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Mine 53,596 Blocks.

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How to unlock the Cubicide achievement

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    Update: A recent game update seems to have made it so explosives no longer contribute towards this achievement. I'm going to leave this solution up in the event it is ever changed back, but this method will no longer work. Some of the comments point out alternative methods. Another new update removed durability from weapons/items so you can use the Super Drill indefinitely. Using the Super Drill and cutting swathes across the landscape is probably the fastest method at around 22,000/hour.

    They have recently updated this achievement to include tracking so you no longer have to view your progress through the Game Hub. As such, I was able to confirm that explosives do indeed count towards this achievement and are the much, much faster method of obtaining it.

    Head to Fort Finch and there will be a merchant named Razzo in the basement of a ruined building near the landing pad. He sells explosives. I chose to use Explosion Bombs instead of TNT as you can just chuck them into blocks and they explode on contact, no waiting for detonation. Purchasing them from him is much easier than farming materials to craft them.

    I would buy about 300 of them if you can afford it, otherwise, buy the maximum amount that you can afford. Don't worry about money as you'll actually be making it during this process. I wouldn't buy more than 300 a trip, either, as you won't be able to hold all of the dirt you'll create.

    Now, head to another world and dig a shaft straight down using you pickaxe. Once you're down a decent amount just start chucking explosion bombs and creating tunnels. Pick up all of the dirt blocks as you go. Usually I could hold about 300 Explosion Bombs worth of dirt before my inventory was full, then I had to run back to the merchant and sell the dirt/buy more bombs.

    I used this method for the final 50% of the achievement and gained about 15,000 gold in process during which.

    You could probably grind this achievement out from scratch in about two hours. I would periodically take a break and look for new Event Quests that may appear, though, since you need 200 of them as well to complete the game! It helps break up the monotony while still earning progress towards something.

    In short - use explosives to blow up large amounts of blocks at once. Collect the blocks (even dirt!) and sell them back to the merchant (Razzo in Fort Finch) for a profit.
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    gorbatsov69 Had the same issue with explosives. Also achievemement only unlocked at 56,164 blocks (according to game hub) so maybe it only counts blocks in one world or something.
    Posted by gorbatsov69 on 12 Oct 18 at 13:44
    radnonnahs Can further confirm that explosions no longer count toward this achievement. Even with the titanium mining drill on strictly sand, this achievement is a long one.
    Anyway, mine in a straight line through sand (I was on Shrieking Sands).
    Posted by radnonnahs on 02 Jan 19 at 03:44
    qManballin Just now reading about this achievement well after starting the game roll
    Does anyone have an estimation of how long it'll take to grind this out from scratch drilling sand? Or how many we can expect to get done w/in an hour or so? Gonna be a rough one!

    Edit - So, after beating pretty much the whole game and getting all the other achievements (still need 50/200 events and to get level 30 roll), I was sitting at around 18%. I went to Shrieking Sand like everyone's suggestion and started using the Super Drill (the one you get at the Portal Knight Sanctuary by delivering 400 dirt to a guy). If you find a nice line where you can hit 4 blocks perfectly and run in a straight line and "mow the lawn" back and forth, I calculated about 1400 dirt blocks in around 3 minutes. Basic math tells me that in the worst case scenario grinding with drills (maybe carry 2 or 3 so you can just swap then use a stone to recover their durability) from 0 should take at most 3 boring and monotonous hours. Anyways, got another day and a half to work this game so I should hopefully be done before it gets removed from Game Pass shock
    Posted by qManballin on 30 Mar 19 at 07:35
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