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Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

  • xTGExTGE305,008
    05 May 2017 05 May 2017
    27 0 1
    Now Show Achievement/Trophy Guide

    This achievement/trophy can be earned at the very start of the game. When you get the call to go to the helicopter on the roof, rather then enter it go to its nose and jump onto it and walk into the blades. This will of course kill you but you'll be rewarded which is all you can ask for right?

  • Maka91Maka91985,200
    05 May 2017 08 May 2017 08 May 2017
    14 0 0
    At the very beginning of the game you will be tasked with going to the roof and boarding a helicopter. Instead of getting inside, jump on the nose and then walk into the rotor blades. This will kill you instantly but also grant this achievement.

    Note: If you missed this on your first playthrough, you can start a new game on a different save slot to quickly grab this without losing progress.
  • HalidocHalidoc794,332
    05 May 2017 05 May 2017
    8 1 0
    Can be earned in the first 5 minutes of playing the game (if you can get past the awful load times) and can be the first achievement you get in the game.

    Simply put on the suit, head to the elevator at the left end of the hall, go up (the only other button besides 'My Floor') walk out onto the roof, climb the front of the 'Choppa, and jump into the blades.

    Video below for reference.

  • AppleSkullsAppleSkulls313,398
    13 May 2017 18 May 2017
    4 1 0

    A super simple achievement, easy to miss.

    Happy Hunting
  • Alice2183Alice2183632,988
    05 May 2017 29 Jul 2017 29 Jul 2017
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    ***No Show is shown in Part 1 below***

    This is a guide to fully complete the game Prey. I will be showing you how to obtain all of the game's achievements and trophies, including the collectibles for: Press Sneak, Missing Persons, Psychometry, Dear Future Self, Black Market, and TranStar Gourmand. I'll also show you how to save and kill everyone (in separate playthroughs of course) for I and It, Do No Harm, and I and Thou. In the first playthrough, I'll be showing you all of the collectibles, all miscellaneous achievements, and completing the game with no kills and in the "most empathetic" way as well as using no Neuromods for the No Needles achievement/trophy.

    Afterward, I will show you where to find all of the crewmates on your second playthrough and how best to kill them for I and It and Awkward Ride Home.

    **Note that for Split Affinity, you will need to reload at the end of your first playthrough and use one Typhon neuromod, then complete the last few seconds again to get that to count as your first playthrough. Then, complete your second playthrough in a new campaign slot, and make sure that you only use human neuromods throughout that playthrough.

    For the I and It playthrough, be sure to keep saves outside of major areas so that you can reload if any NPCs die without you having personally killed them. There will be 42 people you need to kill, so keep checking your tracker to make sure that the count adds up.

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