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Recycle yourself.

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Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

  • Maka91Maka91989,621
    05 May 2017 08 May 2017
    27 0 0
    This can attained at any point during the game, but is easily done upon reaching the Hardware Labs. Inside this area, there is a small room marked as the Ballistics Lab, at the end of a short hallway. Locate the dead body next to the door in order to find the keycard and gain access.

    Once inside, you can find 2 recycler charges at the back of the room which you'll want to pick up. Charge one and throw it at your feet. As it explodes, it will pull you in and kill you.

    Note: If you pre-ordered the game, you may have a bonus chipset installed which prevents damage to yourself from recycler charges, make sure to unequip it.

    Additionally, if you are able to recycle 20 objects with 1 recycler charge, you can grab this additional achievement.
    PreyReduce, Reuse, RecycleThe Reduce, Reuse, Recycle achievement in Prey worth 26 pointsUse a single Recycler Charge to recycle at least 20 objects.
  • xTGExTGE305,028
    05 May 2017 05 May 2017
    6 0 1
    Intrinsic Value Achievement/Trophy Guide

    This achievement/trophy can be best earned in the "Hardware Labs" section of the station and where Objective: Dr. Calvino's Workshop takes place. In this area you can find the "Ballistic Labs" which can be accessed by using the key-card on the body next to the door. Once inside you will find 2 "Recycler Charges" beside a computer, use these against a wall and kill yourself to unlock the achievement/trophy!

    Please note: If you have upgraded your health at all you will need to use two as it wont instant kill you.

  • APOPHIS1989APOPHIS1989364,818
    07 May 2017 06 May 2017 06 May 2017
    3 0 0
    This can be earned very early in the game. Once in the Talos 1 lobby, make your way toward your office waypoint, but dont go up the stairs. Instead, turn left and go to the security office. Before descending the stairs, jump onto the yellow pipe on the left of the hallway and follow it through a hole in the wall and drop into the security office. You can find a clue to unlock the safe in this room, I'll put the code in a spoiler below. The safe has a recycler charge among other things! Just throw it at your feet after saving and uneqipping the preorder suit mod.

  • ShidaraShidara383,302
    23 Jun 2019 23 Jun 2019
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    Just to add on to what the others have said, if your are on STORY difficulty, you will take no damage from a recycler.

    To get this achievement, turn your difficulty up to NIGHTMARE, then toss the recycler.

    Just worked for me after trying multiple times on Story mode.
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