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  • xTGExTGE304,975
    08 May 2017 08 May 2017
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    You will need to find 5 specific messages on Talos I that are left by your previous self, 3 of these are story related so don't stress as they are all easy to get.

    - The first one is located in Morgans office and will be watched on the looking glass screen.

    - The second one will be a follow up of the previous one after you re-establish the connection to the looking glass. Grab Morgans Suite Key in his/her office on the way out also.

    - The third one is in the Crew Quarters and can be found on Morgans computer. Hack the elevator and make your way up then listen to all the audio logs on your computer.

    - The fourth one is found in Alex's office. This will be story related and is the looking glass part of the story.

    - The final one is located in Alex's safe room when you meet him for the first time. When you pick it up you need to manually go into DATE then AUDIO LOG and activate the transcribe you just picked up called "If Things Go Sideways". Listen to the entire thing and the achievement/trophy will unlock.

  • Alice2183Alice2183633,927
    12 May 2017 29 Jul 2017
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    This is a guide to fully complete the game Prey. I will be showing you how to obtain all of the game's achievements and trophies, including the collectibles for: Press Sneak, Missing Persons, Psychometry, Dear Future Self, Black Market, and TranStar Gourmand. I'll also show you how to save and kill everyone (in separate playthroughs of course) for I and It, Do No Harm, and I and Thou. In the first playthrough, I'll be showing you all of the collectibles, all miscellaneous achievements, and completing the game with no kills and in the "most empathetic" way as well as using no Neuromods for the No Needles achievement/trophy.

    Afterward, I will show you where to find all of the crewmates on your second playthrough and how best to kill them for I and It and Awkward Ride Home.

    **Note that for Split Affinity, you will need to reload at the end of your first playthrough and use one Typhon neuromod, then complete the last few seconds again to get that to count as your first playthrough. Then, complete your second playthrough in a new campaign slot, and make sure that you only use human neuromods throughout that playthrough.

    For the I and It playthrough, be sure to keep saves outside of major areas so that you can reload if any NPCs die without you having personally killed them. There will be 42 people you need to kill, so keep checking your tracker to make sure that the count adds up.

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