Cat Fight achievement in Injustice™ 2

Cat Fight

Catwoman must defeat Cheetah with the final hit coming from Cat Call

Cat Fight+0.2
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How to unlock the Cat Fight achievement

  • iTz SiNZ v2iTz SiNZ v2528,280
    10 Jun 2017 19 May 2017 03 Jul 2017
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    For this achievement you need to defeat Cheetah with Catwoman with the final hit coming from Catwoman’s “Cat Call” ability. Although that sounds simple enough, the “Cat Call” ability needed is dropped from Mother Boxes. Character abilities are some of the rarest drops in the game, so there is a great deal of luck involved with this Achievement and it will likely be one of the last Achievement’s you have left to earn in the game.

    My advice for anyone looking to tackle this Achievement would be;
    1. Get all of your Characters to Lvl 20. Higher levelled Characters earn more valuable loot. Which you can then sell for coins which you can then use to buy more Mother Boxes.

    2. Complete the Character Tutorials. Each time you complete a Character Tutorial you’ll earn yourself a Silver Mother Box. They should only take around 5-10 minutes to complete depending on skill. Upon completing them all, you’ll earn a Diamond Mother Box.

    3. Downloading and linking your game to the Injustice 2 Mobile game also awards you a Diamond Mother Box.

    Edit* I just want to warn people to be really careful using the Method of disconnecting from the Internet to spend your coins. Resync’ing to the Cloud has the potential to cause a game breaking coin bug where you’ll have trillions of coins, but you won’t be able to spend them or earn anymore. It’s a known bug. It happened to me and the only way I was able to fix it was to contact WB Customer Support via phone and subsequent emails and they were able to sort it (it took them 3 days). Just make sure that when you do disconnect from the Internet, do NOT reconnect until you’ve closed the game.


    * As of the 06/06/2017 update Bronze Boxes now cost 5000 Credits and Silver Boxes now cost 10,000 Credits. Character Abilities now class as Epic gear which means it's best for farm Gold Mother Boxes.

    * As of the 30/06/2017 update The Multiverse Farming method no longer works.

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    YaIrishMick96Yeah I've been grinding away at this achievement and there is no rhyme or reason to getting abilities from lootboxes. I have gotten 2 abilities from bronze boxes....yes bronze ones. I was shocked. The best method by far is doing random ability towers and chipping away until you HAVE to get the Cat Call ability because you've got all the others. That and using Catwoman for every ability tower you do because you may eventually unlock her legendary multiverse and then you're gauranteed to get it (although that takes over 60 hours of playtime as Catwoman - so just pray you get it long before that)
    Posted by YaIrishMick96 on 05 Apr at 13:46
    YaIrishMick96I eventually got it in a random ability tower with 45 abilities out of like 250 plus left. I knew it would be one of the last ones I'd get. Such a grindy achievement, I opened 2,010 mother boxes and for over 2 months been checking in on random ability towers. So done with this game lol
    Posted by YaIrishMick96 on 07 May at 17:23
    MercadoNewer tip: Get your Catwoman to Level 30 and put the increased Gear bias augment on her. Now focus on beating multiverses that give you a random ability. Doing this I got this on the second ability multiverse I beat.
    Posted by Mercado on 13 May at 13:28
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  • Legendary J ManLegendary J Man470,820
    27 Sep 2017 25 Feb 2018 14 Aug 2018
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    All the other achievement guides are discussing long and grindy methods.

    The easiest way to get the catwoman ability is to do Random Ability towers. These towers pop up very frequently and always have only one fight. Check the multiverse whenever you think about it and see if there is a random ability tower, do it, and move on with your day.

    There are only a finite number of abilities. Each character has about 4 or 5 that can drop from boxes. With DLC characters that is still a lot of abilities, but in doing the ability towers you are guaranteed to get an ability, which means eventually you will get it.

    I play Injustice 2 a lot so I am checking the towers every day and sometimes I will be playing online and check it a couple of times a day and through that I have earned all the abilities on several of the characters. You can tell because when you go to their Legendary Multiverse it will say "random ability" for the reward of the final tower. If you have only one ability left to earn it will say that ability specifically, and if you have earned them all there will not be a reward listed.

    TL;DR don't grind for boxes looking for abilities. Do ability towers in the multiverse.

    Update: I have 100%ed this game. I played 382 hours. In those 382 hours I opened a lot of boxes and did a lot of Random Ability Towers.

    I got all the abilities for: Atrocitus, Bane, Blue Beetle, Cheetah, Swamp Thing, Black Adam, Catwoman, Supergirl, Captain Cold, Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Arrow, Doctor Fate, Poison Ivy, Green Lantern, Gorilla Grodd, Harley Quinn, Black Manta, Atom, Darkseid, Raiden, Red Hood, Sub-Zero, and Starfire.

    I am missing only one ability for: Batman, Wonder Woman, Brainiac, Deadshot, Flash, Scarecrow, Firestorm, Robin, Black Canary, Joker, and Superman.

    I am missing multiple for: Hellboy, Enchantress, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Your milage may very because what you get is random. I just wanted to give an account of what I ended up with.
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    thanatos8285Probably worth mentioning that in order to do this method, you want to make sure you never have less than 150,000 credits since all the ability towers seem to require that much to unlock them. 300,000 if you want to be safe in case two pop up back-to-back. For that reason it's worth doing the other multiverse events that give diamond and platinum mother boxes in the meantime, since those will usually generate 3-4 more bronze/silver/gold mother boxes along the way, which gets you more credits and gear to sell to be sure you can sustain that credit amount. And plus the boxes seem to get me an ability every 30-40 pieces of gear.

    It really is all about making sure you can do those ability towers though, just like you said. Kinda wish they'd stop doing the events for specific characters that take up a multiverse spot for 3-4 days at a time.
    Posted by thanatos8285 on 24 Jan at 17:39
    Legendary J ManGood point. I played so much that I always had enough credits to unlock towers, but the cost is a factor.
    Posted by Legendary J Man on 25 Jan at 02:49
  • Tonestar34Tonestar34111,129
    24 Dec 2017 24 Dec 2017 24 Dec 2017
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    Warning this is time consuming and a real grind but it guarantees the CAT CALL Ability needed for the achievement plus the legendary whip KYLE'S WHIP OF PAIN.

    Do the Legendary Multiverse Cat Woman Events and you will get the Cat Call Ability.

    External image

    This Multiverse Contains 4 events:

    EVENT 3 - SCRATCHING POST (Boss Fight)
    EVENT 4 - JUST KITTEN (This event can be repeated for a cost of 50,000 Guild Credits)

    Each multiverse event has a list of requirements. Mostly these are not difficult, just really time consuming and each event has to be completed in order. However there are a couple that should be noted and I have highlighted these in bold. If boss fights give you a bit of grief as they do me, just wear your epic gear and let the AI do it for you!!!

    *Level 20 Cat Woman required - Natural Progression
    *1,000,000/1,000,000 - Credits Spent
    *150/150 - Damaging Environmental Interactions used with Cat Woman - RB button appears.
    *200/200 - Villians Defeated - Set up matches with Villains (Joker, Bane, etc)
    *50/50 - Boss events completed with Cat Woman - Get the AI to do if for you!
    * Complete Survivor Event with Cat Woman - Get the AI to do it for you!

    TIP: - SELL ALL YOUR RARE AND NORMAL GEAR for every character and you will get 1,000,000 credits required quickly enough. **IMPORTANT NOTE** Do not, I repeat... DO NOT SELL THE RARE GEAR FOR CAT WOMAN or you will kick your self when you start on the requirements for the SCRATCHING POST!!!

    *Level 20 Cat Woman required - Natural Progression
    *100/100 - Regen Tokens Sacrificed
    *150/150 - Arena Transitions used with Cat Woman
    *3,000,000 - Damage dealt with Cat Woman - Natural Progression
    *100/100 - Multiverse Events Completed With Cat Woman - Natural Progression
    * SUPER SUSPICIOUS must be completed - Natural Progression

    *Level 20 Cat Woman required - Natural Progression
    *250/250 - Rare or better gear sacrificed for Catwoman
    *1000/1000 - Match Victories with Catwoman - Natural Progression
    *Pounce as the final Hit - (Down, Down, A Button)
    * 3,000 / 3,000 - Minutes played with Cat Woman - A total of 50 hours!!!
    *Hidden Treasure Must be Completed - Natural Progression

    TIP: - Start playing with Cat Woman straight away!!! You have 50 hours to get through. I found the best way was through making the matches last as long as possible if you have a friend who you can boost with... Do Online Versus Matches against each other. If you start a search for each other at the same time I found most of the time I would find them. Simply let the clock count down to zero.

    And another great reason to do this Legendary Multiverse Event for Cat Woman is this:
    External image

    This is what you get after completing the 3rd Event!

    TIP: - SAVE EVERY PIECE OF RARE AND EPIC GEAR THAT YOU GET!!! I did not realize I had to sacrifice this stuff until I started working on unlocking the 3rd event. As a result I completed the 50 hours first and still had about 30 pieces of rare gear to collect!!!! shock

    *Level 20 Cat Woman required - Natural Progression
    *50,000 GUILD CREDITS SPENT PER ATTEMPT - Get the AI to do the fight for you!

    TIP: - Save a lot of guild credits for the JUST KITTEN event as you can do it as many times as needed. (Guild credits can be earned by joining a guild any playing in the guild multiverse event.) Each successful attempt will grant you one of Cat Woman's abilities. When I did this I had 4 out of her 6 abilities unlocked. The first time I beat the JUST KITTEN EVENT I unlocked the CAT CALL. I only now have one more ability to unlock which as you can see by the screen shot is call NINE LIVES.
    External image

    Now you may get lucky and get Cat Woman's Cat Call before you even finish using her for 50 hours... But the odds are not in your favor. In the base game alone (Not including any DLC) there are 177 abilities to unlock. 56 of those you unlock already if you level each character up to level 20... That leaves 121 abilities to unlock from the random loot boxes or random events... I had 32 abilities left before I finally completed the Legendary Cat Woman Multiverse event. I basically did every single Random Ability Event every time it was available hoping that each time the game would be nice to me...

    External image

    But as it turns out working my way through the Legendary Catwoman Multiverse was my best shot.

    NOW TO DO THE ACHIEVEMENT: Simply get your opponent down to almost no health and then hit the buttons Forward, Down, Back, A and watch as a super puss missing it boots steals the glory and grants you victory.toast
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    thanatos82852 years later... but if anyone shows up here with BRANIAC1972's question, you don't have to spend the credits on other things. You have to go to that event and donate the credits to that specific event, same way you do with the regen tokens and gear.
    Posted by thanatos8285 on 04 Feb at 18:51
    Lord BetusStill working towards this lol. But yes this is the best guide on the site currently. The odds are that doing the legendary multiverse for her is going to be faster than grinding mother boxes or even the random ability towers.
    Posted by Lord Betus on 06 Feb at 07:57
    YaIrishMick96Best guide on TA and it's 3rd. Did not realise that this existed and once you unlock the 3rd event you can repeat it until you get cat call. I have a lot of hours left of playing as Catwoman but at least this is better than praying for a lootbox to have one or spending 150k credits on the ability Multiverse events up to 120 times
    Posted by YaIrishMick96 on 12 Mar at 02:41
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