paid) DLC.
    I had built all Monuments and all but a few of the Unique buildings. Not sure if unlocking (free) DLC Unique buildings added to the count, or if it was just a glitch.

    No complaints for not having to unlock Eiffel Tower, as I only had half the necessary Industrial Squares built, no Industrial Demand, 150K Population, and the Xbone creeping slower than normal speed with game on 3x speed setting!!!
    Posted by GracefulShelf37 on 05 Feb at 09:41
    AnObeseNun xIve unlocked all the buildings mentioned above. Only thing I can think of is that I've got the DLCs. Anyone know if you need all DLC unique buildings too?
    Posted by AnObeseNun x on 23 Feb at 17:56
    PineConeKillerSame as GracefulShelf. I got all the buildings unlocked except for the Eiffel Tower, and I got the achievement. Just the Title Update DLCs I've used.
    Posted by PineConeKiller on 20 Mar at 18:03
    S P 4 C E YCan confirm that it unlocks without the need for Eiffel tower/30,000 industrial squares. I have all DLC, including Sunset Harbour, and it unlocked without that building.

    Great solution!
    Posted by S P 4 C E Y on 11 Apr at 11:17
    Lord MidasThis chv popped for me.

    I the only DLC I do not have is Sunset Harbor. Also, in my Unique Buildings list, I had not unlocked:
    * Eiffel Tower
    * Sphinx of Scenarios
    * Sparkly Unicorn Rainbow Park
    Posted by Lord Midas on 28 Apr at 06:28
    mad millwalli have unlocked all the ones on this list but not the dlc and it hasnt popped for me dont know why.
    Posted by mad millwall on 18 May at 05:32
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