Hard to the Core achievement in Little Nightmares

Hard to the Core

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Hard to the Core-0.7
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How to unlock the Hard to the Core achievement

  • Clad masterClad master2,333,164
    28 Apr 2017 29 Apr 2017 02 May 2017
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    Hello guys !

    For this achievement you'll need to beat the game under 1 hour and without dying at all.

    The worst part is the timer.A perfect run will takes you nearly 55 minutes so you'll need to be quick and don't make any mistakes.
    You can't quickly quit the game during a death because there's an autosave in the same time.But if you are afraid to beat the game in one go like me,for the Xbox One version you can use the Cloud save to cheat the death.

    So,in short:

    - Play offline
    - At the end of a chapter go online,finish the chapter and quit to the main menu after starting the next chapter (to make a backup save online)
    - Go offline
    - Repeat

    If you die online it's dead.And if you die offline,simply go to the dashboard,go to manage the game and erase the local save (the only save available offline).Go online and download your cloud save.Go offline again and continue your walkthrough ;-)

    Also here's a full walkthrough for this achievement (all credits to Games Series Network):

    Some tips:

    - Try to finish the game 2 or 3 times.You'll need to learn perfectly the game.
    - Use a walkthrough if you want to be sure about a tricky part
    - You can pause or dashboard the game ! The timer is freezed during the pause.
    - Obviously,don't collect any collectibles during this run,you don't have the time for that !
    - Don't hesitate to run during the infiltration sequences.The IA is a little stupid and give up easily.You can most of the time rush from start to the end of a room in one go.
    - If you're in a bad position you can restart to the previous checkpoint.It's not counted as a death (but i'm not sure about timer,i used this trick 2 times during my run and won the cheevo at the end,but be careful)

    Good luck and have fun ! smile

    Don't hesitate to like and comment my guide if it's useful,thanks a lot !

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    Valiant PhoenixThis MUST be done in a fresh New Game. Chapter Select will NOT work.
    Posted by Valiant Phoenix on 15 Aug 19 at 14:47
    The SCHWARTZ 00This achievement is pure fucking trash. 0/5 game just for this.

    EDIT: Just got the achievement. I used a couple of speedrun videos for some nice shortcuts, and abused the cloud save workaround. Hardest section by far was Chapter 3. Everything else was not too bad. Achievement popped right as Six was walking up the long staircase into the light at the end.

    Also, I did not have to go offline at all. You can stay online the whole run. If you die, just pause the game as you die, hit the home button on your controller, highlight Little Nightmares, hit the Start button, go to Manage Game & Add-Ons, scroll down to Save Data, highlight the save with your GT on it, hit Start again, click Delete Saved Data, and click Delete From CONSOLE. Sounds like a lot but it's not.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 20 Apr at 18:55
    SoulyDconteThe SCHWARTZ 00 is correct. just figured this out myself. you don't have to go offline at all. you don't even have to make your save at the start of the chapter. you can literally get a back up on your cloud anywhere that you see the save logo.

    go in the menu and back to make sure it's safe. play your game and if you die immediately go and delete the saved data without closing the game. all of this without going offline. death and time will not count
    Posted by SoulyDconte on 22 May at 16:44
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  • Maka91Maka911,128,552
    02 May 2017 08 May 2017
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    This achievement is rewarded for completing the game in under 1 hour without dying. There are two distinct ways I will be explaining this achievement:

    1 - The Legit Way
    I would recommend completing the game at least 2 times in full before attempting this achievement. You must memorize every sequence and the order of the rooms in order to get your time down enough. Obviously, do everything you can to save time. Make sure you sprint when possible, and try to avoid unecessary sections when possible. There is room for errors but not a lot.

    - Loading times do not count
    - Pausing and restarting a checkpoint does NOT count as a death. Use this to your advantage for tricky platforming sections to save yourself from a fall or if you think you are about the get caught. It will add time to your run but will save you from a death.
    - I would recommend completing the game even if you die to make sure there are no other sections that will give you issues. If you die multiple times on the same section, practice using chapter select before attempting it again. I would also recommend doing the whole game in one sitting without pausing for a break. You will ruin your flow and are more likely to make a mistake otherwise.
    - Just keep practicing and trying. This achievement isn't as hard as it may seem. After 3-5 playthroughs, you should be easily able to complete the game within an hour and just need to make sure that you don't die.

    2 - The Offline "Cheese" Method

    I personally did not use this method, but some gamers may find this solution more suitable for their skill level. It involves using cloud save data and playing offline. It will allow you to play the game one chapter at a time and "save" your progress if you're happy with your run. It will require you to have the license of the game, so keep that in mind if you gameshare.

    This strategy goes as follows:
    - Disconnect from internet
    - Start "New Game"
    - Complete a chapter while offline and stop right before it ends.
    - Connect to the internet if you are happy with your performance and complete the chapter to "lock-in" that run.
    - Quit Little Nightmares
    - Repeat the process for every chapter individually making sure you connect and complete the chapter if you are happy with it.
    - If you die, dashboard out of the game and connect to the internet. Load the game and "load cloud save".
    - Repeat the steps until you beat the game.

    This will allow you an infinite amount of attempts at each chapter, but will still require you to complete the game in under an hour and without dying.
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    KanadianKevinfollow the collectibles guide or something and watch the last minute or so of the video. find the last possible moment that the player is still on screen (hasn't faded to black) and make sure there's no enemies or anything to worry about.
    when you get to the same area you're good to go.
    Posted by KanadianKevin on 23 Jul 18 at 01:33
    Mister BudsWhere each chapter ends:

    Chapter 1: The Prison
    After the second eye/light section there's a wooden bridge that pulls apart.

    Chapter 2: The Lair
    Right after you break the cage causing the door to drop on the Janitor's arms.

    Chapter 3: The Kitchen
    You'll ride a meat hook conveyor, drop off into a sink of dirty dishes, sprint away from the pursuing chefs, and grab on to the meat hook line again.

    Chapter 4: The Guest Area
    After the encounter with the final Nome; before you get on the elevator.

    Chapter 5: The Lady's Quarters
    A long leisurely stroll down the final hallway and up a large flight of stairs.
    Posted by Mister Buds on 21 Nov 18 at 05:06
    VinnieMac"I personally did not use this method, but some gamers may find this solution more suitable for their skill level"

    Elitist much? Most deaths in this game do not come from "skill level" but from touchy mechanics. Ive walked off more ledges i didnt realize i was close the edge than i can count. Having done the less than 5 death run on Limbo twice now, I had pretty good grip on how to tackle this achievement. After multiple attempts, you get tired, you make small mistakes, and this game punishes you. Cheesing it offline doesnt take away from the skill required to perfect each level. it just gives you the piece of mind of having each one taken care of for good and not needing to sink more time in this game starting from the beginning when there are plenty more games out there begging for your attention. Pointing out that YOU didnt need this method but other people may want to if they arent as good as you is a pitiful attempt to flash some self appointed importance for obtaining a digital "achievement" in a way YOU see as better. That attitude and the mono tone deliverance is exactly why I ignore your walkthroughs on youtube.

    After giving it a handful of attempts, i chose to play each level offline and made it through without dying on my first attempt (unfortunately i think i may have been just over the time tho). So the piece of mind alone reduces the stress of needing to be perfect and allows you to relax and just play the game.

    EDIT - that offline run was my last attempt and when it didnt pop i deleted the game. as i was walking downstairs i heard the sound of a rare achievement popping. So, it does work. all my online/offline bouncing may have lagged the syncing of the achievement or something
    Posted by VinnieMac on 08 May 19 at 07:37
  • AnDo0 PwnZAnDo0 PwnZ357,301
    13 Feb 2018
    9 2 1
    Hey guys, this isn't so much a solution as an addition to any of the great solutions already posted. Rather than bury this information in the comments of one of said solutions, I figured I would post it as a solution in hopes more people might see it. If you feel this warrants a downvote, I completely understand.

    If anyone is having trouble keeping under the time limit, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out a speedrun of the game. The world record is about 40min at this point and some of the exploits they utilize are very simple to do and save a TON of time. Obviously there are some I wouldn't recommend trying as they are very high risk with little reward. However, adding even a few of these methods to your run would not only help you shave some time off, but I find it lets me be a little more careful while crossing those damn pipes/rafters to ensure I don't blow my run.

    Here is a Reddit post that includes a few good skips you can use:

    And here is a speedrun I watched that help me visualize some of those skips:

    I take no credit for any of this information, I simply found it very helpful and hope it helps some other people get this b*tch of an achievement.

    Happy Gaming People!
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    YaziteThanks for the reddit link. Those tricks helped me beat it in 52 minutes with little risk. I decided to not do some of the risky skips because they seemed very inconsistent (mainly the ones where you slide under the chefs)
    Posted by Yazite on 05 May 18 at 09:57
  • GoolobGoolob283,293
    25 May 2017 25 May 2017
    6 2 4
    For anyone trying to complete this achievement using the Offline mode/cloud save.

    I found all other tips to be vague when trying to attempt this on my own so I figured I would list what worked for me. I decided, after many failed attempts at getting the offline/cloud method to work, to treat it like it was a steam game. On steam the save files sync immediately after you completely exit the game.

    1) Start fresh: delete all local and online cloud saves
    2) Launch the game while connected to the internet and start a new game
    3) Personally I completed the first level while connected to the internet before deciding to use the offline method. So complete the first level and wait until the beginning of the second level loads up.
    4) Once the second level loads up immediately pause and exit to main menu
    5) Close the game using the "Quit" function (this completely kills the application
    6) Now since you were playing the game online throughout the first level the local save file will start you at the beginning of level 2.
    7) Before doing anything else go to your settings and disconnect from the internet.
    8) Re-launch Little Nightmares (in offline mode) and select to resume game
    9) *****If you happen to die while attempting level 2 immediately "Quit" out of your game session (no need to go to the main menu) and go to your local save files and delete the save game information. It is important to note that sometimes you may have to delete it twice before it is completely cleared. Before re-launching Little Nightmares connect your console to the internet. When you relaunch the game it will sync the save that was uploaded to the cloud and you can continue from there with zero deaths.
    10) Use this method after every level to create a backup save.

    Relevant notes:
    -Pausing will not add to in game time
    -Restarting a checkpoint before the death registers will not count as a death
    -If you want to be connected to the internet when the game pops your achievement I would suggest waiting until you've completely killed the geisha. Once the geisha is dead just pause the game, connect to the internet and finish the ending. (This is the method I used and it worked)
    -The achievement will not pop until you start ascending the stairs after killing the geisha and walking through the Gluttons with your newly acquired power.

    Final Note: The tips above are my notes on what worked for me after reading many different strategies and trying multiple different methods.
  • TeeHee004TeeHee004658,720
    24 Apr 2020 24 Apr 2020 24 Apr 2020
    2 0 0
    This is in addition to Sodernaut's online cheese method.

    Having read their guide on the cloud save not immediately updating, I trialed the following and found it to work:

    - Select New Game and play as usual.
    - Whenever you see the save symbol appear in the bottom right corner in a clean run, exit to main menu, go to home and quit the game. By quitting the game, the cloud save will update immediately with a clean run to that save point.
    -Reload and contine playing. If you make a mistake/die/take too long, go straight to home, manage game and delete local save. DO NOT QUIT THE GAME (as it'll override your clean run). This will then reload your previous clean save when it downloads from the cloud.

    Bear in mind, this adds quite a bit of time because of loading screens, but if, like me, you have distractions (children...) so can't continuously practice for one clean run in one go, I found this method worked well to chip away over time.
  • SodernautSodernaut95,301
    22 May 2017 22 May 2017
    5 5 5
    Hi guys!

    Just want to point out that the previously mentioned method with cloud saving is overly complicated.

    I just went out and deleted the local save when I died in an otherwise clean run and reloaded the game (so the game redownloads the cloudsave). All online.

    At least my game didn't upload the death to the save right away even if the game registrerad the death (no 'reload checkpoint' available)
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