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Hot Wheels

4.4252,7964,535 (9%)15-20 h
Hot Wheels

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Drifts for Days

Nail 5 Hot Wheels Drifts in the Hot Wheels Ford Mustang

Drifts for Days0
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Achievement Guide for Drifts for Days

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    You DO NOT have to do these in a drift zone
    Drifts and/ or e-drifts count towards the Hot Wheels drift skill (credit to alladaskill17)

    I did them in the half pipe at the north end of the Hot Wheels Island map, using the Hot Wheels Mustang stock at S1 900

    Credit goes to OdadjianActual for this next part, I should have put this myself the first time, but I'm new to writing solutions so I didn't do to well. But well enough you guys are still voting positive and I appreciate it. Anyways, on to the rest by OdadjianActual:

    "Hot Wheels" Drift is just the "next level" category... hard to explain, but in the past it used to be like this:

    Hold a drift for a little bit: you'd get a "GREAT" drift message on-screen
    Hold a drift for a little bit longer: you'd get an "AWESOME" drift message on-screen
    Hold a drift for even longer: you'd get an "ULTIMATE" drift message on-screen.

    And "ULTIMATE" used to be the highest goal you could achieve with respect to drifting. But they added a new category called "Hot Wheels" drift.

    So basically, to make a long story short, to get a "Hot Wheels" drift, you just need to initiate a drift and have it last a little longer than an ULTIMATE drift normally would.

    And do that five times with the Hot Wheels Mustang.

    Should be noted that REWINDING DOES WORK in giving you another Hot Wheels drift skill. Credit goes to ReynoldsM for pointing this out.

    Clip has been updated, enjoy a better view of it :)

    If you down vote, PLEASE explain why so that I may learn. I'm just starting out with writing these.
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    I could not get it ever because this car never drift right, I made a setup , just search for FamintoBR on creator camp, turn off TCS and STM, Gear manual. Try do it on 2 gear
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