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    I am going to focus on the 15 steals challenge because that seems to be the major issue with this achievement.

    They key to this is knowing how stamina works in this game. While you cannot see the stamina bars of the CPU, you can see them do actions that cause them to lose stamina, and thus make it easier to steal the ball.

    First, you want to get the ball and follow the guidelines below. As shown by the video clip, actions that make the CPU lose stamina while you have the ball include: Stealing, Pushing, and Elbowing.

    Stealing: This is the most common form of stamina use. One swipe from the CPU is not enough to drain their stamina, so you need to bait them into attempting to steal 2-3 times before letting them steal it. Then do a quick steal when they pick up the ball to get the best chance of getting it back.

    Pushing: Whenever the CPU has nothing in their Lottery Bar (Power-up bar at the top), they tend to try and push you when you have the ball. This is because pushing causes you to lose power on the lottery bar, so since they have no lottery bar power, they can push without penalty. Although it doesn't happen often, the CPU will occasionally try to steal with no lottery bar. Pushing tends to be a big stamina waste, so immediately after the CPU picks up the ball, you will have a good chance to steal.

    Elbowing: Similar to pushing, the CPU loses a ton of stamina while elbowing with the ball. So if you can get close immediately after an elbow, you have a good chance at a steal.

    If the CPU ever gets the ball and makes a few passes, do your best to let them score quickly so you can get the ball back. Winning is not the goal here, stealing is.

    As a disclaimer, even with this strategy, there is no guarantee at a steal, and 15 steals in 3 minutes is still challenging. This took me at least 3 hours to perfect the endless stealing.

    I hope this can provide some help to this tough challenge!
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    SoloKingxRobert I only did about 10 challenges and the achievement unlocked. probably a glitch lol
    Posted by SoloKingxRobert on 25 Dec 18 at 08:37
    The Sharkopath Also to note you don't have to win the match if you already beat it. Like me I beat it without the challenge. Went back and did the challenge and lost and still counted.
    Posted by The Sharkopath on 26 Dec 18 at 03:20
    derektwopointoh Anyone have a list of the required locations? I have 10 locations and no idea which are the original 6.
    Posted by derektwopointoh on 04 Oct 19 at 17:44
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