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Bible Study in Outlast 2

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Collect 40 documents

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Outlast 2, like its predecessor, features a massive amount of collectables that come in the form of "Documents/Notes" and "Video Recordings". These collectibles give more context to the world around you by giving additional story and lore, and there are exactly 105 of them to find.

Some Important Notes:
- There are 105 collectibles.
- You must have your camera out to 'Record' that you found the collectible.
- You can check your progress at anytime in the camera menu.
- If you miss one the game will show you that you have missed it by leaving it blank. This allows you to backtrack and know what chapter to return to.
- As said above, you can choose chapter select from the main menu.
- Once picked up, you will always have them.

Chapter 1: Genesis

1) 0:10 - The Jane Doe Story Part 1 - [Video]
2) 0:10 - The Jane Doe Story Part 2 - [Video]
Location: The first 2 recordings are unmissable. You'll automatically film Lynn during the start of the game

3) 1:03 - The Wreckage - [Video]
Location: When you awake after the crash, follow the path down to the plane on fire and record it.

4) 1:46 - The Crucified Pilot - [Video]
Location: After recording the previous video, follow the path behind the helicopter and you will find the pilot tied to the tree.

5) 2:17 - The Imposible Town - [Video]
Location: After recording the previous video, follow the dark path and once you emerge you will see a hut and wind mill which can be recorded.

6) 2:50 - My Dear Sweet Ellie - [Note]
Location: After the previous recoriding, follow the path down and the first house on your right will have a screen door. Open the door and the note is on the table in the room.

7) 3:21 - Dear Father - [Note]
Location: After collecting the last note, follow the path past the barn and you'll see a house with lights on. The next note is inside this house.

8) 3:49 - Remembering The Lost - [Video]
Location: After collecting the previous note, follow the path for just a tad and you will see a fence with photos on it which can be recorded.

9) 4:09 - Midwife's Lament [Note]
Location: After exiting the house you just went through, crawl under the fence and you will come to a stair case that will take you to a sacrifice room.

10) 4:36 - Knoth's Gospel Chapter 8 [Note]
Location: After your first encounter with Marta, you will move the trolly to climb the ladder. At the top of the ladder you will see the note on a bale of hay.

11) 5:00 - Visions Come [Note]
Location: Once you've snuck through the next little village after the barn section a bright light will stun all the enemies. The note will be to the left just abit further from where the stun happened.

12) 5:41 - The Compound [Video]
Location: From the last note, simply walk a little bit further and you can record the compound.

13) 6:07 - New Gospels, Part 1 [Note]
Location: Once you get inside the compound, go through the door on the right and you will find the note.

14) 6:24 - Val's Secret [Note]
Location: From the last note, follow the stair case down into the jail cell and in the middle of the cell there will be a dead body with a note.

15) 6:55 - New Gospels, Part 2 [Note]
Location: Once you go up the ladder and through the hatch simply walk up the stair case and it will be sitting there on a table.

16) 7:14 - Jessica's Suicide Note [Video]
Location: Once you sneak through the water and get hit by the bright light again you will be in a school. In the room next door to where you spawn you can record the note on the chalkbord

17) 7:39 - Interrogation [Video]
Location: Marta will storm the house that you are hiding in and kill Ethan. Break out of the celler and record the area.

18) 8:07 - Ethan's Letter [Note]
Location: In the room where Ethans dead body is, there will be a note beside his bed.

19) 8:17 - Crucified Heretics [Video]
Location: You will cross a bridge a little bit ahead of the last note and you will see on the right two bodies burning which can be recorded.

20) 8:41 - Knoth's Gospel Chapter 5 [Note]
Location: From the last recording, do an immediate 180 and follow the path up into the open barn and the note is on the table.

21) 9:01 - Marta [Video]
Location: After getting the last note, run to the very end of the path and you'll see Marta walk past the gate slowly. Record her as you will miss this if she goes to far away.

22) 9:32 - Letter From A Husband [Note]
Location: Get through the cornfield and the first house that you see (The gate is directly infront of you) will have a note half slid under the door.

23) 9:53 - Val's Journal, Part 1 [Note]
Location: After climbing the ladder in the barn and squeezing through the walkway, you will see the note right there on the box.

24) 10:20 - Temple Gate Anima Cristi [Note]
Location: After being shoved off the balancing beam by the body you will see a statue of Mother Mary with a note infornt of it.

25) 10:43 - Dead Birds [Video]
Location: A little bit up ahead you will see another flash and birds will drop from the sky, record this event.

26) 11:01 - Carern Temple [Video]
Location: Making your way through the cave you will come across a big wooden statue, record this.

27) 11:20 - New Temple Gate [Video]
Location: After seeing Jessica's dead body hanging from the tree you will squeeze through a crack in the rocks and see a town. Record the town from this positon.

28) 11:44 - Val's Journal, Part 3 [Note]
Location: Following the path down you will crawl under a stair case. You will see the note on a table as you enter the room.

29) 12:10 - Letter From Val To Knoth [Note]
Location: Climb the staircase to the highest floor and you will find a note on a table.

30) 12:41 - Knoth's Gospel, Chapter 6 [Note]
Location: From the elevator, follow the path straight and through the little shack and take a left. You will see a celler below with a window you can crawl through to get the note.

31) 13:14 - Val's Journal, Part 5 [Note]
Location: Exit the celler window from before and crawl through the fence to the left. You will now be back on the main path so just turn right (The women won't hurt you) and go past the first house and there will be a house all barricaded up. Go through the celler window by the front door and move the bookshelf down here to find the note.

32) 13:55 - Sundries From The Sinful World [Note]
Location: This can be found across from the genrator room.

33) 14:22 - Temple Gate [Video]
Location: After taking the elevator up, record the sign as you step out.

34) 14:39 - Garden Note [Note]
Location: To the left of where you record the sign, there will be a dead body with a note on it.

35) 14:57 - Hanged Jessica [Video]
Location: During the school section you will see Jessica hanging herself with hands pulling her up into the roof, Record this.

36) 15:18 - The Show Room [Video]
Location: After running away from the enemies you will come to an area where a women is half naked on a bed, record her.

37) 15:39 - Accept My Suicide [Note]
Location: On the other side of the area you were just at you will find this note.

38) 16:15 - Gospel Duty [Note]
Location: After the chase you will end up in a church basement. Exit the current room and to the right is a dark room with a note.

39) 16:33 - Why You Have To Die [Video]
Location: Climb the staircase and record the chalkbord in the school looking area.

40) 17:00 - Lesson Plan [Note]
Location: Climb the staircase and you will find another note on the desk as you reach the top.

41) 17:21 - A Letter To Mom [Note]
Location: Jump out the window and go straight foward to find this note in the babies pram.

42) 17:42 - Knoth's Gospel, Chapter 10 [Note]
Location: After jumping the fence you will see a women that doesn't attack like earlier. Walk past her and get the note from the forge.

43) 18:02 - Temple Gate Act Of Contrition [Note]
Location: Follow the path foward, stick to the left hand side and you will find a note on a stand up here.

44) 18:33 - Val's Journal, Part 4 [Note]
Location: After jumping the fence and escaping Marta again, you can enter the first house to your right that you come across. Move the cupboard and the note is hidden in here.

45) 18:58 - The Chapel [Video]
Location: When you turn left at the hanging lady in the village center you can record the chappel.

46) 19:13 - Rest These Bone [Note]
Location: Before heading up to the chappel you can take a path going left and find 3 graves with a note.

47) 19:31 - Letter From Nick To Knoth [Note]
Location: As soon as you open the chappel doors you will see the note.

48) 19:49 - Torture [Video]
Location: After watching the torture scene and everybody has walked off, step out of the confession booth and you can record the tortured wife.

49) 20:07 - Knoth's Gospel, Chapter 2 [Note]
Location: You'll reach a room with a women singing to a baby. She isn't hostile so just walk past her into the next room and you will find the note.

50) 20:32 - Val's Journal, Part 2 [Note]
Location: Jump out the window and there will be a house to the right of the area. The enemy sitting here won't attack so enter the house and get the note.

51) 20:56 - Knoth's Gospel, Chapter 1 [Note]
Location: You'll come across a dead cow on fire and to the left Marta will be blocking your path. Take the right path and stick to the left hand wall to find a spot you can crouch under and enter to find the note.

52) 21:16 - The Abattoir [Video]
Location: After getting past Marta, you will come to a slaughterhouse looking room which you can record.

53) 21:32 - To Marta, My Avenging Angel [Note]
Location: Continue through the area and from where you pull the chain, you will see a note in the area below.

54) 21:54 - Outside Marta's Chapel [Note]
Location: After escaping Marta through the gate you opened, you will find a note on the stand a little further up.

55) 22:15 - A Game Of Hangman [Video]
Location: Climb through the chapel roof and you will come to a room in the school with hangman drawnings all over the wall which can be recorded.

Chapter 2: Job

56) 22:31 - Road To The Old Mine [Video]
Location: After exiting the mine you will see a brige which can be recorded.

57) 22:51 - Scalled Bound [Note]
Location: Before you step foot onto the bridge, do a 180 and to the left of the rock you will find a hidden note.

58) 23:08 - The Locusts [Video]
Location: As you walk across the bridge you will see a bunch of bugs come at you which you can record.

59) 23:50 - Welcome To Plague [Note]
Location: After falling off the bridge simply walk downstream and you will run into this note on the ground.

60) 24:10 - Sickness Here, God Bless [Video]
Location: Keep going foward and you will end up climbing through a tree trunk. You can record the sign on the fence just a little bit down from here.

61) 24:30 - Our Quarantine [Note]
Location: Jump down from the cliff to the left of where the recording before was taken and you will find the note.

62) 24:46 - Knoth's Gospel, Chapter 4 [Note]
Location: From the last note you will come across alot of sick people. Follow the stream and you will come to a cave with people bathing eachother and at the end of the cave you can climb up the rocks to find a note.

63) 25:11 - Knoth's Gospel, Chapter 9 [Note]
Location: Follow the path until you come across the only enemy in the area that is hostile towards you. There is a house up the hill where you will encounter him and can enter by crawling through the back to find the note.

64) 25:34 - The Hegemon [Note]
Location: The next house from the one you were just in with 4 sick miners outside it will have the next note.

65) 25:54 - The Symbiote [Video]
Location: A tad bit ahead you will come to a fence and see the Symbiote enemy there. Like the Marta one earlier you only have a set amount of time to record this!

66) 26:16 - A Sickness In St. Sybil [Video]
Location: You will need to inspect a computer in the school. Once inspected leave the room and turn right then left into the long hallway where the room will start to twist and turn. Record all of this.

67) 26:40 - Ruptures [Video]
Location: After leaving the cafeteria just continue straight to the end of the hallway and enter the room to the left and record all the events inside.

68) 27:11 - Paradise Soon [Note]
Location: After hiding in the locker during the school scene you will exit a wardrobe and the note will be in this room.

69) 27:28 - The Trap [Video]
Location: After being buried alive take a left from your grave and record the trap you fell into but watch out for the little bugger that attacks you.

70) 27:52 - Memo To A Corpse [Note]
Location: Return to your grave and run around the area until you find a grave near yours with a note on it. There isn't really any good reference points to help with this one.

71) 28:13 - Gospel of The Scalled Church [Note]
Location: After going under the fence you will stumble on into a camp where you will find a note on the stand.

72) 28:29 - The Hanged Man [Video]
Location: Follow the path and you can either go left or right. Go right and record the man hanging from the rope.

73) 28:53 - I Took Yur Rope [Note]
Location: Follow the left path and you'll have to jump a gap into a window. There is a note here you can read.

74) 29:11 - Til Death Do us Part [Video]
Location: Afer the rope scene you will awaken to see the symbiote dead, record this.

75) 29:31 - Roots And Branches[Video]
Location: During the school scene branches will come out of the wall in the cafeteria which can be recorded.

Chapter 3: Lamentations

76) 29:46 - Beach Heads [Video]
Location: Once you leave the dream and walk down to the lake you will see an enemy walk into it. There are a bunch of heads in the sand down here which can be recorded.

77) 30:05 - Come With These Men [Note]
Location: To the left of the heads you will find a shack which is locked. Crawl under the shack and enter from underneath to get the note.

78) 30:34 - Old Traveler [Note]
Location: Open the door from the shack you're in and turn left. Follow the rocks on the left hand side of the area into the water and quickly swim across this short part of the lake before the demon comes to find a note on this little bit of land.

79) 31:18 - Distant Towers [Video]
Location: You will start taking alot of stairs up to a new area and see some flashing lights like it's an SOS or Morse Code. Record it.

80) 31:40 - The Enemy Waits [Note]
Location: From the camp site check the house to the left of the fire for the note.

81) 31:55 - Help [Video]
Location: From the right of the camp site there are logs on the beach that spell "HELP" which can be recoreded.

82) 32:13 - Towers of Metal [Note]
Location: Behind this area to the far right of the camp there is a hill with a cave. There is a note at the very end of this cave.

83) 32:32 - Dead Fish [Video]
Location: While making your way out across the water the bright light will strick again. This will trigger dead fish to surface from the water which can be recorded.

84) 32:55 - Floaters [Video]
Location: After getting stuck for the first time and freeing yourself you will see heritics throw a man into the water on fire. Record all the bodies in this area.

85) 33:19 - Knoth's Gospel, Chapter 3 [Note]
Location: After crashing on shore, there will be a note to the left of you.

86) 33:53 - Warning [Video]
Location: After shuffling across the ledge you can record the dead bodies on pikes.

87) 34:47 - They're All Going To Laugh At You [Video]
Location: In the school scene after escaping the creature go into the girls bathroom and record the bloody shower.

88) 35:04 - Rain Of Blood [Video]
Location: Once you open the hatch after leaving the school section you will walk outside into a blood red sky that is raining blood, record it.

Chapter 4: Judges

89) 35:29 - Knoth's Gospel, Chapter 13 [Note]
Location: After you enter the building up ahead, a heretic will close the door behind you. Open the door in this room and take a hard right and follow the path along until you find the note.

90) 36:02 - Pulse [Video]
Location: During the school scene you will have a chat with Jessica through computers. After the second computer they will all start flashing and this can be recorded.

91) 36:32 - Knoth's Gospel, Chapter 12 [Note]
Location: After the school scene you will enter a building where your path back will be blocked. You will see a path you can crawl under all lit up but go t the right of this area and you will find the note.

92) 36:51 - I Have Lots Of Friends [Video]
Location: During the next school scene after you get through the window you will see a bunch off Jessica's hanging. Record this.

Chapter 5: Leviticus

93) 37:22 - Knoth's Gospel, Chapter 7 [Note]
Location: After the school scene you will come to a point where you need to squeeze through the wall and will see a gate you can pull open. The note is on the floor in this area.

94) 37:43 - Descent [Video]
Location: After reaching the bottom of the mine shaft, turn around and record the destroyed elevator.

95) 38:26 - Knoth's Gospel, Chapter 11 [Note]
Location: Follow the path forward and you will come across a split path. Take the left path to find a note.

96) 38:43 - Skinned Man [Video]
Location: Climb down the first ladder in this area and you can go left, right or straight. Choose to go right and you will find a man tied up over a camp fire.

97) 39:07 - Skin Wallpaper [Video]
Location: You will start to find some enemies here so lure and run to get past them and the hallway you pass through will be recordable.

98) 39:37 - Knoth's Gospel, Chapter 14 [Note]
Location: This can be found after pushing the mine-cart, you will see the creature taunt you. The note is right in front of where he was.

99) 39:56 - The Bone Arbor [Video]
Location: You'll descend down a very long staircase where you will hear a man singing a child's song. Behind the door down here is a campfire and two skeletons which can be recorded.

100) 40:35 - The Atheist [Note]
Location: After escaping the cultist boss lady for the second time you will come to a flooded area where you can climb a really long ladder. Don't do this however and follow the wall on the left hand side to find a crack to squeeze through and find a note.

101) 41:13 - Knoth's Gospel, Chapter 15 [Final Note]
Location: Climb the ladder and make your way to the very top of this area. You will walk past this note to progress into the final act of the game and if you've followed this guide you will unlock the Ordination Trophy/Achievement.

Chapter 6: Revelations

102) 41:31 - The Storm [Video]
Location: After finding Lynn, record the storm the moment you step outside.

103) 42:00 - Fire In The Sky [Video]
Location: You'll cross a bridge and lightning will start to crash down to the ground and rip poles into the sky, record all of this.

104) 42:30 - Dead Prophets [Video]
Location: After Lynn has the baby and the leader of the Christians die, record him.

105) 43:05 - She Will Never Die [Final Video]
Location: Once you leave the area you can find the dead bodies of all the Christians which can be recorded. If you followed this guide you will unlock the achievement/trophy The Apostle Paul.
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