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Messiah achievement in Outlast 2


Finish the game in Insane Mode without reloading the camera battery

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How to unlock the Messiah achievement

  • Kreeper VKreeper V
    28 Apr 2017 30 Apr 2017 12 May 2017
    **I have updated the video below with one safe to use after the 5/5/2017 patch. The most significant changes were in The Chapel, The Road to the Mine, Golgotha and The Last Supper**

    Just like the ENERGISER achievement in the first Outlast, this achievement requires you to complete the entire game in Insane Mode without hitting cn_Y to reload your batteries. You can use all your battery up and use the low power night vision when it runs out - just don’t press cn_Y to reload. Insane Mode is identical to Nightmare but there are no checkpoints and you can’t save your progress. I’ll post a link below with a video I made that may help with this achievement (as well as Saint, Asahel and Prophet).

    Some tips:
    -Save the Insane achievements for last so you can familiarize yourself with the game
    -Be aware of where you are about to be in danger so you can be sure to have full sprint before you start
    -Experiment with the brightness in your game/monitor in case it can make it easier for you to see in the very dark areas
    -Learn the dark parts of the game by the directions you need to move or find the places that light up in the dark for reference
    -Practice tricky parts in Nightmare where there are checkpoints so when you get to them in Insane you are confident with where to go
    -Consider doing Prophet (No hiding in barrels or closets) beforehand so you don’t need to worry about avoiding hiding places if you make a mistake and you can save yourself by running to one.
    -Also, my paths are certainly not the only ones so be sure to check out another walkthrough if what I do isn't quite your style :)

    **Some notes on the video:
    -The Crash - 1 - Sometimes Marta does not disappear from the first encounter so be prepared to run around the building from her.
    -The Ascension - A more reliable method than the one used is to wait to the left of the door that the second heretic busts down and not deal with the first heretic at all. When the door breaks down, run behind the enemy and up the stairs like normal.

    I'm very open to feedback on how to improve this solution so let me know (it is my first on TA).

    Good luck!!!

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    LightzAnyone know if you can play this offline and delete save if you die?
    Posted by Lightz on 21 May 21 at 16:57
    Silver SalvoYou can't die or quit the game.
    Posted by Silver Salvo on 22 May 21 at 05:48
    LightzGot it thanks for the guide!
    Posted by Lightz on 05 Jun 21 at 21:31
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  • IXI FalcoNIXI FalcoN
    27 Apr 2018 27 Apr 2018
    I just finished this hell today and have some additional tips to offer.

    First, if you're looking for a full game walkthrough so you don't struggle with what to do or where to go during an area without enemies and lose your run over something stupid, check out this video below with commentary. It helped a lot, and I used a mix of his strategies and Kreeper's

    -Practice the following until you master them: Marta Cart, every segment involving Nick & Laird, the Library, all of the Mines. The mines are not that bad once you know what to do and you were diligent about saving battery, you just don't want to blow it after getting this far so its worth it to practice. The rest are run killers and where almost every death of mine occurred.

    -For Marta Cart, I used a modified version of Kreeper's strat. Follow what he does until you're pushing the cart the second time after running her through the bandage room. For me, I never had enough time to push it all the way before she would find me again. So push and wait for the scream, then run through the section of fence she broke down earlier. Run forward and loop all the way back around going the way you entered the area from. At some point you'll hear Marta bashing down another section of fence; this buys you the time needed to push the cart the rest of the way. I tried many strategies here and none of them consistently worked for me except this.

    -Nick & Laird fucking suck. Over half my runs ended with an arrow to my face. First encounter, run forward to spawn them, then run back and enter the tent left of the fire from the BACK. Enter crawl status in the grass behind the tent, then forward into the tent. Stop about midway, do not go too far forward or Nick will grab you and kill you. When they pass the tent, crawl forward and run for it. Using the grass to go prone is key; if I did it outside the grass they were more alert and would sometimes kill me while I ran for it.

    -Next pain in the ass N&L section is after getting the camera back. I strongly suggest following the strat here from the video I linked, with a slight modification. When you enter the house near the exit with the 2 doors, do NOT lock the first door (the one further from the window you will need to jump out of), only lock the second door. By doing this it forces Nick to use the unlocked door further from you instead of breaking down the door closer to you since the AI will always prioritize and unlocked door over a locked one. Stand near the window and look for the door opening, that's your cue to run to the exit. Forcing Nick to use the further door gave me much more time to make it the exit; I was killed 3 times trying to escape when he was breaking down the closer door, even though in practice it wasn't an issue.

    -The Library is not as intimidating as it first appears. You can NOT be killed until you encounter the demon near the exit, so take your time fumbling around the maze to conserve battery. Try your best to memorize the path with practice and take it slow on your real run. Flick the nightvision on and off just enough to see where to go. When you get to the desk with the battery, walk toward the light to spawn the demon. At this point leave the camera on until you enter the crawl space.

    Battery Saving Tips:

    -A huge overlooked tip is adjusting your TV's settings to brighten the game up. Max out brightness and contrast. Poke around in your settings for additional things like gamma settings, black levels, dynamic contrast, and experiment with them to brighten the picture up. I game on an OLED and had access to all of these and could also crank the OLED light up too. Max out the in-game gamma meter too. The game will look like a hideous grey mess, but this made a massive difference with visibility, with only a handful of spots being in total darkness.

    -Saving battery in the beginning doesn't matter. When you get the camera back after N&L take it the battery will always be at 60% no matter what. From this point on you need to conserve.

    -First school section before the lake, you will be in total darkness with Jessica talking in the background. Use only the microphone, no night vision. The microphone does not drain the battery. There's no enemies here so take your time and use the mic to follow Jessica's voice in the right direction.

    -You shouldn't need any battery until the pool section right after the raft. Use night vision to line yourself up with the lines on the pool floor, turn off the camera and then run straight ahead while mashing A. Once you reach the pool's edge you'll pull yourself up with almost no battery used.

    -The Library, as said earlier take it slow in the maze and just flick the nightvision on and off to see where to go. Memorize the route for minimal battery usage. When you encounter the demon, keep it on until you're past him. It's not worth losing your run here trying to nickel & dime the battery, you'll have plenty for the mines.

    -You'll need about 40% battery to comfortably get through the mines. I went in with 50% following the above. If you're tight on battery, try not to use any until you have to deal with Val. The first enemy encounter is pretty easy to do with no battery following Kreeper's strat. Walk backwards to the encounter and wait for the music cue, this will help you get back up without having to use battery to orient yourself.
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    IXI FalcoNIf you bothered to read the text in my guide you will see that I do instruct everyone to use the tent on the right for that section. The video's (it's not mine and I stated this) method didn't work for me here either. I used a mix of his, Kreepers, and my own strats to get through this.
    Posted by IXI FalcoN on 07 Oct 18 at 20:45
    TheflattenedcatActually with the first Nick and Laird part just run at him head on. Run right by him he will hit you but not kill you. This worked everytime for me. Every time I tried to hide he would find me. When in doubt run it out haha
    Posted by Theflattenedcat on 23 Oct 18 at 18:56
    outlaw player05Nick and Laird aren't that hard, I just keep dying because of my own stupidity. For example, when I was at the Marta cart part, I kept pushing even though I hear the scream, the funny part about this is that I didn't push the cart far enough and I think I pushed the cart for 10 seconds after I heard her scream, before I started to run. I still was able to escape after the annoying chase, just letting you know, Marta has a tendency to disappear, and go to a different part of the area, this mostly happens when you circle around will Marta is chasing you, and go into the crawl space near the cart, I don't know if she actually disappears, but it seems like she does. I just don't see her walk in front of the crawl space or don't even see her at all, when I go to push the cart.
    I tend to get too close to the civilians, and I get absolutely killed by them, this happened to me at the last part for Nick and Laird. When I first entered the area, I ran directly left of all the buildings, and there is this one person over at the last building that grabbed and killed me, without giving me a fighting chance. Other than Marta and the random pedestrian, I think I can make it to the last part of Nick and Laird again, hopefully.
    Posted by outlaw player05 on 06 Dec 18 at 22:30
  • AminoKingAminoKing
    16 May 2017 16 May 2017 16 May 2017
    The guide above is excellent, I just wanted to add a couple things to it.
    First of all - I can't stress enough to NOT USE YOUR BATTERY. If it's a dark area with no enemies, don't even flick it just to try to orient yourself. It drains much faster than you think. Spend a couple minutes practicing on normal to know what the rooms look like so that you can navigate them in pitch blackness. You will want to save your battery for 3 main parts: The library, the first Val chase scene, and the second Val chase scene. The microphone has been updated so as not to drain battery, which is excellent.
    Another thing is that you will most likely die. In some cases, a lot. Don't get discouraged. Learn your routes and practice hard until you can nail them almost everytime. The patch improved a lot of the RNG in the game (randomness of enemies) but it is still important to practice.
    Below is a guide by PS4Trophies that shows both old and new versions for walkthroughs. If you need to just hear something while playing through it, it's a great tool to have running. Good luck and may the RNG be in your favor!

    This version is a supercut of how to navigate with the new patch.
    Showing only comment.
    LarkiasWith the second video above, 2 changes I'd make.

    In Marta's area where you get the hook, do NOT hide in the grass. Marta sometimes wanders too close. Just stand back near the entrance until she comes closer, then run around the water tower to loop around her (the area makes a large O shape).

    In the school scene where you get the hangman, you don't need to use the camera at all, and don't need to trigger the jump scare. Just run to the end of the corridor in the red light and wait. Eventually after a minute the hallway starts phasing out with a blue tint (as if the demon is close). After about 30 seconds it goes away and the doorway appears.
    Posted by Larkias on 03 Jul 17 at 09:00
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