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Master Of All Trades

Reach level 20 with all characters

Master Of All Trades+3.8
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How to unlock the Master Of All Trades achievement

  • RaiderhornRaiderhorn205,748
    21 May 2017 16 May 2017 14 May 2018
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    Solution is now updated and includes the best method for the Legendary Edition update + Patch 1.19! The video below to go with the solution was made during Patch 1.05 but it still works.

    First off DLC characters aren't required (Darkseid, Red Hood, etc.). Second, you're gonna have to complete Story mode in order to unlock Brainiac as you need him Lv 20 as well for this achievement. So go ahead and do that first. You'll also earn a tiny bit of Xp for your characters from Story mode even though the game doesn't show you earning Xp for Story mode fights. Everyone you play in the Story will be around level 3-4 once you complete it. Third, go ahead and complete everyone's arcade ending for that achievement as well to level them up just a bit further and make it easier on yourself for time.

    You need a total of 61'078 character Xp to reach level 20. You earn more Xp based on:
    -Time Left on the clock
    -Damage Taken
    -Enemy Level
    Feel free to check the Xp requirements for each level:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Fastest Method
    2 Player Local Versus (Updated version!)
    -Set the Round Timer to 300 seconds in Gameplay Options
    -Load up a 2 Player Local Versus Match (Multiplayer -> Versus)
    -Sign in a second profile. This profile MUST have at least one Lv 20 character on it!*
    -If you don't have a Lv 20 character, read below...
    -Profile 2 selects the Lv 20 character as the opponent. Make sure it's gearless.
    -(Optional) Gear up your character on your main profile, specializing in the STRENGTH stat
    -In Match Options, turn Level Handicap ON.
    -Turn Arena Transitions off

    This method happens to be just as fast as pre-patch. You get 1300+ XP per match. Once your character reaches level 16, you'll start earning 1000 XP per match which is the same amount as it was pre-patch. Using this method will take you about 40min to go from Lv 1-20 though it could be faster depending on how you do. At 40min a character it will take you roughly 18.5 hours for the whole cast.
    Beat up the second profile as fast as you can getting Flawless wins. An easy way to do this for no effort is to do a 2 hit combo using Wall Bounces (back + Heavy) and/or Ground Bounces (forward + Heavy). If you Meter Burn the Ground Bounce/Wall Bounce, it’ll do more damage. ALSO, if your character has a trait that increases their damage (Superman & Bane are perfect examples) then use them!!

    As of the Legendary Edition update the level cap has increased from 20-30. This means that you can now boost your levels even faster by fighting a level 30 opponent. Do the same strategy as above, fighting against a second profile that has a character that's Lv 30. This will decrease your completion time by roughly 10min a character from levels 1-20, meaning you'll be looking at around 13.5 hours for the whole cast. That's a huge difference!

    Some gear have Augments which can help you earn more XP:
    -Expertise (Earn More Character XP per match)
    -Pure Focus (Earn More Profile/Character XP per match)

    *Question: What if I don’t have a Lv 20/30 character to use to help me level up??
    The best workaround to this is to level up each profile’s characters together. What this means is if you are levelling up Superman (for example) from Lv 20 and your second profile also doesn’t have a high level character to boost from, then you must level up the characters together. So, it’ll work like this:
    -Profile 1 (you) will level up 4 times
    -Profile 2 (second profile) will then level up 4 times.
    This is because every 4 character levels or so in difference results in an XP dropoff. You earn more XP for fighting characters of an equal level or higher level than your own characters. If your opponent is 4 character levels below you, you’ll earn less XP. This effect is more noticeable when fighting opponents of a great difference in level.
    If you have a second profile that has a Lv 20 character on it (like me) starting from the Legendary Edition update, then use that. I’ve been levelling up a character on my main profile 4 levels, then my second profile the next 4 levels, and so on until Lv 30...
    It should also be noted that fighting against a Lv 1 character that is ‘Equalized’ to Lv 20 via the ‘Level Handicap’ match option is not the same! The Level Handicap option is only there for competitive reasons to equalize stats, not XP. So, in sum, you have to fight against opponents that have a similar/higher character level going into the fight for more XP, not one that is manipulated using Level Handicap. You should use the Level Handicap option only if you’re fighting someone stronger (A Lv 16 vs a Lv 30 is not going to be effective… the Level Handicap brings their stats to an equal playing field!).

    I highly recommend levelling the second profile to level 30 (takes a little over 2 hours from scratch) as this will save you a lot of time in the long run.

    Single Player Fights vs AI (Updated version!)
    -Set the Round Timer to 300 seconds in the Gameplay Options menu
    -Load up Single Player Fight vs AI
    -Select the character you want to level up
    -When choosing the CPU, press Y to bring up the options and set the CPU level to level 30
    -In Match Options, turn Level Handicap ON
    Doing this method nets you anywhere from 500 - 1200 XP depending on how fast you win and how much damage you take. I recommend fighting against a character that is fairly easy to rushdown/is slow.

    Another Alternative Method
    Online Private Versus 1v1:
    -Competitive Mode OFF. Throw on all your gear and have your partner stay gearless.
    -Turn Level Handicap OFF. This will make it so you stay a high level and your partner stays a low level. If your partner doesn't have a low level character, leave it ON otherwise you're going to be wasting time beating up a high level character.
    -Turn Arena Transitions OFF (Optional but transitions do take a while which wastes time).

    You get 920+XP each flawless win on your partner in these matches. For easy purposes, hit your opponent with a Ground Bounce (forward + Heavy) twice for a two hit combo. If you can't land two of those in a combo, hit the opponent with a Wall Bounce (back + Heavy) then a Ground bounce. If you Meter Burn the Ground Bounce or Wall Bounce, they'll do more damage. Also if your character has a special move/trait to increase their damage, use it to make it go faster (Bane and Superman are great examples).

    Last Resort
    Your next best alternative is doing Endless mode in the Battle Simulator located in the Multiverse. Set up an AI loadout and have it do the Endless run for you. I’ve never seen the AI earn less than 300 XP per win in over 100 fights. They mostly earn over 500 XP every match and can earn up to over 900 XP. Of course if you do choose to play it yourself there is the chance you can earn more XP but you must know what you’re doing and the fights will get progressively harder for you to beat, whereas the AI can manage these fights much better.

    Final Notes
    AI Battle Simulator is not nearly as effective as you'd think even if you sim games at 4x speed. Wins only net you 180-390 Xp per match depending on how good your AI does and you're not guaranteed to win every time. If your AI loses you only get 40-60 Xp which is horrendous. On top of this you have to reload the sim, re-kit your characters with gear and set up their skill points, etc. which wastes more time. The 4x sim speed simply doesn't make up for the Xp payout and time spent setting up/going through the sim.

    Happy grinding!

    -Credit to Ian Cole for telling me about the updated 2 player local versus method.
    -Credit to PJGameFreak for telling me about the updated Single Player Fights vs AI method.
    -Credit to Rapture639 for help testing Online 1v1 Private match XP payouts.

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    YaIrishMick96This is a ridiculously long achievement to get my god
    Posted by YaIrishMick96 on 05 Apr 20 at 13:41
    nuevolamachina2If you use source crystals to level a character up to 20, will it count towards the achievement?
    Posted by nuevolamachina2 on 28 Aug 20 at 22:05
    RancidVessel14YES, I updated Catwoman and statistic grew up from 3% to 7%
    Posted by RancidVessel14 on 04 Sep 20 at 21:00
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  • MehdiMehdi447,594
    14 Jun 2017 30 May 2017 01 Jun 2017
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    This is just another method than the ones stated above, get a Down to Earth Augment which essentially lets you earn an X amount of XP for not jumping during a match in Multiverse.

    The good thing about it however is that it doesn't require you to win, so you can just do something on the side while your character keeps dying and earning about 500 XP every minute or two, you would want to choose a multiverse planet with a high difficulty enemy that way he kills your character faster, I think this is low effort way to get your characters to level 20.

    -Credit to The Pat Kelly for pointing out that you can use this method while playing, to get over 1000 xp for each match, you just have to make sure not to jump.

    Second Method

    For those characters that you don't really like to play , you can actually let the AI fight a whole multiverse without you having to lift a finger, all you need to do is when you are choosing your player, pick the AI loadout and the AI will do all the work.

    If you have any criticism or any questions please let me know in the comments below instead of down-voting. Hope this helps !

    PS: Below is a screenshot of the augment.

    External image
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    The Pat KellyI've found this method to be best. I actually have been playing though.

    I select a character with Down To Earth gear, and take on the endless tower until I hit 20. With the right gear, you can get ~1000 xp per match, and with it taking ~4000 for the final few levels, it's very quick.
    Posted by The Pat Kelly on 01 Jun 17 at 15:35
    MehdiYeah i've done the same with my main characters that I enjoy playing, as for the others that I am only leveling for the achievement, I tend to just use one of the methods above.

    I'll add what you just suggested to the solution in case it might help someone else.
    Posted by Mehdi on 01 Jun 17 at 16:19
  • xMontorixxMontorix370,656
    09 Jun 2017 10 Jun 2017
    5 3 1
    Gonna Make This Short & Sweet!!

    Two Controllers!
    Turn Off Level Handicap & Arena Transtions!!
    Pop-Up Attack cn_rightcn_A and then Jump into an attack to catch them in Midair! Environmental Attack > Ehanched Pop-Up Attack Again!! Repeat!!
    Small Players, play on Batcave (Armory)!! Big Players play on Kandahq!!

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    ShikI am curious on how many people did this vs actually earning it.
    Posted by Shik on 20 Aug 18 at 15:01
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