#Forzathon Soaring Luxury achievement in Forza Horizon 3

#Forzathon Soaring Luxury

3 Star the Airport Danger Sign in the Mercedes-Benz G 65 AMG to win the Lamborghini Huracàn HE

23 May 2017 until 24 May 2017

#Forzathon Soaring Luxury
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How to unlock the #Forzathon Soaring Luxury challenge

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    Challenge is Finished
    This is a one Day Challenge - don't miss it at 23rd May

    You need to get all three Stars at Airport Dangersign with a Mercedes AMG G65
    For 3 Stars you have to Jump over 168m / 550ft and this is very hard with the AMG "Tank"

    First tune your Mercedes AMG G 65 (or use my tune: "Forzathon", GT: DeaconFrost2k, Description: "Forzathon Jump" )

    You need to have a very long run-up and to hit the ramp with a high speed, and try to avoid jumps before (this makes you slower). I used the green way in Screenshot. - You can also try the blue way, there you can avoid the first large jump - so i got ~10km/h more top speed
    External image

    When you land near the target distance try to rewind and hit the ramp in a minimal different angle. In first trys i was about 159m, after some rewinds i finaly hit a 169m jump.
    @i am dabe
    for advice to clear first the trees, so they don't slow you down - and it seems to be better to hit the ramp more on the left side - you also can try to get a better speed to pass first the trees next to the road an the drive to ramp

    When its done (on May 23rd) you will get the Challenge "Achievement" and as nice reward a Huracàn HE

    Negative Voters: Please leave a comment why you vote negativ and how i can improve my Solution, english is not my native language.
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    I expect people are finding it harder that the usual challenge and so when they don't get it they blame the solution. Thumbs up from me for covering everything you need to know.
    Thank you!
    Posted by DeaconFrost2k on 23 May 17 at 20:37
    AlehldeanFor those without the required festival levels, start a private online freeroam session. One of the things this does is unlock all PR stunts. Downside is no rewind.
    Posted by Alehldean on 23 May 17 at 21:20
    TheIrishBeastTo the 8 sore losers and frustrated people down voted calm down and Give a thumbs up!

    Great solution thumbs up from me.
    Posted by TheIrishBeast on 23 May 17 at 22:56
    pizzle21@ DeaconFrost.

    So what I'm a night owl too does not mean I'm going to make a video at night when people can follow a video during the day more easier
    Posted by pizzle21 on 23 May 17 at 23:42
    Lan MordrethThanks for the help! Took a few tries but I got it. :)
    Posted by Lan Mordreth on 24 May 17 at 06:16
    BulkiestChickenI did it got 572ft it only needed 550ft but didn't give me the car
    Posted by BulkiestChicken on 24 May 17 at 17:40
    BulkiestChickenI did it got 572ft it only needed 550ft but didn't give me the car
    Posted by BulkiestChicken on 24 May 17 at 17:44
    DeaconFrost2kChallenge is over since 11hours! SO you don't get anything
    Posted by DeaconFrost2k on 24 May 17 at 18:08
    podj35Used your tune AND advice, and won me a car. Thanks!
    Posted by podj35 on 24 May 17 at 22:22
    thekeelogI used this for a different Forzathon challenge, but the route is what did it for me. I spent probably 2.5-3 hours trying this, found this route and unlocked it on my first try with 600+ ft. I wasn't taking nearly enough run-up. Cheers for the free 911 I just unlocked because of your route.
    Posted by thekeelog on 01 Oct 17 at 21:23
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