Dedicated Knight achievement in Portal Knights

Dedicated Knight

Complete 200 Event Quests.

Dedicated Knight+0.8
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How to unlock the Dedicated Knight achievement

  • djd4ws0ndjd4ws0n307,672
    12 Aug 2018 12 Aug 2018 03 Mar 2022
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    Make sure that you have a decent amount of blue portal shards/blocks - you'll need 10 blocks for every time that you need to reset the universe.

    The process
    Create a new universe with small islands to make it quick and easy to get around, and also quicker to load the individual islands.

    Open the first two portals (to levels 1-02 and 1-03), when you get to the third island (1-03), there's likely an event waiting for you to start. If not, leave your map screen open till an event appears. Because you've only opened up to island 3, only a specific set of quick and easy events will occur.

    The general process for this is to complete an event, then stand somewhere safe and open the map. The next event will show automatically. This can be almost instant, or anywhere up to ten minutes for the next event to spawn. Whilst you're waiting for the next event, fill that time with something else... Watch some TV, etc. I built some LEGO kits I had sitting around and curated a new music playlist.

    But beware!

    If/when the "The Pillar and the Temple" event shows up, this is where you jump ship - back out to the title screen, delete the universe and start again by creating a new one.

    Event tips
    Some tips for the events you'll encounter at these levels:

    Intensive Care
    Get the recipe, then only kill the Mummies when you need more Mummy's Tear
    It's quicker and more effective to cut down Berry bushes, Agave plants and Cactus for the Water, Berries and Agave needed for the Minor Healing and Minor Mana potions.

    Increased Healing Flask
    4 Minor Healing, 8 Minor Mana, 1 Mummy's Tear
    (1 Water/2 Berries) (1 Water/2 Agave)
    Nectar of the Earth
    Kill Maggots until you have the recipie. At this point, you should already have the ingredients to make the flask, and probably enough to repeat this event a number of times. The one you're likely to run out of is Stone Block, but that's easy enough to come by. Return to finding and killing Maggots when you get low on materials for the flask.

    This one can be painful to grind, if the island it's on doesn't have any good spawn points for Maggots. Try looking in caves and shallow water as their most likely spawn points.

    Mining Damage Flask
    (1 Copper Ore/1 Electro Quartz/1 Stone Block/1 Worm Goo)
    Running Wild
    Kill the Fallen Squires until you have the recipie. However, unlike Intensive Care and Nectar of the Earth, you'll not have a level open to farm the materials to keep with you. Your choices are to kill the Fallen Squires for their drops, or load up another world where you have an Ice island available, grab plenty of materials (Sea Sapphire Dust/Ice Rose) and keep them on you.

    Swiftness Potion II
    (2 Sea Sapphire Dust/4 Ice Rose)
    Fresh Water Fountain
    Simple - spawn in, look for the fountain. Open it. Should be easy enough with the small island size.

    Stray Chest
    Simple, spawn in, look for the chest. Open it. Should be easy enough with the small island size.

    These two events are a good time to collect some materials (Agave/Berries/Water) for the other events whilst your running around looking for the Chest/Fountain.

    If you can't find any more mobs to kill for these events, travel back to your home island and then return to the island with the event. All the mobs you've killed will respawn when you come back.

    Overall, this achievement will take a considerable amount of time to grind out, so settle in for the long haul. Alternatively, do it in batches to take some of the tedium out of the process.

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    Mr SpinelesSDo you have to do this with the same character?
    I'm already level 30, and if I make a new character I can at least level up again...

    EDIT: Yup your events carry over to a new character. Made 2nd Island my home, and sit on the first (no event where you are, or at your home) seem to just be getting "find the chest" quests :P
    Not sure if it helps or not, but I have also been destroying the torches that come with the chest. they don't seem to appear where a torch was left...
    Posted by Mr SpinelesS on 25 Dec 21 at 15:34
    Mr SpinelesSJust a few tips you might want to add to you Guide:
    Events will not appear in*:
    World set as Home
    World you are currently in
    World with a Special Event (eg: Festival Portal)
    *may change in a future update

    Only events that spawned for me (2021, 27th dec)
    Squire's Knoll: Fresh Water Fountain (Find Fountain on surface), Nectar of the Earth (Kill maggots for mining), Intensive Care (Kill mummies for healing)
    Dusty Junction: Christmas Festive Portal Special Event so no other events loaded here.
    Fort Finch: Stray Chest (find chest on surface)

    Since I had festive portal I made Squires Knoll my home, and only the stray chest event would spawn. If there isn't a special event on Dusty Junction I would suggest making it your home, and staying on Squires Knoll while waiting for Fort Finch chest event to spawn as dusty junction sounds like it has the worst quests of the three.

    I created a new character so I could level up again, but before starting I had my original character make a Cape of wings (blueprint dropped by Hollow King) and some double jump pants for my new character. Also had my new character grab all the golden teeth my main had stored up.
    Posted by Mr SpinelesS on 27 Dec 21 at 09:00
    x Tyian xYou can repeat the current Easter event by destroying the drafting table then collecting your eggs back up, main menu and regenerate the world in the settings and then repeat the event creating the golden egg again
    Posted by x Tyian x on 10 Apr at 12:11
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  • Casino83Casino834,970,320
    28 May 2017 28 May 2017 28 May 2017
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    1: You can do this the fast way offline. (Home console only) Go to Network Settings and set your Xbox offline, restart the console sign in and go to system Settings, Time and Change Date one day forward. Start Portal Knights select your character and on the universe select screen select map to go directly to the event. (You can focus on easy events to speed things up by changing the date until you get a event you like.) When you are done with the event go to main menu press Xbox button go down to the gear (Settings) and change the day one day forward. Rinse and repeat... write down how many events you are done with, when you reach 200 events go back online and do a couple more events to unlock the achievement. 2: The slow way to do events online, go to the universe select screen and select a new universe by pressing RB select a small universe and start it. Now you have to collect blue portal shards then craft blue portal blocks (10 for two portals) and go through the portal then go though the next portal. Now press Y select map and go to the event. Back at the universe select screen erase your boosting world. Rinse and repeat.... (Hope this helps toast
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    GrumpyYogi1968This is complicated for no reason. Online-offline don't matter
    1- create 3 small worlds
    2- open the first 3 portals in each world
    3- Using your main character, do event on 1st world, quit and load 2nd world, do event, quit, load 3rd world, do event, quit, reload the 1st world and so on.
    4- 95% of the time the event will be 'stray chest' and it take 2-3 min each time depending on how fast you find the chest.
    Posted by GrumpyYogi1968 on 14 Aug 20 at 08:15
    hkmortensonGrumpy's solution above seemed way quicker for me. Had to create more worlds though cause I was clearing events too quickly. Hopefully you've saved up lots of golden teeth for those intensive care events :)
    Posted by hkmortenson on 07 Oct 20 at 02:52
    ACrtnShadeOfR3dUsed Grumpy's method. Glad I did. Shortened this process I was planning to take a week to get through down to like 6 hours total. Took a long time getting through just 75 normally. This one isn't worth the long grid at all.
    Posted by ACrtnShadeOfR3d on 20 Dec 20 at 20:31
  • SmollsySmollsy415,616
    20 Feb 2022 20 Feb 2022 20 Feb 2022
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    For this achievement, the easiest way to do it is to find the event titled "Jade Stone Merchant." Go find the house and open the door. It will register as Event Complete. Quit to the main menu, regenerate the world, and re-enter. The Jade Stone Merchant event will be reset. Simply find the house and open the door again.

    Rinse and repeat. Boom. Done.

    **Credit to ChRoNIcTpwnz for the assist with this solution. His genius is unmatched.
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    masterelliot994I can confirm that this still works as of the 30th of May 2022 and is by far the most efficient method to completing this horrible achievement.

    Simply entering the house is sufficient to complete the event, the following quest from the Merchant doesn't count as an event, but a quest, so doesn't need to be completed.

    Just keep completing events in your main world (I would suggest completing some of the easier ones whilst working on the rest of the achievements) until this event appears and then knock out the remaining events during the 24hr period that the event is active.
    Posted by masterelliot994 on 31 May at 15:11
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