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M26-27 Clear in Operation Darkness (JP)

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You can get this achievement when you complete Mission 26-27.

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Mission 26:

This assumes Max is armed with the PTRS; the werewolves are armed with Dragon Slayer swords; and Cynthia, Edward, and Lewis are armed with sniper rifles. Since you cannot reset your forces after mission 25, you may have a different setup. Once you understand the basic disposition of enemy forces you should be able to adapt the concept of operations to your setup.

Short answer: Begin by using Edward, Cynthia, and Lewis as snipers. If you started mission 24 with two ten time reload packs each, they should still have plenty of ammo. Move them out of Max’s line of sight and have them Cover Ambush. If any of them picked up a Panzerfaust, they can shoot before they move. Ideally, they should be spread out on the bottom part of the screen.
• As soon as Max’s turn comes up have him Cover Attack with the PTRS. If he started mission 24 with three packs of ten time reloads he should have plenty of ammo. Keep Max in Cover Attack for the remainder of the Mission unless he’s knocked out of cover. If that happens, reinstate Cover Attack at the earliest opportunity.
• Be patient. It’s tempting to try to do something with Jack or Frank. However, once they start moving closer to their enemy, they are very vulnerable and will not last long. Not only are they much safer close to their starting position but Cordelia and Herbert are able to heal them.
• When the enemy numbers are diminished to about 10, a tank appears in the top right corner. Try to anticipate this by sending someone up the right hand side of the screen. Van Helsing is ideal because she moves so quickly. There should be enemy bodies with Panzerfausts that Van H can use against the tank. If she can’t find one, use anything to shoot the tank. This will trigger Max in Cover Attack with the PTRS to shoot at the tank and he will do major damage. Usually, Max’s first shot also immobilizes the tank as well. The tank is powerful and can reach all the way to the bottom of the screen. Its accuracy at that range is diminished but it will occasionally connect and disrupt your careful setup. It’s best to take it out early.
• After the tank and the rest of the minions are destroyed, destroy the bosses one at a time starting with the most convenient mid-boss. Then defeat the second mid-boss. Keep the werewolves with their Dragon Slayers out of the fray. They should be positioned at the bottom of the screen near the right corner with about six squares separating them. They are lying in wait for a Drache to appear once the main boss is defeated.
• When the main boss is defeated, he will resurrect himself and summon a Drache in the bottom right segment of the screen. Attack it with the Dragon Slayers. Max is close enough that the Dragon Slayer strikes will trigger Cover Attacks. The Dragon Slayers deal quadruple damage and, along with the PTRS Cover Attacks, will make short work of the Drache. Now, all that remains is to kill the big boss all over again but, this time, you can send the werewolves to help.
Target completion time: 50-75 minutes.

Long answer: Mission 26 is the final mission in the succession of missions where you cannot resupply—Missions 24 through 26. Max Neumann equipped with the PTRS 1941 picked up from an Oberschutz in Mission 16 is invaluable. In Cover Attack, he can take care of the more than two dozen minions of the three bosses. If you do not have both Max and the PTRS, this mission becomes a lot more difficult.

You will put Max in Cover Attack without moving him as soon as his turn comes up. The snipers will have had two turns, at least, before Max’s turn comes up. Use the first move to move them and the second move to set them to Cover Ambush and Cover Attack. Edward’s good in Cover Attack leaving Cynthia and Lewis to go into Cover Ambush. If any of them have Panzerfausts or Bazookas, they can fire them right before their first move. They probably will not have another opportunity to use them in this mission. The most important thing when moving them is to make sure they will not accidentally shoot Max. That would take him out of Cover Ambush and disrupt your carefully laid plans. Other than that, spread them out on the bottom right of the screen so they have good coverage of the approaching enemy.

The key to this mission is patience. You want to keep everyone out of the Magiers’ range. The snipers with their long range will engage them before they get close enough to do significant damage. You want to conserve your health and weapons resources to deal with the bosses. We also must assume that, unless you were very successful scavenging at the end of mission 25, you are running short of weapon and healing item resources. There’s plenty to be picked up on this battle field but you have to wait until the enemy’s ranks are thinned out. The snipers, anchored by Max, are quite capable of doing just that.

When the number of enemies left approaches ten, carefully move Van Helsing up, hugging the right hand side of the screen. Have her check the body of a Schutze in the top right sector. He is carrying a Panzerfaust 100. Unless you have to move her, wait until you need it before you pick it up so you’re not penalized with the weight penalty. When the enemy count is reduced to ten, a tank will appear at the top right. Have Van H pick up the Panzerfaust 100 and shoot it. Max in Cover Attack will shoot it as well. When the tank’s turn comes up, it will trigger a Cover Ambush from one of the other snipers and a corresponding Cover Attack from Max. That should destroy the tank. If you’re in a hurry, you can take a sniper off Cover Ambush duty and have that sniper shoot the tank. That will trigger a Cover Attack from Max that should destroy the tank.

After scavenging for healing items, leave the two werewolves at the bottom right of the screen to ambush a Drache that will appear when you defeat the three bosses. Keep Max in Cover Attack send the rest of the people in orderly fashion to tackle them one at a time starting with the most convenient mid-boss. It’s very difficult to defeat the main boss while the two mid-bosses are interfering so leave him to the end. If you have people with bazookas or Panzerfausts, it’s best to send them up the right hand side of the screen and then left across the top. The intent is to attack the enemies from above so that when the rocket round knocks them back, they are knocked towards Max and not away from him. If every attack is supplemented by a Cover Attack from Max, they will quickly be defeated. Make sure you target them one at a time. If you spread your attacks around, the big boss will be able to heal the mid-bosses before you can destroy them. At this point, the snipers, other than Max, do not need to stay in Cover mode. Take them out of Cover and attack the boss you’re targeting. They won’t do much damage but the ensuing Cover Attack from Max will. The bottom line is that if you’re systematic and patient, you shouldn’t have much of a problem. Don’t forget to scour the battle field for high quality weapons, ammo, and healing items.

The mid-bosses each have about 80,000 HP. If you soften one up by dealing about 30K HP damage that will not be enough to trigger the main boss’s healing, then the next concerted attack should do it in. If Max has leveled up enough, it’s quite realistic to expect that you can deal 80K HP damage in one iteration. It helps to check on the sequence of turns by pressing the Y button and toggling between map and turn view.

The real work starts when the mid-bosses are defeated. The main boss has about 100,000 HP and has a healing spell. With the mid-bosses and the previous bosses we’ve encountered in the game, we’ve come to expect that the safest position is right next to the boss. The mid-bosses, for example, cannot use their strong attacks when your character is on a square adjoining theirs. The main boss is different. He can unleash an area attack that deals substantial damage to all squares adjoining his simultaneously. So you have to exercise considerable discretion with melee attacks.

You will be confronted with one of two scenarios. In the first, the main boss will remain fairly close to his starting position near the middle of the screen. In that location, he is within Max’s range. The best tactic to use is to hit him with ranged weapons to trigger Max’s Cover Attack. Bazookas and Panzerfausts are the best because they deal substantial damage. Remember that it’s best to have the boss between the bazooka or Panzerfaust shooter and Max to ensure you knock the boss towards Max and not away from him. Lesser weapons can be used even if they barely scratch the boss. They will trigger Max’s Cover Attack with the PTRS. Once you start whittling away at the main boss’s health, he will prioritize healing over attacking. Although the healing appears as a setback, it allows you to get closer and deal more serious damage until you defeat him.

In the second scenario, the main boss will move a considerable distance to the left and away from Max. Very likely, he will be protected by solid shelters that restrict fields of fire. The best tactic is to approach him systematically, all the while scouring the battlefield for Panzerfausts and grenades. Leave Max where he is because, when the Drache appears, he will be within range of Max’s Cover Attack. However, move the rest of the snipers to where they can target the main boss from afar ensuring no obstacles impede their fields of fire.

When you’re ready, reduce the boss’s HP through the use of Panzerfausts and grenades. Cordelia and Herbert are there primarily for healing but can attack when their healing skills are not required. Position people with blades to close in quickly when the boss’s health is reduced to about a third. When that happens, have them move in to a square adjoining the boss and attack with a blade. The person with the Excalibur (picked up in mission 25) and the person with the Muramasa will deal the most damage. Ensure they are not obstructing the snipers. The main boss will heal. Now that your people are next to him, put the Muramasa and Excalibur wielders into Cover Attack. Have the bayonet wielders attack directly along with the snipers. Each melee attack and sniper attack will trigger a Cover Attack from each of the special swords. If you don’t defeat the boss right away, you will at least keep him to where he has to heal constantly. Each iteration will probably result in a level up from each of the blade wielders. It won’t take long before the leveled up attackers are able to defeat the main boss in one go around. If you have a good sense of the timing, have the werewolves transform just before you defeat the boss.

When you defeat the boss in either of these two scenarios, he will resurrect himself and summon a Drache. He will also relocate a short distance from where he was so there will, most likely, be no one immediately adjacent to him. The first order of business is to defeat the Drache. If you were able to transform the werewolves, this will be quite simple. Have them each move next to the Drache and attack with their Dragon Slayer sword. The Dragon Slayers deal quadruple damage against Draches. Coupled with the accompanying PTRS Cover Attack from Max, the Drache will quickly be defeated. If you were not able to transform the werewolves, it will take a little longer and you may have to endure a couple of attacks from the Drache. This is why you scavenged for healing items before putting the werewolves in position to ambush the Drache. It will take longer but, eventually, you will defeat the werewolf. While you’re regrouping to deal with the main boss a second time, you can borrow the snipers and have them shoot the Drache a couple of times to trigger Max’s Cover Attack with the PTRS.

Once the Drache is disposed of, you can deal with the boss without difficulty. Again, the boss will either be in Max’s range or not so use the corresponding scenario. You, most likely, will want to regroup and scavenge for Panzerfausts, grenades, healing items, ammo, etc. It’s more important to be properly equipped than to try for a quick victory.

Congratulations! You have survived the ordeal of three consecutive missions without resupplying. Your reward is being able to buy Black Crystals from the Supply Depot. There are forty in stock. You should have quite a lot of KP available to buy them from the three consecutive missions you’ve just completed.

One more mission. If you’re going for the Medal of Honor achievement, you’ll first do all the Eagle Nest missions before tackling this one. You’ll be so insanely leveled up that you’ll have no difficulty and can take the fight right to the enemy. If you’re on a Victoria Cross speed run, your party will be at a relatively low level and we’ll have to be more cautious. Accordingly, I’m assuming a low level party. Naturally, the same tactics will work for a super-powered party as well.

Mission 27:

Short answer: Restock with the best weapons and healing items. Take your time with the first wave and get in position to ambush the second wave boss.
• Set up the snipers with Max as the anchor in Cover Attack and Lewis, Edward, and Cynthia in Cover Ambush and/or Cover Attack.
• Use the snipers to dispose of the minions in the first wave then attack the two mid-bosses.
• Move the werewolves, Van H, and Cordelia into position to ambush the boss who appears in the second wave at the bottom right. Move Edward and Cynthia into position to target the boss with their sniper rifles.
• Transform the werewolves just before you defeat the second mid-boss. Ambush the boss when he appears and defeat him in one or two iterations.
• The second wave enemies all perish with the defeat of the boss. The boss transforms into Chimera form. Gang up on it and put it out of its misery.
Target completion time: 45 minutes.

Long answer: Thoroughly restock with the best weapons and healing items. Give the two werewolves a Dragon Slayer and five Black Crystals each. Do not weigh them down with anything else. Max should have his PTRS, a ten times reload, and four inexpensive healing items—Tinctures or Medical Kit 2s work fine. Give Edward, Cynthia, and Lewis sniper rifles, a ten times reload each. Edward and Cynthia can get by with Medical Kit 3s for their healing items. Give Lewis a bazooka and a 3 rocket reload along with top quality healing like Dragon Scales. Give Frank and Jack a bazooka each, a 3 rocket reload, and top of the line healing. Cordelia and Herbert should each have a couple of Hands of Death grenades and good healing items—Medical Kit 3s should be adequate. If you can spare a Black Crystal each that would be good in case they need to restore MS. Give Herbert a Penicillin as well in case he is hit by a status ailment.

The first wave consists of the two mid-bosses you defeated in mission 26 along with just over a dozen very powerful minions. Put Cynthia in Cover Ambush and Edward in Cover Attack. In most instances, you will not have to move them. However, if there is a possibility that they will either impede one another or Max, then move one or both of them as appropriate. Lewis’s turn will be delayed a little because he is weighed down with the bazooka. Move him to the left hand side of the screen well back and put him in Cover Ambush on his next turn. Unless he has the most lucrative of shots with the bazooka, save it for when we deal with the bosses. Move Herbert to the back row where he can heal any of the snipers if required. Move Cordelia, the werewolves (untransformed), and Van H about two thirds to three quarters from the left hand side of the screen and keep them all the way to the back. This will take two to three turns depending on the character.

When Max turn comes, put him in Cover Attack. If he’s knocked out of Cover Attack, reinstate it at the earliest opportunity. Be patient and let the snipers take care of the minions. Your forces should be out of range of MS attacks. In order to attack you, an enemy would first have to enter the coverage umbrella of the snipers. With Herbert to heal not to mention all the healing items your people have, if a stray attack manages to connect, it can easily be taken in stride.

Eventually, the minions will be dealt with and you can go after the bosses. You may have to run down one or two stubborn survivors but that should be easy. Choose the most convenient boss to target and move Lewis, Frank, and Herbert in their direction. If they are in Max’s range, take Cynthia and Edward off of Cover assignment and have them shoot at the targeted boss and move. Their attacks will trigger a Cover Attack from Max. Cynthia and Edward are moving to a location about halfway down the screen and about ten squares from the right side of the screen. The location does not have to be exact. We just need them to be able to target a boss who will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Cordelia, the two werewolves, and Van H are moving to an ambush location about five squares from the bottom of the screen and about 10 squares from the right hand side. The fastest way to get there is to use Cover Move tethered to Van H. Suppose it’s Cordelia’s turn. Select Cover Move. Now, press the RB until Van H appears. Press A. Cordelia’s move is now tethered to Van H’s. Next, select Cordelia’s destination the same way you would if you were moving her normally. When you finish, Cordelia will not move but she will move when Van H does. Do the same with the two werewolves. You can set this up well in advance while you are still fighting the minions. Keep Cordelia and the werewolves in Cover Move and just Finish Van H’s turn without doing anything until the minions are defeated. Once you make your move with Lewis, Frank, and Herbert against the bosses, move Van H towards the ambush point. The three Cover Moves are triggered and travel about one and a half times the distance of a normal move. You can continue to use Cover Move until everyone is in position.

Note: Do not move too early. If you do, the enemy will try to follow the moving personnel instead of advancing towards the snipers’ trap.

If the bosses are out of Max’s range, move him to a location about a third of the way down the screen and centered. He can do it in one turn if he uses a Cover Move. You can select any moving character as the trigger. Since you’re already using Van H in that capacity, she will do quite nicely for Max as well.

The bosses unleash some damaging attacks. If you move Lewis and Frank so they are close to one another, Herbert (who should be a little behind) can heal them both. It is far more likely the bosses will target Frank and/or Lewis but it is too your advantage if they target Herbert. The goal is for Lewis to get near one boss and Frank near the other. As they are approaching, have them move and shoot their bazookas against a targeted boss. If the targeted boss is within Max’s range, his defeat will occur before a character can get alongside him and you only have to deal with one boss.

Frank with Mjolnir’s Wrath and Lewis with Archangel’s call both have lethal MS attacks they can unleash given the opportunity. The targeted boss may even be in range of Cynthia’s Lightning Shot. The takeaway is that you have a variety of tactics that you can employ. The important thing is to defeat one of the two bosses as quickly as possible once you venture out. If both of them are allowed the opportunity to barrage you with a double dose of nastiness, even your well stocked healing resources will not be up to the challenge.

The second boss is a different story. You want to take your time with him until everyone is in position. Cordelia, the werewolves, and Van H need to be in their ambush point. Max needs to have completed his move and put into Cover Ambush. For a change, Max will be in Cover Ambush for the second wave. Edward and Cynthia should be at their location where they can target the boss. When you have everyone in position and the boss on the ropes, transform the werewolves and finish off the boss.

This triggers the appearance of two Draches, over 15 vampires, and a boss. Fortuitously, once you defeat the boss, everyone else dies. This is the reason we took such great care to get everyone in position. The second reason is the boss can heal himself and each of the two Draches can also heal him. If you don’t defeat him quickly with a fairly low level party, you quickly get behind the power curve and you will be overwhelmed by the power and numbers of the second wave. The boss is out of Max’s range but about all the other enemies are within it. This is why we put him in Cover Ambush. Max just serves as a disruption while you’re disposing of the boss. Additionally, we want Lewis and Frank to target the Draches so they are distracted from what we’re doing to their master. If a Drache should kill either Lewis or Frank, Herbert can resurrect the fallen comrade during the third wave.

Whenever Gallant’s turn comes up have him inflict the boss with Evil Eye to slow him down. Everyone else should attack. Depending on the sequence, Cordelia can attack with a Hands of Death or her bayonet. Move Keith right next to the boss and attack with his Dragon Slayer. Move Van H next to the boss and have her attack with her sword. In the NA version, I’ve replaced her Killer Sword with the super powerful Excalibur. The JP version forces her to retain the Killer Sword so I gave Frank Excalibur. I could have given Van H the Excalibur on top of the Killer Sword but did not want the weight penalty.
Note: Make sure you do not get in the way of Cynthia and Edward.

If you’re powered up, you will defeat the boss in one iteration. However, for non-super parties, it will take another go around. Put Van H and Keith in Cover Attack. Have Cordelia attack with her dagger, Gallant with his Dragon Slayer, and Cynthia and Edward with their sniper rifles. Each of these four attacks will trigger a Cover Attack from Van H and Keith. The boss bites the dust in no time even though he has almost 100,000KP.
When you defeat the boss, he transforms into a Chimera with almost 300,000 hit points. The great news is that the battlefield is now littered with the corpses of the second wave vampires who were carrying top of the line stuff. One even has a PTRS that Cynthia, Lewis, or Edward could use if you’re so inclined.

It’s not really necessary. The boss cannot heal himself. So, despite the 300K HP, eventually he will succumb. He has a very lethal attack so you need to scavenge for healing items for anyone running low. Change Max back to Cover Attack at the earliest opportunity. The Chimera is well within his range. In fact, every time Max hits it with a Cover Attack, Max levels up and, in no time, Max’s attacks gain an order of magnitude in effectiveness.

This officially ends the game and the credits roll. If all members have survived—getting resurrected by Herbert counts as a survival—you get the good ending. If one or members of your main party do not survive, you get the bad ending. Recruits don’t count. You can lose recruits and still get the good ending. The ending—good or bad—has no effect on achievements just your own personal pride. For completing the game, you also get the Silver Star Achievement. If you complete mission 27 in under 35 hours, you get the Victoria Cross Achievement. If you have completed all Armed Recon Missions and all Eagle’s Nest Missions you will also get the Medal of Honor Achievement.
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