No Needles achievement in Prey

No Needles

Complete the game without ever acquiring any Typhon power or Human ability.

No Needles+1.0
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How to unlock the No Needles achievement

  • Jetfire SixJetfire Six560,663
    09 Jun 2017 09 Jun 2017 09 Jun 2017
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    The good news is that this achievement isn't nearly as daunting as it seems. The bad news is that you can't hack into terminals, increase your health capacity, use psionic powers, mimic into locked rooms, repair objects, or increase your inventory.

    I would very strongly suggest doing this achievement on your last playthrough, as at this point you can easily know the layout of Talos I and get things done quickly and efficiently.


    - "No Needles" is exactly what it sounds like. No needles allowed. You CANNOT install any neuromods, whether they're Typhon-based or Human-based.
    - It may be okay to install a few for a power-related achievement and load the save back to having no mods installed, but if you actively install a neuromod and continue with the game, you will NOT get the achievement during the final cutscene.
    - You CAN use Psychoscope chipsets and suit chips, but only two at a time. I'd recommend the Artax Gen 1 chipset, as this will increase the longevity of your suit's boost capacity and floating time.


    You'll only be able to upgrade your weapons in the first slots of their attributes, meaning that you'll only be able to spend 4 weapon upgrade kits on each gun instead of maxing them out. Even then, they're still pretty damn useful against the Typhon.

    GLOO Gun: Since you won't be able to repair control panels with spare parts or hack into terminals to activate grav shafts, the GLOO will be your main method of traversal in high places throughout Talos I and will add a neat little platforming angle to the game.

    Wrench: You can pick this up as soon as you start the game. Extremely useful for fighting off Mimics and Phantoms, which are enemies you really don't need to waste your ammo on.

    Golden Gun: Can be obtained from Jada Marks' safe in the Crew Quarters by doing the "Golden Gun" sidequest. The Golden Gun is an upgraded version of the Silenced Pistol that does considerably more damage and is all-around a better weapon. It's considerably overpowered, meaning that you can take down Phantoms, Weavers, and even Nightmares in less than two mags.

    Disruptor Stun Gun: I'd strongly suggest this for dealing with corrupted Operators and Technopaths, both of which are enemies who have a tendency to do massive amounts of electronic damage and kill you quickly. It should be mentioned that the Stun Gun works all ALL types of enemies in the game except for Nightmares and Cystoids, so if you want, you can just stun a Typhon and whack them to death with the Wrench.

    Typhon Lure: Makes the Typhon ignore you for a good while. Helps with bum rushing through areas and distracting Nightmares.


    - Unless it helps you get a new piece of gear, avoid side quests and stick to the main story.

    - Search the station for as many weapon upgrades kits as possible to give your guns that extra bit of edge.

    - Always loot any junk you find so you can recycle it into materials. Since you won't be using Psi hypos, Neuromods, or spare parts, you can still collect and recycle them. If you do this, you'll end up having way too much of every material, which means you can fabricate dozens of ammo boxes and medkits.

    - Piggybacking off of that, always craft a bunch of medkits. Nothing is worse than being in the middle of a Typhon orgy and only have 54 health.

    - Remember, you have a jetpack. A few double jumps can cover a lot of ground and get you out of a lot of trouble. You can also access hidden paths that allow you to avoid combat.

    - Play on Easy or Normal difficulty. If you don't, that's okay, but I would suggest making this as simple as can be.

    If you reach the final cutscene without having ever installed a mod, you'll instantly pop:
    PreyNo NeedlesThe No Needles achievement in Prey worth 510 pointsComplete the game without ever acquiring any Typhon power or Human ability.

    Thanks for the read, and please comment or give advice before downvoting.

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    TheTailsEffectI am assuming that you can combine this run with either a Typhon or Human based run - Like I just finished playing with only Human Mods. So my next playthrough I can make it all the way to the end without any mods, save, finish the game (Pop cheevo) then reload and install a Typhon mod and pop the Split Affinity cheevo - Can't see any reason why I can't combine the runs
    Posted by TheTailsEffect on 03 Oct 17 at 00:10
    moonbeam451Can this be played on the story option?
    Posted by moonbeam451 on 23 Jan 20 at 18:28
    Mr SpinelesS@moonbeam451 yes
    Posted by Mr SpinelesS on 16 Feb 20 at 02:36
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  • B3N1B3N1312,217
    25 Nov 2017 25 Nov 2017 25 Nov 2017
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    While both currently posted solutions are viable, they take a full playthrough, so I went looking for something quicker. Unfortunately speedrun videos are mostly done on PC, pre-version 1.05, so you can't use Gloo Gun to clip yourself out bounds anymore, but vaulting still works.

    There's a trick with the chair at the start, that I couldn't manage to do (it's in the linked speedrun), but I played the game in a quicker pace until reaching the Arboretum for the first time.

    Once you arrive in the Arboretum, you can pick up the Nullwave Device, which triggers one of the ending missions. (4m10s timestamp in the video)

    As soon as you're out of bounds, create a quicksave, and try to land on the objects you can pick up.
    You can use a Gloo gun and shoot the plans, that you have to land on, creating a bigger platform. Some speedrunners do it this way, I managed to land on them on ~20th try without the Gloo.

    Picking up one of them, activated Zero-G in my playthrough, so I couldn't vault anymore, but on the long stairway between Crew Quarters and the Bridge Gravlift I managed to clip back into the game world.

    After that all you have to do is take the elevator down to Lobby, and Psychotronics, install the device, back to Arboretum and activate the Device on the Bridge.

    This took around 2 hours for me (save file says 1h45m)

    You can save before pressing the button on the Bridge. After getting the No Needles achievement, load the game, pick up some Neuromods (Jada Marks has one upstairs, code on her desk opens the safe in meeting room with 2 more mods inside). This way, you can have your save store a finished Human/Typhon only game, bringing you closer to

    PreySplit AffinityThe Split Affinity achievement in Prey worth 511 pointsComplete the game once acquiring only Typhon powers and again acquiring only Human abilities.
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    JoutjaStill works as of April 28, 2019.

    This really helped cut down the time for this cheevo and I can spend more time using those lovely Typhon powers.
    Posted by Joutja on 28 Apr 19 at 16:07
    karlgschaeferI couldn't ever get the clipping to work using the two Gloo in the video.

    This video ( uses a different approach to clip out of bounds, which I found much easier to manage, the hardest part is the elevator section, but his steps are pretty easy to follow.

    Prey says I spent 2:45 on the campaign with a final save of 42 minutes. I spent ~40-60 minutes trying to two-Gloo approach, so if you're having trouble, this method may work better for you.
    Posted by karlgschaefer on 07 May 19 at 20:30
    psybOltOnAs one who already put about 50 hours in his first playthrough I appreciate this a lot. Love the game but 3 times is overkill.
    What I did is played without neuromods till the Arboretum, saved, did a quick no needles ending with your guide, then back to finish up my kill everyone/alien mopup.
    Posted by psybOltOn on 11 Aug 19 at 12:23
  • Alice2183Alice2183774,717
    21 May 2017 29 Jul 2017
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    This is a guide to fully complete the game Prey. I will be showing you how to obtain all of the game's achievements and trophies, including the collectibles for: Press Sneak, Missing Persons, Psychometry, Dear Future Self, Black Market, and TranStar Gourmand. I'll also show you how to save and kill everyone (in separate playthroughs of course) for I and It, Do No Harm, and I and Thou. In the first playthrough, I'll be showing you all of the collectibles, all miscellaneous achievements, and completing the game with no kills and in the "most empathetic" way as well as using no Neuromods for the No Needles achievement/trophy.

    Afterward, I will show you where to find all of the crewmates on your second playthrough and how best to kill them for I and It and Awkward Ride Home.

    **Note that for Split Affinity, you will need to reload at the end of your first playthrough and use one Typhon neuromod, then complete the last few seconds again to get that to count as your first playthrough. Then, complete your second playthrough in a new campaign slot, and make sure that you only use human neuromods throughout that playthrough.

    For the I and It playthrough, be sure to keep saves outside of major areas so that you can reload if any NPCs die without you having personally killed them. There will be 42 people you need to kill, so keep checking your tracker to make sure that the count adds up.

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    C4myAwesome guides, massive help
    Posted by C4my on 20 May 18 at 21:25
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